Herding Cats with Social Media

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  • 1. Herding cats with social media Media Camp London 4 Alison Coward, Bracket
  • 2. Herding cats with social media
    • The role of social media in collaborative projects
    • Cats = creatives (e.g. artists, designers, illustrators)
    • Getting things done  ideas into action
    • From the view point of the project facilitator (not ‘manager’)
    Alison Coward, Bracket
  • 3. Characteristics
    • Used to working independently
    • Used to having creative control
    • Ideas generation and development a key skill
    • Busy, busy, busy!
    Herding cats with social media (some, in relation to approaching collaborative projects)
  • 4. Collaboration
    • Is it as easy as it sounds?
    • Using an online project hub (as the central point)
    • People  the things the online tools cannot do
    • Process  the tools could do, but currently don’t
    • Technology  what the tools can do
    Herding cats with social media
  • 5. People
    • Letting go of control (leaving egos at the door)
    • Patience
    • Sharing
    • Communication
    • Motivation
    Herding cats with social media (mindset and culture)
  • 6. Process
    • Skills self-analysis & identifying personal aims for involvement
    • Identifying project aims (and objectives, mission etc)
    • Clarifying team roles (e.g. BELBIN)
    • Collaboration agreement
    • Planning and organisation
    Herding cats with social media (to be considered, before getting ‘stuck in’)
  • 7. Technology
    • “ You can take a horse to water, but...”
    • Keeping ideas in one place
    • Recording decisions and progress
    • Ideas generation in between meetings
    • Transparency of process and ownership of tasks
    Herding cats with social media (the added value of the online project hub)
  • 8. Technology (cont.)
    • Requirements of the online project hub:
    • Low barrier to engagement
    • Intuitive and easy to use
    • Flexible for project requirements and ongoing development
    • Supports creative working
    Herding cats with social media
  • 9. Questions
    • The ultimate online tool for creative project collaboration?
    • What is the role of the project facilitator?
    • How to maintaining focus without killing creativity?
    Herding cats with social media
  • 10. Thank you Alison Coward www.bracketprojects.co.uk [email_address] Herding cats with social media