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Athletes and social media
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Athletes and social media


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How athletes use social media.

How athletes use social media.

Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • 1. Athletes and Social Media Presented by: Brad Gardner
  • 2. Social Media
    • We use it in our everyday life, for sporting events, presidential debates, etc.
    • Social Media impacts everybody and everything.
    • One target market is Athletes.
    • Athletes use social media not only for branding purposes but also for personal reasons to stay connected with fans and friends.
  • 3. Luke Donald
    • #1 golfer in the world.
    • Accomplished painter.
    • Embraces social media.
    • Uses it for both a branding purpose but also a business purpose.
    • Sells art and wine through social media sites and his own branding website.
  • 4. Luke Donald cont.
    • Recent Tweets
    • Luke_Donald  Luke Donald 
    • @robertbanks   @RBC_Can_Open  sorry! Come find me for something signed!
    • 15 hours ago 
    • Luke_Donald  Luke Donald 
    • Had to  #deepdig  today after a couple of doubles in the first 4 holes. Early start tmr, off to bed to dream about fairways and greens!
    • 21 Jul
    • Stays connected with his fans and updates quite often.
  • 5. Primary Source Platforms
    • Shares pictures and statuses throughout golf tournaments and his life experiences wherever he may be.
  • 6. Lance Armstrong
    • Won Le Tour De France 7 times.
    • Known as a social media connoisseur.
    • One of the first to embrace the social media world.
    • He uses social platforms interchangeably for his Livestrong cause.
  • 7. Lance Armstrong cont.
    • Recent Tweets
    • lancearmstrong  Lance Armstrong 
    • Made it to Grenoble. Gonna be one helluva a race today.
    • 2 hours ago
    • lancearmstrong  Lance Armstrong 
    • Thinking about all those in Oslo affected by today's tragic events.
    • 19 hours ago 
  • 8. Primary Source Platforms
    • Shares content and exposure across experiences
    • through, pictures, videos, blogs, etc.
    • He also has 2 websites.
    • ( &
  • 9.
    • His “brand’ website
    • Twitter & Flickr could be fed into the site however Facebook connect would link his Facebook profile sponsors into his website and can interact with his fans through that.
  • 10.
    • His “business” website
    • In support of his Livestrong project. It also enables community rallying around healthy living and support for those who are wanting to better themselves for the long run.
  • 11. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson
    • Number 85 and plays wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals.
    • On April 2011, CNBC listed him as #1 for "Most Influential Athletes In Social Media List".
    • Uses social media the correct way, for the good and not bad.
    • Has multiple platforms to stay connected with fans.
  • 12. Chad Johnson cont.
    • Recent Tweets
    • ochocinco  Chad Ochocinco 
    • Wonder how many people understand the awesome strategic move that some genius came up with to shift the pressure n negativity on us.
    • 10 hours ago
    • ochocinco  Chad Ochocinco 
    • Smart move by the owners to gain positive public perception and pressure the players into a bad deal shifting the negativity on us  #kudos
    • 10 hours ago 
    • ochocinco  Chad Ochocinco 
    • Next time listen to the black guy *he knows his shit* RT  @ProFootballTalk : Players: Owners tried to slip items into CBA
    • 10 hours ago 
    • Truly embraces the social media world and thrives in to with over 2,300,000 followers on Twitter alone.
  • 13. Primary Source Platforms
    • Shares pictures and videos about his life and gathers an enormous following with everything he does.
  • 14. Paige Mackenzie
    • LPGA Tour player
    • Social media queen.
    • Loves to interact with fans via Twitter, and Facebook.
    • Post videos and pictures on both Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.
    • She has multiple platforms to stay connected no matter where she is.
  • 15. Paige Mackenzie cont.
    • Recent Tweets
    • Paige_Mackenzie  Paige Mackenzie 
    • @crazyjamoke29 sad, I havent seen her today, tee times too far apart
    • 18 minutes ago 
    • Paige_Mackenzie  Paige Mackenzie 
    • @CoachPhill good, course is good
    • 19 minutes ago
    • Paige_Mackenzie  Paige Mackenzie 
    • @louisefriberg nope. And tried to download shows...cant do it outsidr
    • 26 minutes ago.
    • As you can tell with the frequency of her posts that she is slowly becoming more popular as time goes by.
  • 16. Primary Source Platforms
    • Shares pictures and videos about her life and is slowly gathering a following with everything she does.
  • 17. Bubba Watson
    • Plays on the PGA Tour.
    • Known as one of the bigger golfers to embrace the social media world.
    • Has multiple social media platforms.
    • Posts videos, pictures, etc. and is becoming very popular.
    • Always is connected to fans because he feels that, that’s why he does what he does.
  • 18. Bubba Watson cont.
    • Recent Tweets
    • bubbawatson  bubba watson
    • @JaysonMcEwen  thanks
    • 6 hours ago 
    • bubbawatson  bubba watson 
    • Praying for the people Norway!  #sadworldwelivein
    • 6 hours ago 
    • bubbawatson  bubba watson 
    • Man crazy round of golf, but shot 67. Tied for 3rd place with 36 holes to go.  @European_Tour   #rad
    • 18 hours ago 
  • 19. Primary Source Platforms
    • Shares pictures and videos about his life. Also shows information on and off the golf course and keeps his fans interested.
  • 20. Ian Poulter
    • PGA and European Tour player
    • Social media icon.
    • Uses social media for every occasion.
    • He always has his social media tools linked to each other and to his websites.
    • Loves social media and the affects that it can have on people.
  • 21. Ian Poulter cont.
    • Recent Tweets
    • IanJamesPoulter  Ian Poulter 
    • RT  @tonyfernandes  can be organised ian. If you give me golf lessons so I can whip heikkis ass.>> deal Golf lesson for Laps. I'm all in.
    • 3 hours ago 
    • IanJamesPoulter  Ian Poulter 
    • Very sad news of the deaths in Norway, thoughts are with all the families who have lost loved ones.
    • 3 hours ago
    • IanJamesPoulter  Ian Poulter 
    • RT  @tonyfernandes  Karun putting in some good times today. Well done all about giving people a chance. Can I get a few laps in please Tony LoL
    • 4 hours ago 
  • 22. Primary Source Platforms
    • Shares pictures and videos about his life. Also shows information on and off the golf course and keeps his fans interested.
    • “ Social media fascinates me. I don’t watch the telly because I can’t sit still long enough, but to use Twitter is amazing. I can access it anywhere, even on the go. With the push of a button I can see what millions and millions of people are doing and show them exactly what I’m doing rather it be through a tweet, picture, video, or all three”, Poulter says.
  • 23. In Conclusion
    • You need to have multiple social media tools and sites.
    • You also need to be able to devote a lot of time and energy to stay connected with your fans and followers.
    • Have a passion for the social media world and really embrace all of what it has to offer.