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A re-interpretation of the Apostle John's First Letter to the early Christians using open and inclusive spiritual language (ie 'non-religious' language) to make it more accessible to people who have ...

A re-interpretation of the Apostle John's First Letter to the early Christians using open and inclusive spiritual language (ie 'non-religious' language) to make it more accessible to people who have been 'turned off' by the doctrines, dogmas and practices of the church.



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How I See God Now How I See God Now Document Transcript

  • HowI SeeGODNow. A re-interpretation of the First Letter of the Apostle John By Brad Harris
  • Why Re-interpret John’s Letter?A short time ago, a Bible study group I attend at my workplace decided to study theLetters of John. In the process of reading the first letter, someone in the group made thecomment that “John’s words were so direct, so ‘black and white’. This is how it is, he said...“Believe and obey, pull your socks up or you’re out!” Those might not have been his exactwords, but that was the intent of what he said.I couldn’t help thinking that such a view of the “Word of God” was far from doing Godjustice. Surely this was not what a loving God would want us to think about him. I said tothe person who made those comments, that I thought there was another way to read themessage of John. A way that was not so ‘one dimensional’ and ‘black and white’. A way thatbetter describes the multi- dimensional God that I have come to know in recent years.For me, since beginning to see God with new eyes, its as if the world has become a full-colour, three-dimensional landscape. I believe we can revise the language we use aboutGod and his message and make it more relevant for our time. Some would see this asdestroying the traditional values of Christianity, but I believe unless we do it, we will beforever stuck in an anachronistic view of God that no longer works in our modern world.Whilst I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, I no longer view the Bible as the literalword of God. Rather, I see the Bible as an expression of thought about God by men andwomen who were “inspired” to write about God because of their encounters with theDivine - encounters which could not be accounted for in a purely material world withoutany spiritual dimension. Times have changed radically since the days when the books ofthe Bible were written. Through scientific discovery and increased knowledge of how theworld and the human mind works, we now need to review our old ways of thinking aboutGod and the Bible.For some people, the Bible is the “inspired Word of God”. Exactly what “inspiration” is,means different things to different people. To those who believe that the words of theBible are the literal words of God revealed from heaven to specially chosen men, therecan be no room for any “re-interpretation” of them. However, I believe we can, and must,look again at the ancient message of the Bible and see it with new eyes and find in it newmeaning, or more correctly, the original meaning. This is my attempt to do this with the firstletter of John.John wrote this letter to people who encountered Jesus and whose lives were radicallytransformed by his life and his teaching. John’s aim was to help these people live their newway of life in a world that couldn’t explain the change they were experiencing.I have recently undergone a dramatic change in my thinking about God, Jesus, the Bible,and religion. I’ve tried to put myself in John’s shoes but at the same time re-write his original
  • message in a way that is not constrained by the religious language of his day. By notusing the traditional language of Christianity and Bible terminology which has forcenturies obscured the true message of Jesus, I think we will begin to see that theteachings of Jesus were meant for all humanity not just Christians.I hope you enjoy reading John’s first letter with new eyes. If you have any commentsto make - be they positive or negative, I would be pleased to hear from you!Blessings,Brad HarrisAugust his inspiration and advise my thanks go to David Robert Ord, Executive Director ofNamaste Publishing and author of ‘Your Forgotten Self - Mirrored in Jesus the Christ”.
