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It has to work everywhere to work at all


In an age where the volume of counterfeit products and product fraud is exploding to become a global epidemic, brands are investing millions of dollars to combat the problem, but the problem is still …

In an age where the volume of counterfeit products and product fraud is exploding to become a global epidemic, brands are investing millions of dollars to combat the problem, but the problem is still growing.

Bowater Holographics Limited has taken more than 20 years to perfect a ground breaking analogue technology that locks down product and brand protection more tightly than any other measure on its own.

What makes the BowaterHologram™ so powerful is that while it is simple, engaging and fun for consumers, the underlying technology is so brutally hard to copy that fraudsters and counterfeiters simply divert their attentions onto other brands and products, leaving yours alone.

The product has applications covering anti-counterfeit, anti parallel or grey imports, refills and a growing number of others. We cover sectors from consumer goods through to the complex and highly regulated pharmaceutical market and everything in between.

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  • 1. Product and Identity Security It has to work everywhere to work at all The Seal of Authenticity
  • 2. The Problem! ! By 2015 product fraud will cost the global economy over US$ 1.8 trillion (excluding lost taxes and duties) -! • Pharmaceutical and agricultural - $278bn*! • Industrial spare parts - $47bn*! • Electronics - $169bn*! • High value luxury goods - $40.6bn*! • Alcohol - $10bn + including smuggling*! • Media & Toys - $140bn*! ! The modern, sophisticated fraudster is organised, efficient, well funded and has access to a range of highly developed skills and resources.! ! As a result, stopping him requires a different kind of thinking and a different kind of approach if product fraud is to be tackled effectively.! ! *http://www.havocscope.com/products/ranking/! ! A few examples of the kind of counterfeit issues that making the news - ! ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-18155293 - Aircraft parts! ! http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/02/05/uk-autos-astonmartin-recall- idUKBREA141T420140205 - Aston Martin counterfeit parts! ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15208595 - counterfeit medicine! ! http://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/dec/31/fake-booze-new-year-revellers - counterfeit alcohol! ! ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved
  • 3. It has to work here!! ! The shopper out buying a bottle of their favourite spirit, a bottle of perfume, a designer jacket or a new pair of designer sunglasses.! ! Consumers are apathetic, or to put it another way, can you see yourself pulling out your mobile phone, starting an app, scanning a product code and then waiting up to 30 seconds to find out whether or not it’s authentic? ! ! Or would you rather just look at something on the product to authenticate it instantly?! ! Unless the authentication method is fast, easy and reliable, engagement levels will rapidly fall off thus opening the door again for counterfeiters and fraudsters.! ! ! “A third of the world’s alcohol is estimated to come from what we call illicit production,” Paul Varga, chief executive of Brown-Forman, Financial Times – November 4th 2012 – Drinks Companies Battle Counterfeiters.! ! Henry Samuel indicated that 20% of wine sold worldwide is fake - 4 times as much as was the case in 2010, “Fifth of wine sold worldwide is ‘fake’,” Telegraph, November 1, 2013! ! ! ! ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved
  • 4. In an age where even the most secure government databases are hacked and data stolen, can you rely solely on a digital solution? Even mobile phone apps are being hacked these days.! ! Make no mistake, we believe that databases, track and trace applications and mobile apps are an important element of an overall solution. However, are they reliable on their own?! ! This is why a simple, easy to use analogue solution that can’t be hacked or counterfeited adds a valuable layer of security that fraudsters can’t, hack, fake, break or tamper with.! ! If you already have a digital solution in place or are thinking of one, why not add an extra level, one that will make the counterfeiter give up on your product and focus their attention elsewhere?! ! According to Radius in 2013, the use of QR codes to find out more information about a product is relatively static at an average of 9% across all product categories.! ! ! ! Analogue Solutions for a Digital Age ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved
  • 5. Our approach from the outset has accepted one simple universal truth. ! Unless a solution works everywhere, it won’t close out the risk of counterfeit, grey trade or other forms of fraud. That means all solutions have to include an element of the most available form of technology.! We define the most available form of technology as:! 1. A source of light! 2. The ‘mark one’ human eyeball! ! As a separate but important point, engaging the customer with something attractive, easy to understand and actually entertaining is what gets consumers and users to authenticate, regardless of whether it’s baby food or an expensive designer handbag.! ! ! ! ! ! Ubiquitous Technology ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved
  • 6. Speak no Evil For most brands, especially consumer brands, openly talking about or even acknowledging that their products are being counterfeited is to be avoided. ! But what if you could change all the rules and turn your anti counterfeit measures into something beautiful. Something that enhances the brand as well as protecting it? ! The BowaterHologram™ product range enables you to significantly blur the lines between security, marketing and product presentation. ! Some of the enforcement professionals we spoke, indicated that deliberately blurring the lines between security, brand and marketing can have a positive effect, making it even more difficult for fraudsters! Instead of being something potentially negative, now you can use your product security as a marketing tool, and persuading your customers to expect something engaging and entertaining. ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved
  • 7. Let’s face facts. Most packaging security and anti- counterfeit measures are not attractive and rarely present the brand or the product in the way brands really want. Then of course there is the simple problem of real estate on the labels and product packaging. This is where the BowaterHologram™ can make a big difference. We can deliver a single graphical measure that addresses: 1. counterfeit 2. parallel or grey imports 3. anti-tamper and refills 4. Enumeration and serialisation As our CTO puts it, “The BowaterHologram™ takes square centimetres and transforms them into cubic centimetres, enabling brands to present significantly more information in a defined space than is normally possible.”! Additionally, the marketing and communication potential of having your own, full colour, three dimensional, kinetic hologram takes the BowaterHologram™ to a whole new level. Brand and Real Estate 8 cm10cm ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved
  • 8. Enforcement The process of learning how brands target and police counterfeit and product fraud led us to have a number of in-depth conversations with investigative teams that act on behalf of brands around the world. ! These conversations raised a number of noteworthy points: 1. The enforcement professionals, especially those in developing nations were clear that the simpler and less technologically complex a solution is for users, the better it will work in those outlying areas for all concerned. 2. Getting relevant information and training out to retailers, enforcers, investigators and consumers is expensive, time consuming and according to the people we spoke to - not always very effective. ! With a device as simple, visual and robust as the Bowater product range passing information could be as simple as - • Providing a secure e-learning package that takes less than an hour to complete. • Providing an illustrated one or two page guide. ! ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved
  • 9. The Bowater product family is a step change in visual! authentication for both products and identity. ! ! It uses a holographic technology that is so advanced it! cannot be forged, copied, faked or counterfeited.! ! The current product set includes the following variants:! ! • BowaterHologramTM! • BowaterHologramTMKinetic! • BowaterHologramTMNumeric! • BowaterHologramTMCryptic! • Bowater HolotronicTMSeal! ! The variants increase in technical complexity from the! single 3D full colour image up to highly complex! measures that provide a number of integrated! solutions. ! ! Put simply, brands protected by Bowater products! are put beyond the reach of counterfeiters who! move on to another brand that is less well! protected.! ! The current product set is continually being developed! and we will add new visual and other measures to! ensure that we stay ahead of the fraudsters over the! long run as well as the short term.! The BowaterHologram™ ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved Examples of the standard BowaterHologram™
  • 10. ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved The BowaterHologram™ Kinetic Experience in embossed holography showed that the principle of ‘image-switching’ is much favoured in the security circles as a definitive method to distinguish optically variable devices (OVD) from conventional print.! ! The BowaterHologramTM eliminates the confusing rainbow effects of embossing and instead is able to provide a whole new level of protection of this type, since stable full colour images are now able to switch one to another when the hologram is tilted vertically.! ! Other animation and 3D stereo effects are preserved during horizontal movement, offering new levels of engagement with the ordinary viewer and offer a much easier opportunity to commit to memory.! ! The inclusion of an additional image within the hologram delivers an entertaining, informative user experience that consumers are more likely to engage with than anything static. ! ! Over and above that the level of complexity that this adds to the hologram makes counterfeiting it even more difficult.! Examples of two images viewed in BowaterHologram™ Kinetic! at different angles of view in the same hologram.
  • 11. ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved The BowaterHologram™ Numeric Individualised data, whether it be biometric, alphanumeric, bar code or graphic, will add a further layer of security to an already extremely secure device. ! ! Bowater sees this aspect of the BowaterHologramTM as a USP and of unrivalled value to the passport and ID market, document security and anti- counterfeiting protection for high value and high risk goods. ! ! Bowater’s unique individualised enumeration techniques provide variable holographic data which is simply not possible using traditional embossing techniques.! ! Enumeration is not limited to purely alpha numeric codes. It can also cover machine readable codes such as QR codes, Barcodes and 2D Match codes.! Examples of the BowaterHologram™ Numeric
