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Bowflex Power Rods- How to replace Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade
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Bowflex Power Rods- How to replace Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade


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Bowflex Power Rods- How to replace Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade …

Bowflex Power Rods- How to replace Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade

Bowflex home gyms are widely held full-body exercise machines. Unique Power Rods are used for resistance, in lieu of free weights. Power Rods are made of a composite material called poly hexamethylene adipamide. You might notice in time that the Power Rods bow down slightly rather than stick straight up. This is normal, and they should not lose any resistance. Tying the rods when not in use with the strap provided helps prevent the bowing effect. Most people can go a lifetime without replacing any Power Rods, but it's necessary if a Power Rod breaks or snaps.

Step 1
Unscrew the Power Rod pack from the base of the machine with the Phillips head screwdriver. The four screws are located on the back of the rod pack. You may need the rubber mallet to remove the rod box by tapping it loose.

Step 2
Remove the hole plug from the bottom of the Power Rod that needs replacing. The plug is a plastic circle and comes off easily; no tools should be needed. Unscrew the old Power Rod from the base and remove it.

Step 3
Insert the replacement Power Rod into the hole. Be sure the slot on the bottom of the rod matches up with the ridges in the bottom of the hole.

Step 4
Screw the new rod securely into place. The screw should be provided with your new Power Rod.

Step 5
Replace the Power Rod assembly. You may need the rubber mallet to tap the assembly back in the base of machine. Secure it with the four screws.

Bowflex Power Rods carry a lifetime warranty. Bowflex will normally replace a rod for free if it broke on its own, and may ask for the Power Rod back to examine it.

Bowflex Power Rods- How to replace Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade
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  • 3. Features  Rod upgrade designed for select Bowflex Power Rod home gyms  Includes pair of 50-pound rod attachments for higher resistance  Boosts total resistance from 210 pounds to 310 pounds
  • 4. Features  Supports Power Pro, Motivator, Xtreme, Xtreme 2, Sport, and Blaze models  Manufactured under strict quality-control measures; lifetime warranty
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  • 6. There is a notch in the power rod and a ridge in the bottom of the hole in the block. While pushing in on the power rod, rotate until you feel it slip into place. Both power rods are the same, so it doesn't matter which one goes where
  • 7. Use a flat tip to pop the covers off. Then slide the power block out of its holder
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