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The benefits to building a Network Marketing business online in 2013 are plentiful. Firstly; you can work in your PJ's while you only talk to prospects who are actually interested in your business opportunity. That’s if you want to speak to your prospects at all. With an Online Network Marketing business you can set up automated systems which will work for you 24/7 to generate leads, present your opportunity and generate sales. Of course, the maintenance costs are extremely low as well, and it's very easy to grow a global business when you are building it online. The truth is anyone can build an online Network Marketing business because the technology involved is very simple to learn. No need to possess a PhD in computer science to see success!
The foundation of a successful network marketing business has always been based around connecting with people, building up a relationship, growing your network and exposing them to the business opportunity and/or product range you are marketing. So when it comes to building a Network Marketing business online the same “rules” apply, but when you are leveraging the Internet you are able to tap into 1 Billion people rather than then few dozen you can bump into throughout your day in the coffee shop or mall. It’s incredible that a large percentage of network marketers still use traditional business building methods instead of building an online Network Marketing business!

In this online network marketing training presentation you will learn the fundamentals of what is needed to see success. There is a very strategic way to generate leads for a network marketing business online and the tips shared in this presentation will give you the full overview. With a solid online presence, where you display your value to your prospects and with consistent and persistent action, you will be able to grow your network marketing business online and see a high level of success.

As you attract prospects through your online marketing methods, you will need a system in place to collect their details; usually name and email, and possibly phone number and then you will be able to build a relationship with them on auto pilot and grow your online network marketing business extremely fast compared to traditional relationship build practices. By using an auto responder service you will be able to set up a system for your online network marketing business where a series of pre-written emails are sent to every prospect who leaves there contact details. So your network marketing business will continue to grow online whether you are at the beach, at the ball game or in bed. Turning a traditional network marketing business into an online network marketing business is really the best move today and this training presentation will explain the fundamentals of success in an easy to digest manor.

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Online Network Marketing Success

  1. 1. PresentationAll Rights ReservedThe Fundamentals
  2. 2. If You Want to Earn GoodMoney With a NetworkMarketing Business....YouMUST Become...
  3. 3. AProfessional
  4. 4. Not a Professional Hitman!A Professional Network Marketer!
  5. 5. What Does it Mean to be a"Professional Network Marketer"?
  6. 6. It Means Stop Acting Like an AmateurSalesperson, Trying to "Pitch People"on Your Business Constantly...
  7. 7. Just Remember How You Usually FeelWhen a Salesman Approaches You...
  8. 8. Something Like This...
  9. 9. Dont Repel Your Prospects...
  10. 10. Instead...To Their Problems
  11. 11. And ATTRACT Them...
  12. 12. Become a "Solutions Provider" andHelp Solve Your Prospects ProblemsTake the Attention Away FromYourself and What You Can GAIN
  13. 13. And Instead Put the Focus on YourProspects...And What You Can GIVE Them
  14. 14. There is a LAW OF VALUE...You Will Only Make as MuchMoney as the Amount of VALUEYou Offer Society
  15. 15. So, if You Want to Make MoreMoney In Your Network MarketingBusiness You Must...
  16. 16. Increase your VALUE and BecomeMore Valuable to Your Prospects...
  17. 17. In Network Marketing People JoinPeople...
  18. 18. ● They Join People They Like, Trustand Respect● People Who Hold VALUE● People Who They Think Can HelpThem be Successful
  19. 19. So Dont Pitch Your Your NetworkMarketing Company First...
  20. 20. Instead Lead With Training to DisplayYour Value to Your Prospects...
  21. 21. Give Away Free InformationUsing Videos, Articles, Blogs,and Many Other Methods toATTRACT prospects to You.
  22. 22. To Increase Your Value You Need toImprove Your Knowledge and Skills...
  23. 23. Position Yourself as the Leader YourProspects Have Been Looking For...
  24. 24. Mmmm, Teach You I Will...
  25. 25. You Dont Have to be Yoda, JustBecome a Trusted Advisor in theEyes of Your Prospects...
  26. 26. Display Your Value FIRST!Build Up a RELATIONSHIP With YourProspects BEFORE You Introduce Themto Your Network MarketingOpportunity...
  27. 27. And They Will be MUCH MORE Likely toJoin You in Business and Youll Makea Lot More Money in the Process!
  28. 28. For More FREE Training Simply ClickBelow to