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Social Media in the Enterprise: Information Management Challenge
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Social Media in the Enterprise: Information Management Challenge


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The Records Management Challenge Posed by Social Media Explored: What\'s discoverable, recordable and how to mitigate risks for your organization.

The Records Management Challenge Posed by Social Media Explored: What\'s discoverable, recordable and how to mitigate risks for your organization.

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  • A plethora of metrics and definitions for “success” A plethora of sites
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media in the Enterprise The Information Management Challenge November 19,2009 Lisa Broadway Chow
    • 2. Social Networking Fad or Fact of Life?
    • 3.
      • Like a lot of Web innovators, the Obama campaign did not invent anything completely new. Instead, by bolting together social networking applications under the banner of a movement, they created an unforeseen force to raise money, organize locally, fight smear campaigns and get out the vote that helped them topple the Clinton machine and then John McCain and the Republicans.
      The Media Equation How Obama Tapped Into Social Networks’ Power
    • 4. How Facebook is taking over our lives President Obama used it to get elected. Dell will recruit new hires with it. Microsoft's new operating system borrows from it. No question, Facebook has friends in high places. Can CEO Mark Zuckerberg make those connections pay off? By Jessi Hempel , writer Last Updated: March 11, 2009: 9:39 AM ET
    • 5.
      • Tonight’s objective is to look strategically at online social networking from a RIM perspective to understand the opportunities and risks for the enterprise.
    • 6. Companies are awash in a flood of information. Most of it useful, even vital, but much of it is useless… and some of it is…
    • 7. … downright dangerous!!!
    • 8. IN RIM, it used to be corporate approved programs were a breeze and e-mail was your worst nightmare. Now, that looks like sugarplums doing a waltz!
    • 9. Just when you catch up with technology, it leap frogs you.
    • 10. We are going through a period of great change. This change is a product of the many new technologies made possible by modern science. These technologies, in turn, are rooted in the ways science has come to redefine our understanding of our world. Welcome to the … Quantum Age!
    • 11. The big news is Social Networking is NOT new , but it is news.
    • 12.
      • The bad news is… it’s now permanent, discoverable and a huge potential liability!
      • The good news is it’s job security.
    • 13. Social networking is one of the biggest trends on the Web, with hundreds of millions of people participating. While social interaction and community organization on the Web is not new, the scale at which people are forming explicitly social connections in public forums is unique to social networks in the last couple years. Golbeck, Jennifer. "The dynamics of Web-based social networks: Membership, relationships, and change" First Monday [Online], Volume 12 Number 11 (28 October 2007)
    • 14.
      • Two-thirds of the world’s Internet population visit social networking or blogging sites, accounting for almost 10% of all internet time
      • Time spent on social network sites is also expanding: Across the globe in 2008 activity in ‘Member Communities’ accounted for one in every 15 online minutes - now it accounts for one in every 11.
      • Time spent on social network and blogging sites growing at over 3x the rate of overall Internet growth
      Social Networking’s New Global Footprint March 9th, 2009 Posted in Global , Media And Entertainment , Nielsen News , Online And Mobile | 91 Comments
    • 15. What is a SNS? Why do I care?
      • Remember a few years back when e-mail was not a record? I’ll bet more than one discovered executive wishes they could reset the clock!
      • How should these tools fit into your overall information management and governance strategy? 
      • The lines between personal and professional information are continuing to blur -Although some sites may cater to more professional ties and others tend to cater to personal contacts the lines have blurred. 
    • 16. Virtual communities form "when people carry on public discussions long enough, with sufficient human feeling, to form webs of personal relationships…”
    • 17. When is a tweet not just a tweet?
    • 18. The slippery slope… of unsettled ground
      • When is a tweet a “record” for retention and ESI Preservation and Production? This is a continent sized migraine.
      • Tweets None Too Sweet
      • What about that annoying Constitution and that Freedom of Speech hassle?
    • 19.
      • How do we manage with all this uncertainty?
      • Evaluate the impact of each SN tool
      • Where is the line between productivity and play
      • .How much ‘social pollution’ may be introduced?
        • Spam
        • Bandwidth productivity impact
      • Overall impact to brand – positive and negative
      • Edicts
        • What policies need to be implemented on proper usage to mitigate risks, protect privacy and recognize potential?
      • Embrace technologies if Benefits > Cost
      • Eliminate technologies if Cost > Benefit
      • Educate, Educate, Educate!!!
    • 20. The Constituent Grid Knowledge Intentions   Can you say product liability lawsuit worth millions in 140 characters, as one example??? The deadly dangerous dastardly deeds of the disgruntled, or just your competition Lord, if I can’t have an army, please give me apathy! An aligned army of corporate apostles!
    • 21. Ground rules for uncertain ground
      • You need a policy NOW. It should address all forms of communications and it should reviewed annually at a minimum. Think of this as the new affirmative action, work place violence stuff… only with even bigger implications!!!
      • Content, not form, drives retention policies.
      • Explore regular snapshots and archives – static solutions for a dynamic world are better than no soltuions.
      • Keep a bottle of aspirin handy.
      • Negotiate yourself a nice big raise… because …
    • 22. X