Binger Capabilities Overview V1
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Binger Capabilities Overview V1

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Basic overview of the services provided by Binger Catalog Marketing (

Basic overview of the services provided by Binger Catalog Marketing (

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Binger Catalog Marketing is a creative design and marketing agency that is 100% focused on print catalogs. Clients come to Binger for its strategic thinking and memorable design solutions, which result in some of the most well-known and profitable catalogs in the industry. We help our clients create strategy, launch catalogs and redesign them… All while providing ongoing analytical programs for those who value long term, multi-channel success.
  • 3. Key creative intelligence that comes from a quarter century working with the greatest names in the catalog world
    • Binger's services include:
    • Business Planning
    • Branding Studies
    • Circulation Strategy
    • Database Analysis
    • Customer Profiles
    • Creative Development
    • Art Direction
    • Page Production
    • Print Management
    • Response Analysis
  • 4. Binger works with you to build catalogs that drive web traffic, orders, frequency and size through gifting, promos and loyalty programs. Catalogs also drive traffic to stores, helping you develop the most coveted, multi-channel shopper Binger Gets it! Great catalogs create longing, offer possibilities and opportunity for shoppers
  • 5. + Driving Success Across Channels
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  • 7. Binger understands that catalogs drive traffic across retail and web platforms. Strategically designed catalogs with cross-channel mechanisms, build far superior brands, drive continuing order size and frequency, and make for smarter, more loyal customers…
  • 8. Intelligent design that promotes the depth and breadth of your brand, while encouraging cross-sells, up-sells, kits, family selling… Or other activities that help you sell effectively and build happy and loyal customers. Binger understands that details are sometimes the key differentiation between your brand and another… Your order or somebody else’s. Key design elements and merchandising intelligence will help you seal the deal.
  • 9. Binger strategic services helps you understand who your customers are and how you can achieve greater sales results by working seamlessly across channels.
    • Successful merchants:
      • Ensure consistent brand, product, price and promotional information across channels
      • Provide a consistent experience, regardless of channel
      • Establish a single view of the customer
      • Allow each channel to benefit from the customer information gathered across the enterprise.
      • Use data from all channels to understand who their customers are and how they behave
      • Use personalized offers, web pages and email campaigns
      • Do ongoing analysis and testing
      • Evolve with their customers. Be sure you do too!
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