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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. The Masthead BannerAs soon as you see the Masthead, In this case it shows what Genre’s‘Rocksound’ you know straight the can be inside the magazine, this is The Main Imageway what the magazine will contain also placed at the top with the The main image will be placed so thatthe reason they have placed it at the Masthead so readers can see it. when you see the magazine on thetop is because when you are looking at shelf you can see the band or artista shelf you will be able to spot the that is on the front cover. This covermagazine issue, it also fits in perfectly consists of ‘Skrillex’ who has a sort ofwith the Black, White and Light blue menacing look on his face, manycolour scheme which they have also magazines will tell artist or bands tothought about. apply a certain look or pose which will make the reader almost feel like the band/artist are staring at them. In aCover Lines way he also fits in with the colourThe cover line is clear and easy to see scheme as he is wearing fairlyas it stands out from everything else on minimalistic style clothing, it is alsothe magazine because it doesn’t fit into mostly black therefore fits in.the colour scheme/theme. This CoverLine ‘Welcome To The Future’ has beenplaced there in a different colour toeverything else to gain the readers Barcodeattention and make them want to The only reason that the barcodeinvestigate and read further into the is there is because it has to be asmagazine. it is the best place to put it in order to scan it easier, the Freebies makers have also thought aboutStrap Lines Most magazines contain some sort where to put it because theyStrap Lines are used to tell the audience or of freebies such as things like have made it fairly small and outreader what consists inside the magazine, In posters, stickers, CD’s etc. of the way in variation to thethis case they relate to what genre the Furthermore, some magazines even other things that are surroundingmagazine is. This link would be apparent in all contain competitions where you the magazine.types of music magazine. They are also used to can win a prize.entice reader to buy the magazine.
  2. 2. Freebies This is another good aspect to have on the front cover of a magazine, because it entices the reader or audience to buy it as it is free. The MastheadInformation/Insight The Masthead in all magazines inThis is a good thing to include on the usually placed near the top of thefront of a magazine because it gets front cover, this is because thethe reader involved by says ‘Mix, audience or readers can see whatsMatch, Make Your Own Super group!’ on the front cover straight the way,this will make the reader or audience this magazine has a colour schemefeel as though they are taking part in or theme of three colours Blue,something which will make them White and Pink and the title fits inmore likely to buy the magazine. perfectly as it is both White and Blue. The Masthead ‘KERRANG!’Guides gives the sound of a guitar beingThis is also a good thing to place on strummed, therefore you knowthe front cover of a magazine because that the magazine is going to be ofit entices the reader or audience and a ‘Rocky’ style.makes them want to read more,Furthermore, it contrasts with thecolour scheme making it stand out. BarcodeStrap Lines Just like all magazines theMost magazines have a strap line or sometimes two so that they can barcode will be on the front soinformation the reader what is going to be inside the magazine such as Posters, it makes it easier for theReviews, Interviews, Stickers etc. This can prove to be very useful because you scanner, also they place it in awill then find out if you want to buy the magazine or not. This Issue of position where it is out of the‘KERRANG!’ has two strap lines, one at the top and another place at the way so it doesn’t take up spacebottom. The one at the top is placed there so that you can see it on the shelf and get in the way of otherjust like the Masthead. information.
  3. 3. Guides/NewsAlike the second magazine that I did analysis on this one contains a guide, this The Mastheadwill attract the reader’s attention and make them want to buy the magazine Much like the other two thebecause it says ‘Massive Xmas and New Year’s Party Guide’ this will make Masthead is placed at the top soreaders want to read on and find out what is going on. This stands out from the that when it is placed on the shelfcolour scheme, which will also help the magazine get attention. you will be able to see what the magazine is. The producers of theCover Lines magazine have thought about theThis cover Line ‘U.S. Dubstep name of the Masthead ‘mixmag’Explosion’ fits in nicely with the as the contents of the magazinecolour scheme as it is white, It has contains a varied amount ofbeen placed there so everybody that Dance music and I suppose thebegins to read the magazine can see name refers to a DJ. The Mastheadit. It also makes readers want to read for the magazine also fits in withfurther into the magazine by saying the colour scheme that the‘U.S. Dubstep Explosion!’ this gives makers have chose for this issue.the sentence an Onomatopoeia asExplosion sounds like the noise that Barcodecomes from ‘Dubstep’. The barcode on this cover looks as though it fits into the backgroundThe Main Image as they are both white, thereforeThis is placed where it is because it doesn’t look noticeable as muchwhen the magazine is on a shelf the as other barcodes. I think that thisaudience can see what is in the is a good aspect to have consistingmagazine making them want to pick Free CD on the front cover of a magazine,it up if it was something that they This is a good addition to the front cover so I might take that idea andlike. Many magazines ask of the magazine because it entices a develop it. The barcode on mostArtist/Bands to make a pose, but as reader to buy the magazine as they will magazines also contains the priceyou can see this is a cartoon of see a magazine that contains something next to it along with what issue‘Skrillex’ who is on a bomb this free, this magazine will have an advantage the magazine is.could symbolise the music Genrethat is in the magazine over other magazines because of this.
