The way of teaching new meethodology by boyet


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brief analysis of new teaching methodologies

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The way of teaching new meethodology by boyet

  1. 1. THE WAY OF TEACHING- REFLECTIONS ON TEACHING METHODOLOGIES BY: BOYET B. ALUANWHY IT IS NECESSARY TO HAVE TIME FOR RELAXATION? Relaxation is differing from motivation. In the Philippines, subjects are scheduled,handed with different instructors, and are transitioned. Timely teachers go in and out the samewith the subject they had being taught. Human minds are like computers, they needed to relaxand to refresh both need to rest, resting for a moment of time. Most of the teachers come insidethe classroom with their prepared lesson plan overnight and of course ready to execute,eventually some teachers starts their lesson neither presenting it to the very start nor with asurprise test; written or orally, a catastrophic events students horror. Imagine if you have tensubjects attended everyday in that manner. Whoa it’s nightmare. Our concern encourages three to five minutes period of relaxation for every subjectinterval or whenever subject transit. From there on teachers as well as their students haveopportunity to relax, to re-touch and to refresh both mind and body. It will help them to reducetensions; stress and anxiety develop from previously experience time on their subject andlesson after shock, and reasonably feel comfortable to performs and participate in whateverclassroom discussions and activities. Authors recommend the use of the followings: a. Giving recognition-recognize those who performs well during your last sessions, quiz, exam, those who won games inside and outside the school etc. b. Updates- maintain your students updated and always on the go on certain changes in school policies, rules, and procedures. c. Announcements-well knowledgeable students known what will happen inside and out side their school such events and activities being prepared or ready to get underway d. Town news- to build community linkages. e. Friendly talks and chikkas- a good teachers who cares, knows something about their pupils. So teachers be creative and humorous, as soon as possible engages your students in thediscussion and do not just dominates this time. Our aim is to make them well relaxed andrelieve from tension and fear particularly boredoms in English speaking subjects and dull time.THE NEEDS OF RECALLING PAST LESSON: Actually it was optional and accords to the topic to be taught. Some teachers used thisterm to check if learners learned the topic from previous lesson. Yes this is sounds good if theyasked the poor performers and seldom bright students. We should remember the rules in thisphase, recall is used when the need arise to present new lesson. Thus from this activity
  2. 2. students can be able to generate ideas on what will happen next otherwise it is not thereforeneeded.This design features the following in presenting new lesson (motive question, exploration,enrichment, application and evaluation).HOW CAN WE START A LESSON USING A MOTIVE QUESTION? Motive question usually utilized in teaching English ―pangganyak na tanong ‖ in Filipino.Teacher either post question/s and/or generate questions from students that will trigger theirmind about the selection to be presented. Students then are allow guessing the answer/s andare corrected after the discussions. Motive question will be a part of this method allowingstudents to think –a cognitive intuitive process. It depends upon the teacher on how well s/heprepares materials to motivate and trigger the minds of his/her students and keeps themmotivated. We should not forget to contemplate our students when giving their ideas.EXPLORATION ALTERNATE DISCUSSION Exploration and discussion are of twin brothers. We discussed while they explore, theyexplored while we discuss students feel and got bored if they only using auditory in learningmore so if they will getting to learn only by viewing in an uncomfortable seat, and seatingarrangement while their teacher speaks in front. With this method writer believes that studentscan learn best by exploration rather by direct instructions In this process they will be given problems to solve and to look for pattern to search andto construct concepts and ideas or maybe they can read a related topics supplied by theteacher. Followed by answering motive question and follow-up discussion to build generalizationand discovering and or getting the big ideas.IDEAS WITHOUT PROPER ENRICHMENT DIDN’T LAST FOR LONG Remember that our main purpose for teaching is to facilitate learners to gain a life longlearning. This statement was anchored with Thorndike’s third laws of learning—the law ofexercise. We also added the idea of giving importance to those pioneer who began thoseconcepts being studied, its origin and of another references. In this phase, teacher, can give extra-ordinary exercises: for slow performers, averageperformers, and superior performers. This is also a special time to discuss how the concept isbeing used in business, science economics, etc., when it was discovered and who discoveredthe concept. From then on we can develop students’ appreciation and aspiration.
  3. 3. THE CALL FOR APPLICATION TO CONVINCE EVEN THE MOST SKEPTIC STUDENT THATMATHEMATICS IS REALLY USEFUL: Teaching a subject particular o mathematics, teachers emphasizes computational skills,ideas and problem solving. It was presented and usually discussed to make the generalconcepts clear and understandable. Evidenced are tested and are enriched in phase 3c in orderto convince our students the usefulness of the lesson for every subject. It is then a requirementsto show real world problems for which lesson can be apply for. Teacher should see to it thatmost of the application are simple enough but covers the essence and accuracy of the lessonplus a most challenging problem to diminish behavioral problems. Topics can be derived frombooks, professional journals and magazines as well as news papers.EVALUATION TELLS FEEDBACK Learning outcomes that are congruent to the instruction gives sound results. The point iswe have to remember that brains can recall ideas easily if it happens just a time around.Similarly short time learners cannot easily recall facts, principles and information if there isrelatively long time interval. To remedy this problem teacher must design anauthentic/performance based assessment rather that traditional facts of recalling types ofevaluation. Constructive and reflective essay is the most preference in this regards. Students atthe same time can also practice English sentence construction and are allowed to create newideas from the content taught. Using rubrics design by teacher and student is advisable ratherthan letting the teacher to score alone.TO DO’S; STUDENT MUST WORK AT THEIR OWN PACE Teacher offer lesson parallel and extend the development of the concepts studied duringclass hour. It is an assignment at home that well enabled students to enhance cognitively inusing, performing and actualizing concepts/big ideas or skills being learned from the lesson.This must provides an opportunity for concepts and facts analysis, extend investigation andexploration to seek another way to solve the problems. The goal of this phase is to let studentsengage in the lesson so students will have fun while they are learning by doing intuitively.endXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXend