Headless Apps on BlackBerry 10.2.1

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The code can be found here: …

The code can be found here:

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  • 1. Headless Apps I am the invisible man.
  • 2. Who am I? Founder of Endare Certified BlackBerry Developer zezke on the BB Developer fora @brvandewalle
  • 3. What is “a headless app”? A headless application is an application that runs in the background without a visible UI.
  • 4. Are all headless apps equal? Short-running headless apps maximum run time of 20 seconds Long-running headless apps no time limit All are limited to: 7 to 25 percent of CPU at any given time limited to 3MB of memory
  • 5. Long-running headless apps Requires extended permissions Yes, a web form
  • 6. The structure of a HA Two separate projects in a single BAR file UI part (required!) headless service
  • 7. How does the headless part start? Invoked by the system on certain events (triggers) sytem.STARTED PORT_DIRECTED_SMS PUSH GEOREGIONEXIT GEOREGIONENTER By any UI application via an invoke target
  • 8. Time for some code
  • 9. What’s the goal of the demo app? Water the plants! Based on location And ideally on time (like every two days)
  • 10. 1. Create the project New template in 10.2.1 SDK! Saves you about 15 minutes of converting another template
  • 11. 2. Create the UI part Standard Cascades stuff a MapView showing your current location some data and a button to set the geofence
  • 12. 3. Set the geofence (I) Request permissions <permission>access_location_services</permission> Link the necessary libraries (in the .pro file) -lgeomonitor ( -lQtLocationSubset )
  • 13. 3. Set the geofence (II) //Clear the previous geofence //If you fail/forget to do this you will get an error 257 geomonitor_remove("Garden");
  • 14. 3. Set the geofence (III) //Set the geofence geomonitor_region_t region = NULL; geomonitor_create_region(&region, "Garden"); geomonitor_region_set_circle_shape(region, latitude, longitude, 100.0); geomonitor_region_set_monitoring_mode(region, GEOMONITOR_MONITORING_MODE_PERSISTENT); geomonitor_region_set_notification_invoke_target(region, "com.endare.WaterThePlantsService", GEOMONITOR_NOTIFICATION_DIRECT); //Adding the region int errorCode = geomonitor_add(region); if (errorCode!= 0){ qWarning()<<"Error occurred with code " << QString::number(errorCode) << endl; } else { qDebug() << "Geofence set!";
  • 15. 3. Set the geofence (IV) //Adding the region int errorCode = geomonitor_add(region); if (errorCode!= 0){ qWarning()<<"Error occurred with code " << QString::number(errorCode) << endl; } else { qDebug() << "Geofence set!"; } geomonitor_destroy_region(&region);
  • 16. 4. Handle the invoke (I) Now we have configured a geofence Entering this geofence will trigger the headless part to be invoked
  • 17. 4. Handle the invoke (II) First connect the slot to the signal in the constructor of the headless service m_invokeManager->connect(m_invokeManager, SIGNAL(invoked(const bb::system::InvokeRequest&)), this, SLOT(handleInvoke(const bb::system::InvokeRequest&)));
  • 18. 4. Handle the invoke (III) void Service::handleInvoke(const bb::system::InvokeRequest & request) { if (request.action().compare("bb.action.GEOREGIONENTER") == 0) { qDebug() << "Service:: entered the georegion"; triggerNotification(request); } else { qDebug() << "Service:: unknown service request " << request.action(); } }
  • 19. 5. Trigger a notification (I) // clear any existing notifications Notification::clearEffectsForAll(); Notification::deleteAllFromInbox(); // turn on previews in settings bb::platform::NotificationDefaultApplicationSettings settings; settings.setPreview(bb::platform::NotificationPriorityPolicy::Allow); settings.apply();
  • 20. 5. Trigger a notification (II) InvokeRequest invokeReqNotification; invokeReqNotification.setTarget("com.endare.WaterThePlants"); //Setting the content of the body QString body; body = “Don’t forget to water your plants!”; //Setting the body and the InvokeRequest of the notification _notification.setBody(QString::fromUtf8(body.toAscii())); _notification.setInvokeRequest(invokeReqNotification); //Displaying the Instant Preview _notification.notify();
  • 21. Conclusion It works But slowly (takes up to three hours to fire at the moment) might be a bug A lot of future work include time aspect
  • 22. Questions?