  4. 4. The Main Image As you can see ‘Skrillex’ has been placed away from all the other righting which is on the left side of the page so that the audience can see who he is, and who is behind the work that he does. I would say that he has been asked by the magazine manufacturer to do a certain pose in order to fit in with the rest of the magazine.Lettering Style Colour SchemeThe lettering and The colour schemeparagraphing on this for the magazine isdouble page spread Red, White and Grey.(DPS) is fairly standard A lot of magazinesbecause of the rows it use this colourhas been placed into, scheme because thebut it begins with a colours merge and fitlarge letter ‘T’ which in well together. Forhas been given the my magazine I shallcolour red, I would be using a coloursay that this stands scheme of Black,out from the rest of White and Purple tothe page because make it fit in with mythat’s the first thing Genre of music.that catches yourattention. Once a Quotationreader has seen this This quotation given by ‘Skrillex’ shows that he is determined in the work thatthey may go on to he does, reader’s that like ‘Skrillex’ might want to then read on through theread more about the magazine about him and what he is be going to do in the future, so thereforeArtist/Band. this has been placed on the Double Page Spread to entice the audience.
  5. 5. The Main ImageThe main image of Colour Schemethis Double Page The colour scheme of this magazine (Red, White and Black) is the usual colourSpread shows the scheme for a lot of magazines today. These colour work together to get theband, they are readers attention very well as the Red contrasts with the White as you can seedressed in fairly dark with the title of this magazines Double Page Spread ‘Teen Spirit’.clothing, I would saythat they have been Paragraphing andtold to do this or Letteringhave been given the The style that thecostumes by the writing has beenmanufacturers so paragraphed is prettythat they fit in with normal how it hasthe colour scheme been set out intothat the magazine three big columns,has. They have also but at the start of allbeen told to do a the writing thepose and the image manufacturer has puthas been placed a large letter ‘R’ thisaway from the makes the writingwriting. stand out a bit more as it has also been Quotation given the colour Red, The quotation of this Double Page Spread is “I Just Love Dancing And some readers may Screaming” this gives the effect that the band are similar to the quotation and possibly read on if that they can make people dance and scream because of their music, this they see this. could make the reader want to read on throughout the Double Page Spread.
  6. 6. Colour SchemeThe colour scheme of the contents page is the same as most magazine and the same as a lot of themagazines that ‘Q’ make, the colours involved work well together and contrast perfectly that is whymost magazine manufacturers use these colours.The Main Image ReviewThe main image portrays a A review is a good thing toband who give quite an include on the contents page asintimidating image, this is it will make the audience andbecause the camera angle that readers want to read furtherthe magazine manufacturers and more deeper into thehave chosen is a low shot. The magazine to get an inside inband go pretty well with the what the band are about andcolour scheme, as you can see what is coming up in the futurethey are dressed in dark and that involves the band. By thedull colours such as Blacks, side of the review there is aWhites and Greys this is trademark which is in every ‘Q’because they need to fit in with magazine containing a red boxthe rest of the colours that are with the letter ‘Q’ inside thisinvolved in this contents page attracts attention, and if you’rewhich are classic ‘Q’ Magazine a regular reader of ‘Q’ magazinecolours, Red, White and Black. you will know that they are placed aside something that isLayout important such as a review. OrThe contents page has a fairly neat lay out with the page numbers and where it says Contents forinformation on one side and then the image on the other, the page example.numbers are an attraction on this contents page because they have beencoloured Red this makes them stand out and get the readers attention.
  7. 7. Colour Scheme This Contents page has gone for a different approach on the way the colours scheme is because it has been coloured Yellow, White and Black. This gives it an edge and makes the magazine stand out to the other magazines as it contains different colours instead of the usual Red, White and Black scheme. The Main Image Layout The main image on this The layout of the contents contents page has been page has been displayed in a placed above the writing, classic ‘KERRANG!’ style with this is different to other the edgy writing and the big contents pages as they bold lettering that consists usually have the image on throughout all of their the left or to the right of magazines and gives a good the page. Furthermore, The image on how they present image has been placed to their work, it also links in with give it importance and the genre that ‘KERRANG!’ dominance as it covers half cover as there magazines are of the page. The backdrop shown to give a dark and of the image is dark this gothic display just like the could be reflecting the band bands/artists do. It has also and the music that they play been displayed in a fairly busy could contain a dark or evil way which is ‘KERRANG’s usual sound. style that they go about.InformationA lot of information has been placed onto the bottom half of this contents page to give an insight to thereader/audience so they know what is in the magazine and so that they are aware of what they are goingto be reading about.