Building and Leveraging Content Frameworks and Collateral Maps


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Sean O'Donovan presentation at #toB2B VII

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Building and Leveraging Content Frameworks and Collateral Maps

  1. 1. Content Frameworks Collateral Maps Content Curation/SyndicationManaging Content For Lead Gen
  2. 2. Inbound MarketingDoxim –Day 1…….
  3. 3. Requirements• Become visible• Refresh web presence• Conversion architecture• Create ‘value-added’ content• Optimization• Content Syndication Short circuit approach….
  4. 4. Expert AssistancePipeline Optimization Report:• Content Strategy• Communication Strategy• Syndication Plan
  5. 5. Help With• Content – Research, Planning & Alignment – Sourcing/Curating – The Value of Metacontent• Syndication – Internet Sharing – Social Media Marketing• Curation – Specifically in relation to Twitter
  6. 6. The Buyers Journey1 Define the 2 Evaluate 3 Negotiate Problem Alternatives and Commit Thought Products & Leadership Solutions Credentials
  7. 7. Aligning ContentThe Client Define the Evaluate Negotiate Problem Alternatives & Commitwants to:To do this Education & Solutions & Credentials Thought Product & Decisionthey need: Leadership Suitability Support • 101 Education • Need & Gap • CredentialsContent to • Trends & Stats assessment • Real use-caseshare: • Benchmarks • Solution studies • comparisons News • ROI/TCO • Roadmaps • Analyst coverage • How to build • Implementation business case plans
  8. 8. Content Inventory• Thought leadership • One (poor) eBook • One Webinar• Products and Solutions • 6-7 Product brochures • Two CBA Calculators• Credentials • Three case studies
  9. 9. Content FrameworkTARGET • Bank, CU, WM • Bank, CU, WM • Bank, CU, WM • Bank, CU, WM • Bank, CU, WM • Operations • Operations • Operations • Operations • Operations • Finance • Marketing • Finance • Marketing • Finance • Marketing • C-Suite • Compliance • C-Suite • Marketing • Compliance • Compliance • C-Suite • C-SuiteNEEDS/PAINS • Reduce • Improve Customer • Process • Integrated • Reduce Operational Service Improvement Marketing Operational Expense • Reduce CSR • Ease of document • Cross sell and Up sell Expense • Meet client workload access • Marketing Cost • Increased demand for • Branding across • Faster CSR response Reduction Operational eStatements multiple channels times • Enhanced Customer Efficiency • Compliance • Reduce Operational Communications • Compliance • Being Green Expense • Being Green • Compliance • Being GreenVALUE PROPOSITION Help Financial Service Providers to create, deliver and manage business critical documents and content more efficiently and effectively, enhancing their customer’s experience eStatements Better Looking Document Imaging Statement Based Marketing Know Your Customer Statements (paperless loans)Categories • eStatement Best • Communicating • Document imaging • Marketing with your • Compliance and Practice better with your & management best statements customer statements practices identificationTopics • eStatements • Better Looking • Document Imaging • Better Looking • Document Imaging • Customer Service Statements • Customer Service Statements • Customer Service • Compliance • Customer Service • Operational • Customer Service • Operational • Operational • Statement Improvement • Statement Improvement Improvement Marketing Marketing • Operational Improvement
  10. 10. Collateral Map EARLY - Research/Identification MID - Identify/Evaluate LATE - Evaluate/SelectCOLLATERAL Education, information, Industry Help reader understand why Doxim is the right choiceOBJECTIVE viewpoints, thought leadershipCOLLATERAL TYPES White papers, webinars, eBooks, Five and Competitive analysis, Case studies. Testimonials, NPS info, Awards, Ten things info sheets, videos, How to’s, Data center/data security, 5970, Service and support offering, Green Initiatives Demo request,OBJECTIVES Lead Generation/Conversion Help reader to shortlist and select DoximEXISTING MATERIAL eBook – Doc mgmt/imaging Service Provider case studies – CUPS, League Data, Gilmore CBA - Doc Imaging Enhanced statements case study – Wainwright CU CBA – eStatements Document Imaging Case Study – Westminster Savings Solutions Videos - doc imaging, KYC, paperless lendingMISSING MATERIALS 5 things to look out for in an eStatement Additional Case studies: provider •Tax Pack for Wealth Management eBooks: •eStatements for Wealth Management eStatements •eStatements for CUs Better looking statements •Enhanced statements for Wealth management Paperless lending •Partner marketing programs for Service Providers Statement solutions 5 ways Doxim impacts your bottom line eInserts/eNewsletters? Something on Document Management Strategies/going Going paperless – tied to document paperless(see Doculabs) document management strategy and tied to the three 5 Ways Doxim impacts your bottom line types of documents- Point in time, activity, Why choose Doxim relationship
  11. 11. CATEGORY: Early Research and Identification Breaking the Barriers: xContent focusing on Education, information, Industry viewpoints, Achieving Enhanced /eStatement goals (what’s holding you back?thought leadership Cost? IT? Exec?) Doc mgmt - breaking the barriers /making the business case for doc Have Don’t Have mgmt . Segway to "Developing a great doc mgmt strategy" in the mid to10 Reasons/Things to look for late evaluationThings to look for in EStatement provider xThings to look for in Doc imaging provider x Going paperless x10 Reasons – eStatements x also tied to document management strategy and tied to the three types of documents- Point in time, activity, relationship10 Reasons - BL Statements x10 Reasons – Doc Imaging x Other ideas:14 Reasons – Doc Management x –        Branding across multiple channels x10 Reasons – Enhanced Statements –        CSR workload/efficiency x –        Cloud Computing 101 xCalculators –        Document mgmt xCBA - Doc Imaging x –        Compliance xCBA – eStatements x –        Going Green x –    Professional