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Wisom Partners Executive Search Division
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Wisom Partners Executive Search Division


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A Brief introduction to the Executive Search Division of Wisdom Partners

A Brief introduction to the Executive Search Division of Wisdom Partners

Published in: Career, Business
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  • 1.  
  • 2. Wisdom Partners Executive Search is a division of Wisdom Partners
    • Overview of Wisdom Partners
    • What Wisdom Partners do
    • How do Wisdom Partners Help
    • Commercial Services
    • Wisdom Partners Executive team
    • Our Beliefs
    Introducing Wisdom Partners:
  • 3. Wisdom Partners (Overview)
    • Wisdom Partners is a cross-cultural European business consulting firm, focused upon China. Consisting of experienced international business leaders, local and functional experts.
    • Core Business areas:
      • Helping Western Enterprises succeed in China
      • Helping Chinese Enterprises Internationalise
  • 4. What Wisdom Partners do:
    • Help our clients with opportunities and problems outside of their own experience and expertise .
  • 5. How do Wisdom Partners help?
    • By providing our own knowledge and experience
    • We use our extensive network to provide the optimum solution
    • We create value by helping our clients to make the best decisions based upon the best information
  • 6. Commercial Services
    • Business Consultancy :
    • Strategic review
    • Interim / turnaround / crisis management
    • Project management
    • Operational excellence
    • Cross cultural harmonisation
    • HR strategies, incentive schemes and motivational methods
    • Business process engineering
    • Transfer pricing and global taxation strategies
    • Relationship management :
    • Local and Regional Government
    • Managed Service Provision
    • Executive Search and Recruitment Services
    • Rapid Start-up Program
  • 7. Wisdom Partners Executive Team
    • Brad Wise (English)
      • Previous Roles: President and Chairman (Filtronic Telecommunications), Director of Operations, M.D. (IT Consulting and solutions)
      • Functional Experience – Corporate leadership, Operations, IT, Sales & Marketing
      • Industry Experience – Telecommunications, IT Sector, Software development, Consulting/Service
    • Violet Hu (Chinese)
      • Previous Roles- GM (WFOE & domestic), Business Development manager, Investment project manager
      • Functional Experience- Corporate leadership, Investment, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource
      • Industry Experience- Telecommunications, Electronic components, Investment Banking
  • 8. Wisdom Partners Beliefs
    • We believe that our success is intrinsically linked to that of our clients.
    • We believe that through the application of knowledge and experience, value is created.
    • We believe that providing the best solutions, needs the best people.
    • We believe in professionalism. For us this means:
      • Put the clients' needs first
      • Client confidentiality is paramount
      • Respect and harness local customs and culture
      • Absolute integrity
      • Remain independent
  • 9. Introduction to WP Executive Search
    • Overview
    • Market Sectors
    • WPES Approach
  • 10. WP Executive Search (overview)
    • WP Executive Search (WPES) is a division of Wisdom Partners
    • Offering the following Services:
      • Executive Search
      • Recruitment Consultancy
      • Targeted Headhunting
      • Consultative advice:
        • Salary comparisons / Skill assessments
        • Objective harmonisation / incentive mechanisms
        • HR / Employment Law / Succession planning
  • 11. WPES Market Sectors
    • Types of Business
      • Foreign Enterprises
    • Geographical
      • Mainland China
    • Industry Focus
      • Telecoms, IT, High Tech
  • 12. The WPES approach – Better service through better understanding
    • Client Selection
    • Client Management
    • Position Management
    • Candidate selection
    • Philosophy
  • 13. Client Selection
    • We select our clients to match our strengths:
      • Western Enterprises
      • Industries we understand
  • 14. Client Management
    • We believe that we cannot best serve our clients until we understand them:
      • Business / Industry
      • Goals / Strategy / Culture
    • Consistent methodology agreed with the client
      • Standard and consistent approach to all positions agreed with the client in advance
  • 15. Position Management
    • Seek first to understand…….
      • Start with written job description from client (or developed with the client)
    • Build a feel for the real needs via communication with both HR and line managers (where agreed) to add detail to the picture
  • 16. Candidate selection
    • We select candidates based upon:
      • Our understanding of our client
      • Job description and ‘feel’ from Client
      • Candidates history and proven achievements
      • Verifiable facts, combined with our own assessment:
        • Telephone Interview
        • Face to Face Interview
        • Western Senior management interview (where appropriate)
  • 17. Candidate Sources
    • In special situations: industry or location specific partners (by prior agreement with client)
    Internal Database reflecting the local talent pool (25%) Direct Advertising (5%) Focused Head Hunting activities (70%)
  • 18. Philosophy
    • Long term relationships with our clients built upon:
      • Honesty and professionalism
      • Focus on helping our clients develop, not on a sale
    • We believe we will prosper, through the growth and success of our clients and that this is the only possible long term strategy.
  • 19. The WPES advantage
    • Experience in employee selection
      • Executive team – 8 years in China leading major Foreign investments
      • Managerial team – 5 years experience of Head Hunting and recruitment services in Mainland China
    • True commercial understanding
    • We only recommend candidates we would hire for the position! Building long term relationships, not a single sale approach.
    • If we cannot find the right candidate – we will tell you, and tell you why!
    • Match not just capability, but personality and culture
    • Maximise our clients internal efficiency through c lear and consistent communication
    • Full process IT system ensuring internal efficiency and quality of service
  • 20. Sample Customers :
    • Areva
    • AEM
    • Bosch
    • BLP
    • Baxter
    • Brooks
    • Caterpillar
    • Nalco
    • Pace
    • Plantronics
    • Triasx
    • TT Electronics
    • ThyssenKrup
    • Trico
    • Dage
    • Flextronics
    • Getinge
    • Heimbach
    • Kirchhoff
    • Logitech
    • Linde
  • 21. Wisdom Partners in 2009
    • Continue our steady growth through quality of service delivered
    • Focus on IT, Telecoms, High Tech industry that match our internal strengths
    • Potential for launch of additional regional offices to further support existing clients
  • 22. Questions
    • Please feel free to ask any questions
    • Contact us:
    • +86 (0) 512 62 600 100
    • [email_address]