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Presentation on Social Media And Social CRM

Presentation on Social Media And Social CRM

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  • One more thing before we move on. Sometimes you wouldn’t know it by talking to us marketing types, but, social media isn’t just about marketingBut using it for marketing is what we will be talking about today.
  • Sometimes “old” marketing is referred to as outbound marketing.Inbound marketing uses many the tools we think of when we think of social media marketing
  • I find that one of the things that holds folks back from engaging in social media is the question “where do I start?”There are a lot of social sites available and we will talk a little bit about how to choose the right one(s) for you.
  • So where to start?Going back to our idea about Strategy before Tactics, we should begin our social media activities by listening.I think one of the most important, and often overlooked, things to remember about social media is that it gives us a great ability to listen to what is going on in the market place.
  • When most of us talk about social media, we are probably talking about what I call the “big four”I’m including blogging because of the crucial role it plays, particularly for professional service firms
  • Use these listening tools to hear what people are saying about: You, your company, your brand Your competition Products you sell Organizations you belong to People expressing frustrations or problems (I’ve had my house on the market for 8 months and …) Local events
  • Twitter lets you listen based on keyword, dates, and even in your local area
  • Who to follow is always a big question when starting to use twitter.In addition to interesting people you found via the twitter searches you set up as part of your listening station, here are some popular resources for finding people to follow
  • Most CRM systems are building social media integration into their offerings. If you currently use a CRM system, check with your vendor to see what social media features they have and plan to offer
  • LinkedIn connects to TwitterFacebook app to connect with TwitterTools like allow you to update several accounts at once or individually but from the same interfaceWordpress has a plugin to update twitter when you create a new post
  • For a detailed description of the Social Media Pro program, please visit
  • Creating accounts profiles on different social sitesProfile should link to your blog and\\or websiteProfiles should help people contact youLet’s take a quick look at some of the places you can claim your digital real estate
  • A great place to centralize all of your linksWill typically show up on the bottom of the first page of google for your nameHave links from a high authority site back to your sites
  • Local search profiles are returned when someone searches for your services locally“Kansas city marketing coach”“Denver computer expert”“Dallas divorce attorney”Free to set upYour clients can leave reviews
  • The “yellow books” of the internetSocial because people can leave reviews. Customers searching get “instant referrals”, so you want to encourage your raving fan customers to leave reviews for you.
  • A blog is a great way to get foundSearch engines love blogs – when they routinely provide relevant (key word rich) content. You don’t have to be a prolific writer, but you do want to post consistently, even if only once or twice a week.Even if people don’t read your blog everyday, chance are they will find it when they search If you don’t have a blog, check out allows you to set up a blog on their siteMost web hosting services (GoDaddy, Blue Host) have “one-click” installation of Wordpress or you can download from
  • Use a reader to keep track of the blogs you and Google Reader are two popular readers.
  • Most professionals will start with LinkedInIf you have a LinkedIn profile, when someone Googles your name, one of the top results will be your LinkedIn profile.
  • A fan or business page is a profile for your businessDon’t use a personal profile for your business. Find it by looking for “Ads and Pages”


  • 1. Its All Who You Know: CRM and Social Media Marketing Presented by Brad Tornberg
  • 2. Eating The Elephant• How do you eat an Elephant?
  • 3. How?•One bite at a time… – Relax – Enjoy – Learn – Investigate – Decide – Invest – Implement – Evaluate
  • 4. What is CRM?• Review of Definition – Customer Relationship – From Lead to Customer Service• Review of Landscape• Review of Options – Hosted vs. On Premise• Review of Pricing
  • 5. What Is The Industry Doing?
  • 6. Social media in B:B isn’t just about marketing• Online conversations• Listening• Customer Service• Spotting Trends• Collaborating• Your own support desk
  • 7. What Does CRM and Social Media have in common?• Identify Opportunities• Listen for Needs• Identify Trends, Suggest Ideas and Value Add• Gain a jump on your competitors• Becoming one in the same• New Term – Social CRM – Integration• After all…its who you know
  • 8. Trends• Sites on the rise – specific focus separation of “noise” – personal feel good stuff vs. relevant business related information.• The formation of the universe of listening• Listening or filtering for key words, phrases, terms,• Use of RSS• Connection/Extension of social circles to gain entrance into relationships. Permission following.
  • 9. Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing Outbound Inbound(Prospecting, Hunting, Interrupting) (Attracting, Educating, “Getting Found”) Print Ads Blogs, e-books, white papers Radio Ads Podcasts Television Ads Videos Tradeshows Webinars Cold Calling Search Engine Optimization E-mail Blasts RSS, Feeds
  • 10. The marketing hourglassKnow Like Trust Try Buy Repeat ReferArticles Web site Marketing Webinar Service Post job Results Kit Team survey Reviews Ads Reception Evaluation New White Cross sell PartnerReferrals Newsletter Nurturing Customer paper Intros Kit Sales Finance Quarterly Peer2Peer Presentation Delivery Events Events
  • 11. Where To Start?
  • 12. Listen First
  • 13. 2 Great Listening Tools
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. A listening station Google Alerts Google Reader Search.twitter
  • 17. Paid listening station Filterbox/Jive Software Trackur Radian6 Buzzlogic
  • 18. Who do I follow?•• Mr tweet• Twubble• Just Tweet It• search.twitter
  • 19. CRM systems are beginning to integrate with social mediaACT! 2011
  • 20. Integrate and amplify your message
  • 21. Social Media Pro
  • 22. Social Media Pro• Five Sessions Delivered over 5 Weeks• Each session has 4 – 8 Lessons• Each lesson includes: – A video presentation – PDF presentation and video transcript – Action steps – Resources for each step – Supplemental videos to guide you through the action steps
  • 23. Social Media Pro Programs• Self study course –• Group Coaching• Individual Coaching Programs Also Available
  • 24. Additional Program• Or Questions?
  • 25. Want to be Listened to?Then Go Grab Your Digital Real Estate
  • 26. Create a Google personal profile
  • 27. Local search profiles• Google Maps• Yahoo Local• Bing•
  • 28. Social search profiles• Yelp!• CitySearch• Insider Pages
  • 29. A blog is a great way to get found
  • 30. Blogging best practices• Read, follow, and listen• Write what people search• Feed the spiders often• Engage your comment community• Amplify your message
  • 31. Create a LinkedIn profile page
  • 32. LinkedIn best practices• Profile – links, keywords, descriptive• Status updates• Repurpose content – Slideshare, YouTube• Search for leads – Ideal Customer Profile• Recommend• Questions and Answers
  • 33. Twitter is Like text messagingEXCEPT Instead of you deciding who to send the message to You broadcast messages We decide if we want to listen (follow) P..S. You can also send direct messages, just like regular texting.
  • 34. Some basic Facebook stuff • Profile • Fan Page • Groups • Ads
  • 35. Create a fanbusiness page
  • 36. Facebook best practices• Build fan page• Promote with special modules and content• Repurpose content• Be consistent• Buy ads to promote content