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B2B Website Best Practice Resource. Go to http://www.brainrider.com/resource/b2b-website-best-practices/ to download a copy and find more lead generation and nurturing resources.

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B2B website best practice Brainrider best practice series

  1. 1. Better B2B Marketing Series MARKETING PLANS WEBSITE DESIGN LEAD GENERATION CONTENT RESOURCES BLOG 386 Huron Street Toronto, ON M5S 2G6 416.900.3310 “Whydo you have a website? What's your goal? In other words, when it's working great, what specific outcomes will occur?” Seth Godin If the purpose of your website is B2B lead generation and nurturing then it’s design, content, and functionality needs to help you attract, acquire, engage and qualify sales readiness. If your website is not attracting or acquiring enough prospects, you should consider a Brainrider redesign. B2B Website Best Practice #1: More effective calls-to-action If your objective is to increase prospect acquisition, then your website needs more effective calls-to-action. Three great ways to optimize your calls-to action include:  More prominent and visible call-to-action placement  Using multiple calls-to-action per page  Targeting different levels of engagement: from “Contact Us” to “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” In this example, Livingston International dramatically increased their opt-in rate with a prominent “Get a Quote” button in their navigation and sidebar. In addition, they added tiered calls-to- action ranging from “Sign-up for a Webinar” to “Download Featured Content” to “Contact Us” and a hello bar at the top of each page. B2B Website Best Practice #2: Make it easy to find what customers want to know To attract more qualified prospects, you need to regularly publish content that demonstrates your subject matter expertise. This content should be valuable to your customers and easy to find on your website. It should also be:  Focused on your customers’ needs and pains  Organized by subject area instead of format  Published using an RSS feed, so search engines see a quality content source  Optimized in its titles, descriptions, and keywords  Connected with what your customers are actually searching for In this example, Empathica improved their content engagement and keyword density by publishing their subject matter expertise on a regular basis.
  2. 2. Better B2B Marketing Series MARKETING PLANS WEBSITE DESIGN LEAD GENERATION CONTENT RESOURCES BLOG 386 Huron Street Toronto, ON M5S 2G6 416.900.3310 B2B Website Design Example #3: Customer-focused navigation and content Make sure the menu items in your navigation are designed to help your prospects find what they are looking for at each stage of their decision process. Along with “About Us” content, make sure you are providing:  “How to understand my problem” content  “How to solve my problem” content  “How to buy from you” content In this example, Hubwoo helps more prospects find the content they are looking for by organizing their navigation against specific targets and decision stages. B2B Website Design Example #4: B2B search engine optimization (SEO) B2B SEO has to work smarter than B2C SEO because the B2B decision process is often more complex than buying a “Little Black Dress” or a “Black Tuxedo”. B2B keywords typically:  Have lower search volume  Have longer keyword strings  Are focused on niche subject areas The good news is that you don’t need “blackhat” SEO tactics or expensive SEO consulting to succeed. But you do need good on- page SEO hygiene and content that targets what your prospects are searching for. In this example, STR Software significantly increased their site traffic by optimizing their on-page SEO using WordPress and publishing keyword rich content in their page title, URL, H1 tags, and in their body copy. Next Steps B2B Website Design For Better Lead Generation Get a 2013 Marketing Budget Benchmarks and Allocation Tool Project & Pricing Details Contact Us