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Better B2B Marketing SeriesB2B Lead Generation Ideas for 2013Here are the 3 best practice B2B lead generation ideas and re...
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B2B Lead Generation Ideas for 2013: For better IT leads and more


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Visit for B2B lead generation ideas, examples, best practices, agency services and more.

Recent research by the LinkedIn B2B Technology Community benchmarks a range of B2B lead generation ideas for IT lead generation based on survey results from over 800 B2B marketers. Key findings include:

Top 3 successful B2B Lead Generation Ideas:
1. Optimizing your website to acquire more prospects through better conversion.
2. Search engine optimization that attracts more qualified traffic.
3. Email marketing that nutures prospect activity and qualifies their sales readiness.

This quick guide looks at these ideas and provides practical recommendations on how to make them happen and links to examples

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Transcript of "B2B Lead Generation Ideas for 2013: For better IT leads and more"

  1. 1. Better B2B Marketing SeriesB2B Lead Generation Ideas for 2013Here are the 3 best practice B2B lead generation ideas and recommendations on how to turn them into effectivemarketing programs. 1. Website design optimized for prospect acquisition and nurturing.  Create customer-focused navigation to target prospect needs and pains so they can find what they want to know.  Use multiple calls to action with different levels of commitment from subscribe, to download, to get a quote, to contact us and more.  Target each stage in a prospects decision process with customer-focused content.  Design webpage templates that include dynamic content and lead generation sidebars.  Design readiness qualification pages including pricing or budgeting tools. Click Here For B2B Lead Generation Website Examples 2. Target buyer intent with B2B search engine optimization that goes beyond basic SEO strategies to:   Target solution keywords that are long-tail (2+ words).  Target customer needs.  Use meta descriptions convert qualified searches into qualified traffic.  Match prospect acquisition offers and content to your search terms.  Develop content themes that target valuable keyword strings and give your website more authority. Click Here For B2B SEO Examples 3. Email marketing that nurtures prospect activity and qualifies their sales readiness  Provide content prospects want to know at each stage of their decision process and let the them choose what is relevant to them  Follow-up on prospect activity immediately with relevant content and calls to action that let them qualify their sales readiness  Offer prospects that go cold engagement content designed to interest them rather than qualify them  Don’t guess at drip campaign logic without supporting behaviour data. Start with simple but effective nurturing programs and then optimize them based on in-market results  Design templates that generate engagement and let you measure prospect activity and sales readiness qualification. Click Here For B2B Lead Nurturing Email Examples MARKETING PLANS WEBSITE DESIGN LEAD GENERATION CONTENT RESOURCES BLOG 386 Huron Street Toronto, ON M5S 2G6 416.900.3310