  • 1 John 1The Arrival of the Living Word“In the beginning” [ 1] of the new creation, that is, from the appearance of Jesus, wehave had the opportunity to hear and see and touch the reality of truth itself. Weheard his teachings which were words of life – words which gave true meaning andpurpose to our earthly life by giving it a spiritual dimension. We can tell you withcertainty that those of us who saw Jesus in the flesh and heard him speak, know thathe revealed to us the true nature of the creative spirit we call GOD[ 2]. We sharethis with you so that you can feel the joy that filled our lives, and still fills them, fromknowing Jesus and the source of all life that Jesus, because of his intimate andrelationship to it, called ‘Father’.Light/Darkness and Right Path/Wrong PathHere is the heart of Jesus’ teaching: The Divine is the source of light. He dispels alldarkness. If we call ourselves ‘enlightened’ but don’t live as though we are filledwith this spiritual light, we prove ourselves to be nothing but frauds. However, if weexperience the new life that Jesus revealed to us we begin to feel connected toeach other as part of the whole human family, regardless of race, creed or religion.The way Jesus lived, by surrendering to life itself, by dying to the ego[ 3] has theeffect of eradicating all falsehood (which some people call sin) from our lives.We may claim to be wise, but it easy to deceive ourselves and if we do, we make itobvious that truth is only a concept to us. However, if we admit that we often missthe mark[ 4] when it comes to living wisely, this automatically brings our lives intoalignment with the Divine and, paradoxically, we find ourselves right ‘on target’, on[ 1] Genesis 1:1 - John is obviously drawing his readers attention to the fact that his version of the Jesus storyis about a new, ‘spiritual’ creation.[ 2] Throughout this paraphrase of First John the word ‘GOD’ is shown in capital letters toremind the reader that who or what we think ‘GOD’ is, can at best be a concept. The truereality of GOD cannot be conveyed in words. Buddhists have a saying “The finger pointingat the moon is not the moon”. In the same way, the word GOD is not GOD. It is just a pointer.Each time you see GOD in capital letters try to remember this humbling fact![  ]  The ego is the false mind-made self. That part of the human mind that believes itself to be a separate 3entity. Separate from other humans, and worse still in competition with everyone (including God).[ 4] The original word for sin literally means “missing the mark”.
  • the right path. If we are self-righteous and think that we are bigger than GOD, histruth will not find a place in our heart nor an outward expression in our lives.1 John 2Dear friends, I regard you as my spiritual children and I write this advice so that youdo not live unwisely. But if you do make mistakes in life, remember that through theexample of Jesus and his life-changing teachings we have come into a livingrelationship with the eternal spirit, the source of everything in the universe. Knowingthe truth about the nature of life makes up for our foolish behaviour which is boundto happen when we forget our true relationship to the world around us, and beginto slip back into our old habits of thinking life is all about us and our story!The fact that Jesus was prepared to die rather than surrender his ideals to thereligious or political leaders of his day, gives us a wonderful example of how to live afully conscious life by waking us up out of our spiritual ‘sleep’. Jesus has given youfirst-hand experience in how to live in a human-divine relationship. In time, everyonein the world will learn to live this way - and what a change that will make to theworld!Love and Hatred for Fellow BelieversWe can be sure we really understood and accepted Jesus’ message if we live theway he lived. Just saying we follow Jesus achieves nothing. It’s not about just claimingto belong to him, we have to show it in our actions. If we live the way Jesus did, lifebecomes so full of love that it becomes its own reward. This is how GOD himselffinds a living expression in our lives.My friends, I’m not telling you anything new. It’s the very message that Jesus spokewhen he began teaching. In a way, the ‘new’ teachings of Jesus were just a retelling ofan eternal truth (one embodied in all ancient faith traditions, but so often burieddeep in dogma and practices that have obscured it). But what I tell you seems newbecause of the radically fresh perspective it brought into your lives. It was like thesun had dawned on you, once you had ‘seen the light’. The light is now shining sobright it is overcoming the darkness in our community.If anyone says that he has seen the light but does not love his fellow human beings,he proves that he is still in spiritual darkness. However, if you do show the love of
  • Christ you will live a truly fulfilling life without being ‘tripped up’ by your own selfishdesires. If you do despise your fellow human beings you show everyone that you arewalking around in the dark – unenlightened. You show yourself to be ignorant of thenew life of love and light. This is because you have been blinded by darkness,paradoxical as that sounds!Why I am Writing to YouI am writing this to you my dear younger ones because GOD has chosen to overlookthe foolishness of your old lives because of the way the Jesus and ‘everything herepresented’[ 5] has affected you.I am writing this to you my dear older friends because you know that the truth Jesusspoke of accords with the teachings of the prophets of ancient times whoseteachings you are familiar with.I am writing this to you young men to encourage you because you have overcomethe selfish ambitions of youth, temptations which are often attributed to a mysteriousexternal source referred to as ‘evil’ or to a so-called personalised source of evilcalled the ‘Devil’ or ‘Satan’.I am writing this to you younger ones, because you have found comfort and hopefor your future in the love of your ‘heavenly’ father.I am writing to you who are earthly fathers because you have come to know theBeloved who exists outside of time and has given you an example of how to be aloving father.I am writing to you young men also, because you have demonstrated that yourstrength complements the Divine power of the spiritual teachings that live in youand have enabled you to overcome the temptation to be strong in the materialworld rather than strong in spirit.Loving What is[ 6]I encourage you to not fall in love with the material world or to be distracted bythe things it has to offer. If you choose this world over GOD, then he can’t influenceyour thinking. Everything in this world of form - the things that our body desires, the[ 5] This is what is meant by the New Testament expression ‘the Name of Jesus’.[ 6] An expression borrowed from the title of a book by spiritual teacher Byron Katie
  • things our eyes are attracted to, and the things we boast in - do not have a spiritualsource. They are purely the imaginations of the egoic mind[ 7]. The physical world,the one we can see and touch is unstable. It cannot last forever because it is subjectto the law of impermanence. Nature itself teaches you that everything passes awayin time. But if you live a new life based on denying the ego the way Jesus did, youwill experience eternity itself, because GOD is eternal. There is no place or timein which GOD does not exist, in fact GOD is beyond the constraints of time.[ 8]Don’t Turn Your Back on JesusDear children, we are entering the end of time as we know it. You have heardrumours about the coming of the one called “Antichrist”. Actually this “Antichrist” isnot a being but a spirit, a spirit or consciousness which is opposed to the Christ. Thismind-based, world-based consciousness has many people in its grip. The peopleleft our “Christ-conscious” community because they did not ever truly belong to it.They would have stayed if it was possible for them but the two levels ofconsciousness were incompatible and so it was inevitable that we had to part ways.You, however have been ‘chosen’ as it were, by the Divine spirit and you know whatit means to be awakened in the presence of love itself. I wouldn’t bother writing toyou if you did not understand the essence of what I am saying. In fact it is becauseyou have become enlightened to the true meaning of your existence that I write toyou. I don’t have to tell you that what I am writing is the truth because you instantlyrecognise the truth of what I say because of your relationship with the Divine, who isthe truth.There can be no lies in relation to the Divine presence because He is truth itself.Who can tell lies about GOD? Only someone who denies the truth that Jesus wasthe Christ, an embodiment of the Divine. It is these people who embody theanti-Christ spirit and deny both GOD and any true manifestation of GOD. No onewho denies a Son of GOD can have a relationship with GOD; whoever embracesthe Son, embraces the Father – his spiritual origin.As for you who are reading this, my recommendation is that you don’t forget whatyou heard. The best way to do this is to live it! If you do, you also will remain at onewith life itself, no difference between you and GOD. This is the assurance of the[ 7] ‘Egoic mind’ refers to a mind trapped in self-centred thinking, unable to see outside the affairs of one’s own life.[ 8] “Beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” 2 Peter 3: 7-9
  • Divine spirit - eternal life, by which I mean both quality and quantity. You don’t haveto wait for this, it is always available to you. You just have to be awake and it is yours!Eternal Life is always now. Don’t let anyone try and tell you otherwise. The guaranteethat Jesus gave you about eternal life cannot be taken away from you because it isnot something separate from you. You are life. You don’t need to be told that, doyou? It’s obvious when you become aware of it. Jesus’ teachings are relevant to everyaspect of your new life and your transformation into that new awareness was realand tangible, so you know you can trust his message and go confidently into yournew reality.GOD’s Children and Unskilful LivingSo for now, dear children, remain true to the new life of Christ-conciousness you areliving, so that we may be confident and proud to be known by him whenever andwherever he makes his presence known in this world.Your confidence that Jesus lived as one with the Divine Father gives you confidencethat anyone living like him is also living in the presence of the Divine. Because welook like him (in character, not physical appearance), it becomes clear to everyonethat we are GOD’s children.1 John 3Let’s appreciate the Divine love shown to us, because it’s this love that enables us tosee the Divine. It is a love more real than that shown to us by our ‘earthly’ fathers. Infact, we can legitimately call the Divine our ‘spiritual father’ in the same way Jesuscalled GOD “Abba[ 9], Father”. The reason why our non-spiritual family think we havegone mad is that they did not understand Jesus’ message the way we did.Friends, if you think your new way of being in the world is amazing, it is really only aforetaste of our Divine potential. No one knows exactly what will happen in thefuture but whenever and wherever we meet the Christ our transformation will becomplete – we will come face to face with eternity. Until we experience that, we canrest assured that the life we now live is a good as it can get – pure bliss, heaven onearth![ 9] ‘Abba’ is an Aramaic word believed to be the equivalent of the English word ‘Daddy’ used by a young child of its father.
