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Court Bovee discusses the most important features you should be teaching about LinkedIn, the world's largest professional social site with 80 million members. Be sure to download the script that …

Court Bovee discusses the most important features you should be teaching about LinkedIn, the world's largest professional social site with 80 million members. Be sure to download the script that accompanies this presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/Bovee/script-for-teaching-linkedin

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  • Be sure to download the script on this site that accompanies the presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/Bovee/script-for-teaching-linkedin
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  • 1. WelcomeTeaching LinkedInCourtland L. Bovée, Grossmont College Nikki Jones, Pearson Prentice Hall
  • 2. Teaching LinkedIn
  • 3. LinkedIn Is the World’s Largest Professional Social Site • 80 million members • 42 pages are browsed by each member every month, on average • LinkedIn is a searchable database • Income: 20%--$30,000-$60,000 40%--$50,000-$100,000 40%--$100,000+ 26% 18-24 YRS 39% Female 51% 61% 25-34 YRS Male 7% 54+ YRS 16% 35-54YRS3 Gender Age
  • 4. Linked Members by Job Function4
  • 5. What Are the Major Reasons People Use LinkedIn? 41% 70% 80% of people using of people use of people use LinkedIn for marketing LinkedIn for job-hunting LinkedIn for recruiting have generated business with it to find potential employers as a primary tool to find employees5
  • 6. 6
  • 7. What Are the 16 Ways That LinkedIn Is Commonly Used? 1. To find a dream job 2. To increase freelance work 3. To boost business 4. To improve Google search results7
  • 8. What Are the 16 Ways That LinkedIn Is Commonly Used? 5. To check references of potential hires 6. To get advice 7. To showcase a resume 8. To do research8
  • 9. What Are the 16 Ways That LinkedIn Is Commonly Used? 9. To get connections 10. To prep for an interview 11. To increase credibility 12. To establish a personal brand9
  • 10. What Are the 16 Ways That LinkedIn Is Commonly Used? 13. To find people 14. To get to know a company 15. To get publicity 16. To do market research10
  • 11. There are 5 Levels of Service on LinkedIn 1. Basic Account -- free 2. Business Account -- $24.95 3. Business Plus -- $49.95 4. Executive Account -- $99.95 5. Pro Account -- $499.9511
  • 12. How Do You Become a Member?12
  • 13. What Is a LinkedIn Connection? • 1st-degree -- Connections are two LinkedIn members in which one has accepted the others invitation to connect. • 2nd-degree -- People who are connected to your 1st- degree connections. • 3rd-degree -- People who are connected to your 2nd- degree connections. Fellow members of your LinkedIn Groups -- These people are considered part of your network because youre members of the same group. Out of Network -- LinkedIn members who fall outside of the categories listed above.13
  • 14. How do you extend an invitation?14
  • 15. How Can Connections Be Added to a Member’s Network?15
  • 16. What’s the Functionality of a LinkedIn Connection? • You can extend invitations to people you know, personal contacts, and individuals in groups • You can accept invitations from friends and past, present or colleagues, and strangers16
  • 17. What Features Are Offered on LinkedIn? Settings17
  • 18. What Features Are Offered on LinkedIn?18
  • 19. What Features Are Offered on LinkedIn?19
  • 20. What Features Are Offered on LinkedIn? Profile • A headline • Groups and associations • Status updates • Honors and awards • Education and work history • Personal information • Websites • Recommendations • Interests • Event participation20
  • 21. How Can People Make a LinkedIn Profile More Powerful? 1. Add some polish and spark. 2. Add a professional photograph. 3. Upgrade the summary. 4. Give specifics. 5. Add statistics and solutions to problems. 6. Obtain current, enthusiastic recommendations 7. Add content that is relevant to your background, experience, and your career goals.21
  • 22. What Are the Secrets to Getting to the Top of LinkedIn’s Search Results When Someone Searches by Industry or Occupation? 1. Generate a list of keywords. 2. Populate your profile. 3. Strike a balance.22
  • 23. Applications Choose one or more apps to help people get to know you to get to know other aspects about you.23
  • 24. 24
  • 25. 25
  • 26. Jobs26
  • 27. 27
  • 28. 28
  • 29. 29
  • 30. People Search30
  • 31. 31
  • 32. Groups Here you can participate in discussions, read or add news items, and develop contacts for jobs.32
  • 33. Answers33
  • 34. What Are Some Tips for Getting More Out of LinkedIn? 1. Find out about events that others are attending. 2. Start a group to generate more contacts 3. Do status updates, share your knowledge, and provide tips 4. Link your profile to Facebook and Twitter 5. Establish yourself as an expert on LinkedIn 6. Prepare for encounters with another person (at a meeting or convention, for example) by doing a “People” search on LinkedIn 7. Use Linked via mobile phone34
  • 35. LinkedIn is covered in each of Bovee & Thill’s business communication textbooks.35
  • 36. For a rich array of resources about LinkedIn and other social media, go to Business Communication Headline News, and look under “Categories” in the left-hand column. www.businesscommunicationheadlinenews.com36
  • 37. For teaching tips and techniques, often about social media and electronic communication, go to Bovee & Thill’s blog: www.boveeandthillbusinesscommunicationblog.com37
  • 38. For more than 175 PowerPoint slideshows on various aspects of business communication, go to Real-Time Updates and select “Instructor Media.”38
  • 39. Watch business communication videos on Bovee and Thills Video Channel on YouTube. To find the channel, go to www.youtube.com and search for "Bovee and Thill."39
  • 40. Contact Information Courtland L. Bovee E-mail address: cbovee@businesscommunicationblog.com Or contact us on the web at:http://boveeandthillbusinesscommunicationblog.com
  • 41. Credits Slide 2. Penn-Olson. “The State of LinkedIn Infographic.” http://www.penn- olson.com/2010/05/27/the-state-of-linkedin-infographic (March 2011), and Hubspot Blog. “LinkedIn by the Numbers.” http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/6147/LinkedIn-by-the- Numbers-Infographic.aspx (1 March 2011). Slide 3. Slideshare. “Linkedin Demographics and Statistics.” http://www.slideshare.net/ amover/linked-in-demographics-and-statistics-2011 (1 March 2011). Slide 6-9. Gigaom. “20 Ways to Use LinkedIn Productively.” http://gigaom.com/collaboration/20-ways-to-use-linkedin-productively (1 March 2011) Slide 21. Glassdoor. “Seven Steps to Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile.” http://www.glassdoor.com/blog/steps-power-linkedin-profile (1March 2011) Slide 22. CIO. “LinkedIn Quick Tip: How to Rank Higher in the Search Engines,” http://www.cio.com/article/596402/LinkedIn_Quick_Tip_How_to_Rank_Higher_in_Search_Res ults (1 March 2011). Slide 34. Steven R. Freedman. “The Paradigm Shift.” http://www.Stevenrfreedman.com (1 March 2011).41