Services - something about figuring out whats best x for you? How do you know what you need? Type of thing.Webinar program–        Developing a Practical Document Management Strategy x How to: x–        Document Imaging: Capturing the Right Information x Statement Design Principles: Creating Best in Class Statements x–        Paperless Lending Made Easy – Streamlining Your Loan x Pt 1: Effective statement Design xManagement Process Pt 2: Advanced Statement Design xeBooks: also good blog material Pt 3: Cheques xDoc mgmt/imaging xECM ebook x Primers – “Dick and Jane Style” (or doesn’t have to be that format but aeStatements quick primer)Good blog material/website/one pager pdf/slideshare. x x Also beneficial as sales tool to help reps recognize the needs/pains ofBetter looking statements x the target audience.Paperless lending x Focus on the needs/pains of target audience picking mkting/ops/c-Statement solutions x suite/ for example (or whichever made most sense to focus on)eInserts/eNewsletters? x “Meet Sally. She’s a marketing mgr at ABC Credit Union,…etc” and the focus of primer would be on: channels •         Branding across multiple (from content framework doc) xWhite papers / short“info” Videos- Trends create document using •         Integrated Marketing xexisting content from presentations and ebooks, other sources etc •         Cross sell and Up sell xthen can also create “short info video” where it makes sense… good x •         Marketing Cost Reduction xfor website /youtube. Also great blog and twitter food. Example ideas: •         Enhanced Customer Communications x •         Being Green x Other… xStatement Trends: The Road to Interactive, Intelligent Documents x −          Customer service x −          Going Green xeStatement Trends: looking beyond the paper statement. x −          CSR workload/efficiency xEdelivery −          Operational Improvements xEnotification −          Meeting client needs xInserts/newsletters
  12. 12. Category: Mid to Late Evaluation and Selection Doxim Customer Service Excellence xContent focusing on Why Doxim is the right choice Doxims successful track record of excellent service and support. Were with you etc.. Create story using customer surveys, customerCase Studies Have Don’t Have support etc. could have testimonials from clients on sidebar.Service Provider case studies – CUPS, League Data, Gilmore xEnhanced statements case study – Wainwright CU x Keeping your Data Secure xDocument Imaging Case Study – Westminster Savings x Doxim data security protocols – 5970 audits etc. YoureeStatement Case Study Credit Union – PenFinanacial x secure.(based from web content)eStatement Case Study Credit Union – Your Credit Union xTax Pack for Wealth Management – OBL x Blog eStatements for Wealth Management x more bragging about our Awards Tweet/blogEnhanced statements for Wealth management x CompliancePartner marketing programs for Service Providers x Fill in gaps in the categoriesVideosExisting Solutions Videosdoc imaging, KYC, paperless lending xSolution VideosUsing existing presentations create 30 – 45 second camtasia -solution/need specific. Youtube/slideshare/website xRecord a video - interview style with Chris R. xProduct Demos xPapers - also good to parse out for blog food and potentially littlevideo snippets for You Tube ChannelWhy choose Doxim - need to turn this into something that prospect x5 ways Doxim impacts your bottom line xDocument Management Strategies/going paperless(see Doculabs)document. This ties back to content created for early category. xDoxim Professional Services - More than just implementation andtraining… or something like that. x
  13. 13. Where to Find Content• Presentations/Webinars• Product Brochures• White Papers• RFPs and Proposals• Tech Specs & Manuals• Training Materials• News Releases
  14. 14. Repurpose itStart with a Turn it into an eBook Create an InfoSheetwebinar Turn thatTweet about into a video Create x blogit all posts
  15. 15. Syndicate & CommunicatePresentations - Documents - Videos
  16. 16. Client ConferenceShare Take and Repurposepresentations Syndicate Videos content
  17. 17. Content Re-Inventory• Thought Leadership • Eight webinars • Four eBooks • Multiple “10 Reasons Why” Info sheets • Dozens of blog articles • Hundreds of Tweets• Products and Solutions • 11+ Product brochures • 4 videos • 2 x CBAs• Credentials • Eight Case Studies • Multiple Why Doxim documents
  18. 18. Remember the Metacontent• The content about the content• Helps merchandize the content• Almost as important as the content itself• Develop with the content
  19. 19. Metacontent TemplateCategory DetailContent topic/title Descriptive title focused on the customer’s pain. 5-10 words , 65 characters, with most important keywords to leftTags/keywords All the relevant keywords customers would use to describe this content asset in priority orderAbstract/Description 20-30 word, up to 160 characters, describing what it is and why it’s worth readingCall out Typically a significant quote pulled directly from the content copyLanding page copy Longer description of content, including sub topics and headings, benefit bullets etc.Call to action 4-6 words of benefit copy to call the reader to action – typically to complete the formTweets/updates 3-5 tweets promoting the content with keywords and relevant hashtags as appropriateBlogs 1-5 blogs that home in on section of the content and provide links to the complete pieceThumbnail Hero shot of the content for landing page, blog articles etc
  20. 20. Metacontent
  21. 21. Metacontent
  22. 22. Site Content Brochures Videos eBooks Whitepapers
  23. 23. Managing Twitter (et al)Curating and SharingContent
  24. 24. Participating in the SM Sphere How to be in the game……. Without being swamped by the game
  25. 25. Curation
  26. 26. Curation
  27. 27. Curation
  28. 28. Curation
  29. 29. Communication
  30. 30. RecapCreate a content planCreate key pieces webinars, ebooks, etcRepurpose, repurpose, repurposeSyndicate and communicateRepeat
  31. 31. More?sodonovan@doxim.com416 836 4545