  • Everyone who has forgotten their true Self [ 10] and lives as a slave to their ego findsthemselves living out of sync with the eternal law of love. But you know very wellthat Jesus’ one aim was to wake us up to our real selves, to show us our truepotential, just as he had realised his. Clearly there was not an ounce of ego in him,and anyone truly walking in his shoes is not ego-driven either. Anyone still livingaccording to the desires of the ego has not heard the message of Jesus clearly or hasany chance of really understanding him, let alone becoming part of the spiritualfamily he created.Children, don’t let anyone drag you back into your old way of life. If you live right,you can be assured you are right – living ‘in tune with the infinite!’ [ 11]Anyone who lives the old way, lives as if they were asleep and proves that theybelong to the egoic world. In fact, they are affected by the disease that afflicts thewhole human race. It’s a sickness so common that it is thought of as normal. Thepurpose of Jesus was to wake up us out of that sleepiness, to cure us of that sicknesscalled ‘selfishness’. The false Self tries to get it’s own way and rule our lives. However,anyone who wakes up to this, is on the front foot and aware of the ego’s tricks.Living life ‘mindfully’, in the present moment, thwarts the ego because the ego relieson the past and the future as well as our false Self’s dissatisfaction with the presentmoment in order to satisfy itself.People who awaken to this new life can’t go backwards, because the ego ispermanently damaged by being brought in the awareness of the present moment.It’s as if they have been born again into the continuing presence of the presentmoment – the moment we call Now. The present moment is the only that momentexists and so it is the only moment in which we can experience the love of GOD. [ 12]There is a sure way to know who is living in the Now and who isn’t - and this is it:Anyone who doesn’t live in awareness and fully experience joy, which is an infalliblesign of the presence of GOD [ 13], is not awake. Nor is anyone who does not show thelove of GOD to their fellow human beings – regardless of the colour of their skin,their religion or anything else that people make the mistake of calling “different”.[ 10] ‘Self’ (our big self ) means our real self as a manifestation of the Divine - not our imagined (small) self that is built on notions of who we tell ourselves we are (our story).[ 11] An expression borrowed from the title of a book by Ralph Waldo Trine written in 1897. The Preface ofthe book begins “There is a golden thread that runs through every religion in the world.”[ 12] “Practice presence - embrace the place where life happens” Eckhart Tolle ‘The Power of Now’[ 13] “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of GOD” Teilhard De Jardin
  • More About Love and HateThe good news you heard from the start of the new age is that loving one another isthe most important thing in the world. You are familiar with the old creation story ofhow Cain killed his brother. Whatever you do, don’t be like him. Think clearly now,what is that story teaching us? Why would Cain kill his own flesh and blood?Because his ego couldn’t stand being humiliated by his brother whose sacrifice,according to the story, was accepted by GOD. He experienced pure envy of hisbrother and jealousy of his ability to be at peace with GOD, in harmony with lifeitself.Don’t be surprised if people who are still attached to this material world think youare crazy. This new way of being in the world that we are experiencing is like beingrisen from the dead, so great is the difference between our old life and our new life.The proof of this is the way we love each other. No more selfish competition. Nomore ego-centric living. Just pure love and joy.Anyone who hates a fellow human being, for whatever reason, has effectively killedhim by denying him the opportunity to find the new life we have found. Anyonewho goes around stifling life in other people doesn’t really know himself what reallife is all about. If the new life was really in our hearts, we could not quell the desireto share it with everyone, regardless of who they are or what they have done.What is the guarantee of true love? It is shown in the example of Jesus who wasprepared to die for what he stood for. There was no way he would compromise hisprinciples even in the face of death and this is also how we should live. Are you ‘welloff’ in terms of this world’s possessions? If you are, and you live for yourself withoutsharing what you have with your fellow human beings, you can hardly claim to beshowing the love of GOD who has given you everything you need.Dear family, let’s love everyone, not with only with platitudes but with actions,because that is the sign of true love. This is how we can be assured that we are inharmony with the Divine and how we can be still in the presence of Divine lovewithout having any regrets about our past or worries about our future. Even if ourmind occasionally wants to worry about these things, we know that our awareness ofthe Divine presence can overcome our fear and lead us into a peaceful enjoymentof the totality of everything. We can enjoy the sheer beauty of Now even though wedon’t have a full knowledge and understanding of why we are alive.
