The importance of online marketing for your business with brackenfell business directory


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Learn the importance of online marketing with Brackenfell's leading online business directory -

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The importance of online marketing for your business with brackenfell business directory

  1. 1. Why do you need to advertise online with Business Directory Brackenfell
  2. 2. What is online marketing First thing anyone would think of when mentioning online marketing is: Facebook – which can been seen as one of the most popular social networks in South Africa. Online marketing also includes having your own personal / business website. Pay per click advertising – more known with companies such as Google adwords. Email marketing
  3. 3. Expanding on the previous slide To recap the following online marketing methods each business owner in Brackenfell, Western Cape, South Africa should spent time on each week. Online business listings Social marketing Website / blogging PPC Email marketing
  4. 4. Online business listings The best example of a popular and excellent online business listing website would be : business-directory- which offers Brackenfell business owners free top quality business listings.
  5. 5. Social marketing Every business should have their own facebook fanpage / page. Every business should have a twitter account. Other popular networks include LinkedIn and Pinterest Motivate and ask clients to follow you on your social pages and try keep them updated on a regular basis. This helps make a connection with your clients which in return could mean more business for. It is also a very cheap promotion / marketing method.
  6. 6. Website / blog If you don’t have a website or have an outdated one I would strongly recommend you getting a website as soon as possible. A website makes your business look very professional if done right. It is also an easy way to get business leads. It also helps clients get information about your service, contact information, what services you offer and ect.
  7. 7. PPC Although this marketing method can be very effective in directly targeting clients it can be very costly. I would also not recommend doing this without any professional help. Also only use this method if you have a page, website or facebook where you can drive visitors to that click on your ads. Only use this if you have a big marketing budget.
  8. 8. Email marketing This is a very effective marketing method and can even work if you don’t have a website. Simply gather client’s email addresses as they use your services and on a regular basis send them useful information, specials ect. Do not email them too much, twice a month should be alright.
  9. 9. Conclusion When all these mentioned methods are brought together and done on a regular basis I can personally assure you that your business revenues will increase dramatically. Don’t wait, start by listing your business at Brackenfell’s leading online business directory today for FREE!