Creative Uses of the Internet for Every Church, Family and Business


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First Community Church Men's Luncheon
Presented by Brad Griffith, Buckeye Innovation LLC
May 26, 2009

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Creative Uses of the Internet for Every Church, Family and Business

  1. 1. Creative Uses of the Internet for Every Church, Business and Family How have you used the Web today ?
  2. 2. Brad's Typical Day Wake up and read the news Review my agenda and to-do list for the day Look for traffic on 270, 670 and 315 before driving to work Write code, research technologies, review web sites, etc. Stay current on my friends/co-workers activities Attend a Columbus TechLife event or play volleyball Go home, check my email and social networks Wrap up to-do items for the day Send/follow-up on invoices; check bank account balances Dream about web sites, writing code, and entrepreneurship
  3. 3. Uses of the Internet 1. News Feeds & Citizen Journalism 2. Calendar / Email / Documents 3. Research 4. Social Networking 5. Photo & Video Sharing 6. Finances
  4. 4. News Feeds and Citizen Journalism Where do you get your news content? Creative Uses: Alerts sent via email for family members' names in the news Receive local news without delay when on vacation Create your own business or personal news! Resources: Google News Alerts: Local News Columbus Dispatch: This Week News: SNP: National News,, (Wall Street Journal), Citizen Journalism:,, blogs, wiki
  5. 5. Calendar / Email / Documents Do you use Microsoft Office? What if you're not at home? Creative Uses: Share family calendars so you know what everyone is up to Create & share spreadsheet with contact info for your circle/group Resources: Google Calendar: Email:,, Documents:,, Presentations: Event Invitations / RSVP's:,
  6. 6. Research When did you last use an encyclopedia? How about a librarian? Creative Uses: See how you're related to a quot;third cousin once removedquot; Read about the history of a company before investing Confirm the identity of a suspicious pill: WebMD Pill Identifier Take a Standford 7-lecture course on The Future of Human Health Resources: Search Engines:,,, Encyclopedia / Reference:, Maps:,, Companies:,, Recipes:,, Wolfram Alpha: DIY tips:,,
  7. 7. Social Networking How well do you stay in touch with high school friends? Family members? Co- workers? Your next employer/employee? Creative Uses: Research the social and professional history of a job applicant, employer, or even your daughter's new boyfriend! See up-to-the-second updates from your friends, kids, and others Create an online curriculum vitae to chronicle your achievements Resources: Profile sites:,, Live updates:, Community sites:,, Sharing content: (music), (reading), (presentations), (contact info) Bookmarks:,, Blogs:,, Aggregators:,
  8. 8. Photo & Video Sharing Do you have family out of town? Have you ever wished you were on someone else's vacation? Did you miss the Crew game last night? Creative Uses: View photos from anywhere in the world instantly in a picture frame Create a photo journal blog while on vacation to share with family Document a mission trip to show donors what good they've done Record and broadcast an event (or church service) live! Watch your favorite television programs anywhere, anytime Resources: Photos:,, Video:,,, TV & Movies:,,, Streaming:,,
  9. 9. Finances How do you track your income and expenses at home? At work? What about on the road, on vacation, at lunch, or in the car? Creative Uses: Track expenses as they are incurred via your mobile phone Maximize your tax deductions and import them into tax software Plan your meals and find coupons to save at the grocery store Shop online and save money for you or your non-profit organization Resources: Income & Expenses:, Taxes:,, Meals & Groceries:, Social Shopping:,, Coupons/Savings:,,,,,
  10. 10. How will you use the Web tomorrow ? 1. News Feeds & Citizen Journalism 2. Calendar / Email / Documents 3. Research 4. Social Networking 5. Photo & Video Sharing 6. Finances