  • Perhaps our purpose is purely this - to embrace the beauty of life itself and to allowGOD to experience the world through us[ 14].Friends, if we don’t let our negative thinking get us down, we can have everyconfidence that we are always in the Divine presence. Just don’t make the mistake ofbelieving all your thoughts. All that life has to give us is ours for the asking. After all,life always wants what is best for us! How could it be otherwise? If you think life isout to get you, what does that say about your relationship to the one you call GOD?All we need to do is think and act in ways that are in harmony with the universe.Swim with the tide of life and not against it! This is what the Beloved wants us to do.Entrust your life to the highest principles of life - love, grace, forgiveness and ‘doingno harm’ to your fellow human beings - this is way of life Jesus lived and it is how wecan choose to live too.What is the point of trying to prove you are better than the universe? Why resistwhat is? Why can’t you trust GOD on that? Surely he knows better than you! If youlive this way, Jesus lives on in you and GOD has one more son through which he canexperience the world. How do we know that he lives on in us? We know it becauseof the way his life transformed our life.1 John 4Denying that GOD can Be Part of UsFriends, don’t believe every teacher just because they claim to be spiritual, but puttheir message to the test. There are lots of people claiming to have a direct line toGOD, but there is a way of finding out which teachers are genuine. Every teacherthat builds upon the message of Jesus is bone fide and every one that claims to haveanother, ‘better’ way, is most likely trying to take credit for their own way of reachingGOD. You heard rumours about an ‘anti-Christ’ movement coming and it appears tohave already arrived so be careful.Now that you have come to understand that we all have a Divine origin and that youare too wise to be taken in by false teachers, have confidence that the spirit of truththat is in you is stronger than the spirit of this world. The world has an ethos ofselfishness and every action of people attached to the world is self-centred. Peopleof the world attract insecure people to them by their smooth but misleading words.[ 14] “Borrow the Beloved’s eyes. Look through them and you’ll see the Beloved’s face every where”. Rumi“The eye through which I see GOD is the same eye through which GOD sees me; my eye and GOD’s eye are oneeye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.” Meister Eckhart
  • We are on the side of the eternal one and the people who hear our message areinterested in eternal truths. People interested in only what satisfies the ego won’thave a bar of our message because it is so foreign to their thinking. The way peoplerespond to a spiritual truth becomes the litmus test of their level of consciousness.Divine Love and Human LoveDear friends, the best thing we can do for each other is love each other, for love isthe Divine way. Everyone who has love as their prime motivation has commenced anew life in the Divine spiritual family. The Beloved is so close to us we can call himFather. Everyone who does not love, knows nothing of the Divine way of being inthe world. This is how the Beloved showed his love to us at this time and in this partof the world: He filled one of his sons, Jesus of Nazareth, with a spirit so strong thathe became the Christ and lived a life that transformed all who encountered him. Weonly had to see his love and compassion for humanity, to know he was the Christ.This is the result of that love: It didn’t happen because we loved him, but because heloved us and sent Christ to awaken us to a new life and show us the value ofsurrender and sacrifice and to help us live wisely in this world. Friends, since theBeloved has been so loving toward us shouldn’t we also love one another? No onehas ever literally seen the Divine presence we love to call GOD, but if we love eachother, the Divine finds expression in each of us and his love makes our livesmeaningful.How do we know that we have this relationship with the Divine – him in us and us inhim? Because our whole way of life changes. And as we have seen, thistransformation works itself out perfectly in the person of Jesus. He metaphorically‘rescued’ us from a selfish and meaningless life. This deliverance[ 15] is available to usand to anyone else who wants to look at him as an example of how to live anauthentic life. Anyone who acknowledges that Jesus is truly a son of GOD, becomesa true son of GOD himself. The knowledge of this enables us to rest in this love andnot try to prove ourselves worthy of it. We are all worthy of the Beloved’s love justby being who we are! “The beloved is mine, and I am his!” [ 16]GOD is love itself – pure love. Anyone who chooses a life of love recognises thatJesus is truly Divine – a human manifestation of Divine spirit. In his life love was madecomplete so that there is no longer any need for fear of being judged unworthy –[ 15] Deliverance from our old self-centred life is ours here and Now! Don’t think of “Salvation” as something weget in another place, at another time (ie in the future).[ 16] Song of Solomon 2:16