  • 12. ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved The BowaterHologram™ Cryptic Bowater is in direct cooperation with several leading British universities under strict NDA conditions including ‘no-names’ to develop the BowaterHologramTMCryptic. ! The area of study is multi-spectral covert marking and imaging within reflection volume holograms and the necessary reciprocal reader development. The projects are in an advanced stage and will add a fourth layer of security to the Product Range.! An additional element that we can include is a standard printed consumer focused QR code, that has a covert QR code embedded underneath it and visible only under a pre-defined spectrum! Like everything else that we work on its designed to be simple and cost effective. ! The authentication tools designed for use with the Crypic holograms can be as simple as a light filter tuned to a specific wavelength of light that costs just a handful of US dollars.
  • 13. ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved The BowaterHolotronic™Seal The Bowater HolotronicTMSeal combines both holographic and digital measures to provide a highly! secure and tamper evident seal for everything from a bottle of wine to a costly box of cancer medication. All of the other holographic measures described in this document are available for the holographic element which would be carbon chain bonded to the Bowater HolotronicTMSeal.! The digital element is an RFID tag that has a tamper evident (possible patent application in the near future) measure built into it, providing a sophisticated element that allows the tag to be placed on or near a metallic surface without interfering with the RFID antenna. ! Once the Bowater HolotronicTMSeal has been broken, the RFID tag registers this, cannot be reset and sends a new signal status when next scanned. Example of the BowaterHolotronic™ Seal loosely applied
  • 14. One Measure - Many Solutions. ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved Tamper Evidence and Refills! ! The RFID tag provides a powerful anti tamper measure that is ‘aware’ when the seal has been tampered with or broken. Once the tag is ‘aware’ no counterfeiter or fraudster can undo it. Counterfeit and Parallel Imports! ! The Hologram is a powerful anti- counterfeit tool on its own, but when combined with a kinetic measure can be used to defend against parallel imports. QR codes and other information! ! Adding a QR or similar code enables you to link the seal to additional information held online and accessed via a smart phone or tablet. This can also include a covert QR code that is only viewable under pre-agreed light wavelengths Track & Trace! ! The addition of enumeration either on the seal or within the hologram itself enable you to use the Holotronic™ Seal for track and trace, applications, serialisation of product and anything else that uses enumeration
  • 15. A key element of our strategy is ensuring that the! technology that underpins the BowaterHologram™ is! kept secure and out of reach of counterfeiters and! fraudsters.! ! There are three elements in our approach to securing! the future for our customers:! 1. The origination and mastering of holograms will only be carried out by Bowater Holographics' staff using our processes and equipment! 2. The reproduction of holograms will not be permitted by third parties unless their facilities meet the highest levels of security! 3. We will continue to develop and advance the technology to ensure that Bowater Holographics' customers continue to be at least one generation of product ahead of the counterfeiters! ! We know from our research and our customers’ experience that unless we continue to protect the technology with an iron fist, it could fall into the hands of counterfeiters. ! ! To date, every single organisation we have talked to has expressed its support for this approach. Securing the Future ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved
  • 16. We know that we are good at what we do, but what we ! are not is heroes with all seeing and knowing! super powers.! ! Instead, we listen, we ask and we make sure we ! completely understand:! 1. The challenges you face! 2. Your objectives! 3. Your brand! 4. Your target markets! 5. Any other suppliers we might have to work with! 6. Your production line! ! Once we understand these, we are in a better position! to define a cost effective design and supporting! measures that will deliver value.! ! Once a design is agreed, we recommend running a! trial to test the measure in the field and make sure that ! it delivers against the targeted outcomes.! ! This may sound a lot, but in our experience, in order ! for us to grow our business, we have to work with our ! customers closely in order to ensure we deliver the ! outcomes they need. ! How we work with you ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved
  • 17. Bowater Holographics Limited is the only company capable of producing industrial quantities of full colour volume reflection holograms. ! ! The technical team behind the technology includes some of the best qualified, experienced and visionary minds in holography, supported by a strong team of highly experienced commercial managers.! ! The company is being built as a long term business concern. This in turn ensures that the technology will be secure for the longer term and will be kept beyond the reach of fraudsters and counterfeiters.! ! The company understands the need for a product of this nature and has set its goals to enable the company to become the leading provider of anti- counterfeit and identity fraud products in the market.! ! Our simple, straightforward goal is to: ! put brands and products protected by the BowaterHologram™ beyond the reach of counterfeiters and fraudsters permanently.! ! We know this is a bold goal and one that will require constant work on our part. However, if we are going to deliver the protection our customers and their customers demand, it is the only goal we can set. About us ©Bowater Holographics Limited. All rights reserved
  • 18. Bowater Holographics Ltd! 37 Canada Square! Canary Wharf! London! E14 5AA! ! Telephone - !+44 (0)20 7718 0229! e-mail -! info@bowater.co! web - !! www.bowater.co! ! The Seal of Authenticity 3 examples of the BowaterHologram™! showing the full colour, 3 dimensional! nature of Bowater’s volume, reflection! holographic products.