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  1. 1. Reading News paper or seating in front of TV or computer in morning with a cup of steamed tea in a hand; enjoying tea while chit-chatting with friends and even while working in the office are some momentswhich are inseparable parts of many of ours life.Devis
  2. 2. In 2737 B C the tea leaves accidentally blew in the pot of boiling water ofChinaÂ’s second emperor, Shen Nung and the story of this refreshing drinkgoes on In China, itÂ’s in demand as a medicinal beverage since beginning Itis the drink, which is popular around the world as the most refreshing beverage India is among the largest tea producers, exporters as well as the consumersof the world Best sell offers available at b2b portal for production of tea andrelated to Indian producers, exporters Here we can take pride as Indiaaccounts for 31% of global tea production
  3. 3. It’s the industry where India has hold leadership over past 150 years Tea inIndia has been cultivated in the parts of northern and southern India India isproducing both the highest & lowest quality tea Darjeeling tea is considered asthe world’s finest tea Thus this tea is largely exported from India The teaindustry is the largest export industry of India this has added a feather of‘Second Largest Tea Production Country’ in India’s hat Indian teaindustry has the total tern over of about Rs 10, 000 crores
  4. 4. Since IndiaÂ’s Independence the production of tea is grown over 250% andhas considerable increase in its export too The substantial growth of teaproduction and export in past few years gives net foreign exchange of aroundRs 1847 crores During the months of January-August of 2008, the Indian teaindustry has risen up to 599 73 million kg, which was considerable increase inthe industry of tea as compared to that in the year 2007 According to thestatement of Indian tea board, tea export of the country is increasing veryrapidly It has reached at 18 47 million kg in the August of last year which wasat 17
  5. 5. 78 million kg during the same period of year 2007 These travel website orblogs are taking number of people to travel and arranging many tripsworldwide which is giving very big & large business to many people and givinglarge revenue to the country In spite of this, travel & tourism industry is thebiggest mode of bringing the foreign exchange into the country In terms of teaexport Kenya is IndiaÂ’s closest rival It is among the top two tea exportingcountries and recognized as the biggest exporter of CTC tea i eCrush-Tear-Curl tea throughout the world The tea industry of Kenya wassuffering from lower production during January-May of 2008
  6. 6. This made Kenya to bye Indian tea for achieving its exporting commitmentsDuring this period Kenya tea buyers blended their tea with the Indian tea forfulfillment of their tea export This increased IndiaÂ’s tea export up for Devisfirst eight months of year 2008 by 16 per cent In this year India was engagedin exporting tea to many countries other than Kenya such as Pakistan & Egyptdue to good domestic output This makes us known about the internationalstand of Indian industry of tea available at product directory of b2b portalIndia cultivates tea on around 521,500 hectares of land, which has given astrong support to our tea export
  7. 7. Devis