  • now or in the future. The fear of being judged is an outdated religious concept -let’s move beyond that to a place where we know we are accepted for who we are.When we live in love we are just like Jesus. There is no fear in love. The perfect loveof GOD eradicates the fear of unworthiness from our lives. Fear has no place in ourlives because fear is all about punishment. If we are worried about being punishedfor not being good enough or for being unworthy of GOD’s love we don’tunderstand the love of GOD. GOD’s love is beyond all our ideas of “righteousness”and “sin”.[ 17]There is really only one response to GOD and that is love. True love doesn’t springfrom any source within us other than the Divine presence in us. If we say we are alover of the Divine and yet continue to think we are better than our fellow humanbeings, we are clearly being dishonest. If you can’t show love for your human familywho are right in front of your eyes, how can you say you love GOD who is hiddenfrom our sight. Remember, GOD has said to us: To be a lover of the Father you mustbe a lover of all his children.John 5Faith in the ChristEveryone who has realised that Jesus has become the Christ has experienced arebirth into the spiritual realm, a dimension where GOD can be seen in everything.This love for the Divine plays itself out in a love for everything, knowing thateverything and everyone has a Divine origin. This love also leads us to live inharmony with all living beings. Living this way is not an effort. Everything flowsnaturally once you realise the divinity in you. It’s as if you find your true home, yourtrue purpose in life.We want to live this way because in this new life we transcend the mundane affairsof the physical world. There are no more ‘problems’ anymore because we see ahigher purpose in every life situation. Can we really claim to have transcended ourhuman nature? Yes, once we see that it has been done by Jesus and we willinglyreply “yes” to his invitation to “follow me”. Saying “yes” to Jesus is in effect, saying“yes” to life![ 17] “Out beyond our ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I will meet you there.” Rumi
  • It is this Jesus who gave us a living, ‘flesh and blood’ introduction to a spiritual life,who taught us that we are in fact spiritual beings having an earthly experience notearthly beings in an endless spiritual search.That Jesus’ message was true is evidenced by the fact that it was consistent with allgreat spiritual truths. In fact, there is only one spiritual truth and it is that truth whichJesus was trying to get us to see by using parables and stories which, to theunenlightened mind, made no sense whatsoever.There is no point just intellectually ‘believing’ in Jesus without participating in thenew reality he represents. That’s like believing in a doctor with being prepared totake the medicine that he prescribes. Likewise, if we don’t put into practice theteachings of Jesus we can’t say we are Christians.This is plainly evident from everything Jesus said and did during his life – includinghis willingness to die. Our acceptance of Jesus’ message and the Divine light that hebrought into the world, gives us a new kind of life, an eternal life. This new life ismodelled on Jesus. A life in which we too can say to the Divine Spirit “not my will,but yours be done”.People who don’t understand this concept of spiritual re-birth have no way ofunderstanding anything that I am writing to you about. In fact, you could say theyare spiritually dead.ConclusionI am writing this to you because you are among a small but growing group ofpeople who understand everything Jesus stood for and to remind you that you havea new life now because of him. Because of this new reality we share, we can haveconfidence that all our prayers connect with the Divine. Metaphorically, the Divineear is always attuned to our needs because we are a part of the Divine. Of coursethis doesn’t mean we have the ability to change what is. It means that we accept whatis and so are in harmony with reality. ‘His’ will has become ours. In essence ourprayers are not so much answered as they are part of the answer!If you become aware of any fellow human being, particularly someone who shouldknow better, living foolishly and forgetting to walk the spiritual path we are on, youshould pray for them so that they might wake up out of their foolish course of action.
  • Of course, anyone who wilfully refuses to be part of the new life, condemnsthemselves to a life of separation from the source of life. This could be called a ‘livingdeath’.Anyone who is truly awakened to the Divine can’t continue in their old way of life.They are at one with the source of life who we love to call ‘GOD’ . GOD keeps themin his care and the old patterns of behaviour can no longer come back to causethem pain – at least not in the same way they did before their enlightenment. Theymay have momentary lapses, but they will never fully succumb to the old egoiclifestyle that has most people in it’s grips.How grateful we are that Christ shone light on our misguided way of life, so that wecan see everything in a new light! This source of life is truth itself, and we now knowthat we are part of this source by being part of everything that Christ brought tolight. He can rightly be called the source of our life, a life that can never bedestroyed - eternal life, that starts here and now!Dear children of GOD, don’t give your devotion to anything but to this source oftruth, for to do so is to worship a false GOD.