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Present This Overlooked Topic to Give Your Students the Competitive Edge


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What's New in Teaching Business Communication? Present This Overlooked Topic to Give Your Students the Competitive Edge -- Expert Speaker: Courtland Bovee

Students have been communicating their entire lives, of course, but if they don't have a lot of work experience yet, meeting the expectations of a professional environment might require some adjustment. Therefore, we've included a section on "Communicating as a Professional," as well as a series of sidebars with the theme, "The Art of Professionalism" in Business Communication Today, 12th Edition.

It means doing more than putting in the hours and collecting a paycheck: True professionals go beyond minimum expectations and commit to making meaningful contributions. To help students grasp this in a way they apply to their own work lives, we break professional down into six distinct traits.

A key message for students to glean from this list is how much these elements of professionalism depend on effective communication. For example, to be a team player, you have to be able to collaborate, resolve conflicts, and interact with a wide variety of personalities. Without strong communication skills, you won't be able to perform to your
potential—and others won't recognize you as the professional you'd like to be.

Bovee and Thill also identify the skills employers will expect students to have, the nature of communication in an organizational environment, and the importance of adopting an audience-centered approach.

In Business Communication Today, 12th Edition, "The Art of Professionalism" is a new sidebar theme throughout the bookstudents will learn about maintaining a confident, positive outlook. Note that at the end of each sidebar, there are "Career Applications," which are discussion questions that will make the sidebar material more memorable and more meaningful.

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