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From Idea to 160K Users: Our Story


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When one of our co-founders, Pete Kistler, was being mistaken on Google for an ex-convict with the same name, we decided to make it simple for anyone to control their own Google results. This is how …

When one of our co-founders, Pete Kistler, was being mistaken on Google for an ex-convict with the same name, we decided to make it simple for anyone to control their own Google results. This is how we went from a dorm-room-room, to a full fledge business with 160k users.

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  • 80 million people Google their own name or someone else’s name every day. For people in job market, 75% of HR departments are required to research them online before hiring them.
  • The problem is, if you are like most people, you’ll find negative, irrelevant, or useless information. Even though it is crucial to have a positive online presence, most people have no idea how to put their best foot forward. BrandYourself solves that problem.
  • Transcript

    • 1. I‟m Patrick, CEOand CofounderTo start, you shouldprobably know a little bitabout the company…
    • 2. BrandYourself started as a problem, thatturned into an idea, that turned into a mission.
    • 3. The Problem: Pete Kistler, my co-founder, was a model student, but couldn„t get an internship 3.9 GPA Successful entrepreneur Leader on campus Founder of multiple clubs Several relevant internships
    • 4. He was being mistaken by employers online for an ex-con with the same name
    • 5. He couldn‟t change it, because he wasn‟t: This Guy This Guy orA tech genius who could A high net worth individual do it himself who could pay thousands for a reputation firm to do it
    • 6. We realized this was a big problem (for a lot of people)
    • 7. 1 Billionnames are Googled every day 75%of HR departments are required to research candidates online
    • 8. But most people are not well represented…
    • 9. People either fall into the negative category Even if you’re not this guy, in today’s world, bad results can happen to good people, and just one poorly judged photo or blog post can damage your entire reputation
    • 10. The irrelevant category Instead of finding your latest accomplishments and recommendations, they find out you ran a 5k three years ago. That’s a missed opportunity
    • 11. Or the “hey that’s not me” category Being mistaken for someone else can be just as bad as being caught drunk in a bath tube (just ask Pete)
    • 12. And none of them can pay a“reputation expert” thousands ofdollars to improve their results for them
    • 13. We wanted to create a free productthat makes the process dead simple for anybody to do themselves. (fight the power)
    • 14. But we were college kids from upstate NY. We didn‟t have a clue how raise money or build a business
    • 15. So we just started building…
    • 16. and building…
    • 17. and rebuilding...
    • 18. Until finally…
    • 19. …we had something awesome to launch!
    • 20. Ok…But how does it work? Good question.
    • 21. Users simply submit the links they want showing up at the top of Google for their name…
    • 22. Our software immediately analyzes that link and tellsyou everything you can do to make it show up higher
    • 23. For example, here are all the steps to make this Linkedin profile show up higher
    • 24. Once you submit links, you can track them as they improveAnd get alerts when things change on your first page
    • 25. Users can also build a profile that‟s automaticallyoptimized to show up on the first page of Google
    • 26. Once you have a profile, we can tell you who is Googling you
    • 27. Sounds great…but how do you make money? Glad you asked : )
    • 28. A simple freemium business model where some users pay for premium features
    • 29. Free users can submit up to three links, but you need to upgrade if you want to submit unlimited linksOur Model: 1. We attract traffic to the site 1. A certain percentage sign up for the free product (8% is considered good) 1. A certain percentage of users upgrade to premium (2% is considered good) 2. World domination?
    • 30. That makes sense! How is it going so far? Thanks for asking!
    • 31. We‟re exceeding our projectionsOver 10,000,000 pageviewsOver 160,000 total users (25% of our traffic signsup, triple projections)Over 2,000 paid users (up to 5% will pay in first 8weeks—double projections)
    • 32. …and growing faster than we expected : )
    • 33. We‟re building an amazing teamWe‟ve hired the best people in the industry (our engineering team‟s last startup wasacquired by and continuing to hire. I‟d also like to think we‟re the most fun, talented, and possibly best looking team in the world. (read more about our team here).
    • 34. And well-funded by top investorsIncluding angels like the former Head Search Strategist at Microsoft and firms like Zelkova VC (learn more).
    • 35. But more important than anything else…
    • 36. We‟re making a real difference for our customers (We get several of these a week)
    • 37. Like AndrewAn Ivy League Professor falselyaccused of shop lifting who usedBrandYourself to push more relevantinfo above all the irrelevant thingsthat were overshadowing his workand research
    • 38. And TJWho knew employers wouldbe Googling him after a layoff. He used BrandYourself topush an Olympic swimmerout of his results soemployers could actually findhis great work!
    • 39. Oh and what about ourfriend Pete (the guy whowas being mistaken for adrug dealer)?
    • 40. He now owns his first 65 results.And no longer spends his day denying being a drug dealer. Seriously, go ahead and Google him!
    • 41. Thanks and feel free to reach out! Email: Phone: 845-625-8737 Twitter: @patrickambron Site: