10 Pinterest Marketing Boards That Inspire Holiday Cheer


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This holiday season, pinners, posters and marketers alike are turning to Pinterest to promote their brands, offering inspiring and creative examples of how the platform can be used to create brand awareness as shoppers make their buying decisions. Pinterest has enjoyed significant growth in 2012-- Brafton reported that the social media platform has seen a 1074 percent increase in use.

Some brands that put real spirit in their boards this holiday season, retailers - and some unexpected companies - post garlands, jingle bells, gift ideas and decorations to branded boards that put viewers in the shopping mood. We've compiled a list of ten holiday Pinterest boards that are drawing us to click, click, click as we choose gifts for our family, friends and fellow content marketers.

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10 Pinterest Marketing Boards That Inspire Holiday Cheer

  1. 1. 10PINTEREST MARKETING BOARDSTHAT INSPIRE HOLIDAY CHEEROne Winthrop Square FL5, Boston MA 02110 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com
  2. 2. 1ANTHROPOLOGIE“IT’S A WRAP”Its not just about gifts, its also about howtheyre packaged. Thats why clothingretailer Anthropologie has a boarddedicated to the art of wrapping presents.Paper, bows and ribbons aside, this creativeapproach to content marketing encouragesconsumers not only to buy gifts, but towrap them beautifully with Anthropologiesunique products.
  3. 3. 2DRISCOLL’S BERRIES“HOLIDAY DECOR”How can a California grower of raspberries, blue-berries and strawberries engage shoppers whenmost of the countrys fields are covered in frost?Driscolls Berries created a number of boards onPinterest to promote the use of berries indecorations and holiday dishes. These DIY, out-of-the-box ideas incorporate holiday cheer withDriscolls products, bringing attention to thebrand as consumers decide how to deck theirhalls and dress their desserts.
  4. 4. 3 POTTERY BARN “CELEBRATE HANUKKAH”"Away in a manger" isnt the only song playing this holiday season. Hanukkah, thefestival of lights, brings holiday cheer in blue, white and silver. Pottery Barn, well knownfor its upscale Christmas-y products, skillfully included a board dedicated to celebratingHanukkah. Those who light menorahs rather than wait for Santa will appreciate PotteryBarns relevant pins (and products).
  5. 5. 4TARGET“TREES & WREATHS”Target sells Christmas bulbs, cookiecutters, holiday cards, extension cords andpretty much everything else on consumerslists as they prepare for the holidays.Even though the retailer seems to sell allthe toys Santa makes in his shop, Targetput together "Trees & Wreaths," a Pinterestboard of unconventional decor thatinspires users to buy materials for craftycreations from Target.
  6. 6. 5 BEAUTY BRIDGE “HOLIDAY INSPIRATION”Beauty Bridge, a cosmetics company, created a board full of beauty ideas with holidayspirit. This season, Beauty Bridge is speaking to prospective customers who want to takeholiday style beyond their reindeer sweaters and opt for nail art, featuring belt buckles,candy stripes and Santa hats.
  7. 7. 6DALLAS COWBOYS“2012 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE”People use Pinterest to pluck ideas forweddings, housewares and other domesticdelights, but the Dallas Cowboys marketingteam is promoting gifts for sports-lovers -perhaps giving users who prefer home décorpins some shopping inspiration for the superfans on their lists.The NFL team suggests that players onPinterest "Make It A Cowboys Christmas," withan array of gifts for the football aficionado.
  8. 8. 7SAKS FIFTH AVE“PIN IT TO WIN IT”Saks Fifth Avenues PIN IT to WIN ITcampaign isnt a holiday-themedboard, but an inspiring example of howPinterest promotes products andengagement during a heavy buyingseason. The luxury retailer is giving away$2,000 toward gifts from Saks to five userswho pin its items. Participants will beinspired to check out Saks offerings, evenif theyre not one of the lucky five winners.
  9. 9. 8 SUNRISE SENIOR LIVING “CRAFT IDEAS FOR ASSISTED LIVING”Many believe that social media is for the younger generation, but Sunrise Senior Livingis shredding that stereotype this season with a board of craft ideas for those in assistedliving. The senior-centered facility took advantage of the festive, holiday spirit to puttheir brand on the map with a dynamic, Pinterest board that is appealing to all ages andgives residents plenty of activities to celebrate.
  10. 10. 9 HOME DEPOT “HOLIDAY CRAFTS, IDEAS AND INSPIRATION”Home Depot created a board of DIY projects made from repurposed items, such as thewashers depicted here. Rather than accepting a label as a seller of trees and wreaths, thehome improvement store offered crafty suggestions to promote its brand and inspirerepinning as homes undergo decorative transformations.
  11. 11. 10LUCKY MAGAZINE“LUCKY FRIENDS: HOLIDAY BLING”Lucky Magazine is enjoying Pinterests collaborationtools through a board that invites retailers andindividuals to share their ideas for hairstyles,makeup, jewelry and dresses for holiday parties.Lucky shows off that its an authority on style (forany season!). At the same time, it engages otherbrands as well as dedicated readers and prospectivecustomers by creating an interactive board thatencourages users to share and play.
  12. 12. Happy Holidays!THANKS FOR READING!Get your fix for more Pinterest marketing news, tipsand trends at: http://www.brafton.com/tag/pinterestThis Top 10 wasproduced by