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Company Presentation

  1. 1. Who is Richards & Richards? SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR Experience The oldest continuously running commercial records management company in middle Tennessee. Local Ownership We have been locally owned and operated since our founding in 1987. Experts in Technology We were the first records storage company in Nashville to utilize bar coding technology in every aspect of our operation 24/7 Customer Care We offer information management services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  2. 2. Records Storage Secure Shredding DataVault E-Vaulting
  3. 3. Are files piling up on your desk? Do you need more office space because you are running out of space to store your documents? Are your filing cabinets overflowing? Records Storage Are you storing your records in a public storage facility? Are you having a hard time finding files/records when you need them?
  4. 4. Do you want to get organized and get your items into storage, but don't have the time? Are you digging through boxes searching for documents? Do you have easy round the clock access to your records? Do you waste valuable employee hours to finding documents?
  5. 5. If you know someone that would answer yes to any of these questions… They would be a great referral for me!!
  6. 6. Records Storage
  7. 7. Do you know someone that is using another vendor for their secure shredding? They would be a great referral for me!!
  8. 8. What happens to their documents when they leave the office? Why a good referral if they are vended?
  9. 9. Secure Shredding Security of Your Shredded Documents Destruction by Highest Industry Standards
  10. 10. Full Chain of Custody Consistent and Fair Business Practices
  11. 11. If you know someone is sending back-up tapes home with an employee or is not backing up their computers at all. They would be a great referral for me!!
  12. 12. Did anyone change the back-up tape or hard drive recently? Is your backup media sitting in an environment that is climate-controlled and secured? Are you confident that your company's computer back-up tape and information is safe?
  13. 13. DataVault Security Consistency Fast Access Climate Controlled
  14. 14. Do you need a more cost effective solution for backing up your data? Do you wish you could retrieve an individual file quickly without searching through a backup tape?
  15. 15. E-Vaulting Secure Reliable Disciplined