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Steampunk pp

  1. 1. Table of ContentsTitle Page 3Project Goals and Objectives 4-5Users and Stakeholder 6User Personas and Scenarios 7-12Content and Functionality 13-16Features and Content Assets Chart 17Information Architectural Map 18Wireframes 19-22Guidelines for Interface Design 23-24References 25
  2. 2. Artist Gallery
  3. 3. Steampunk -“An aesthetic movement based around the science fiction of afuture that never happened. A technology upon which society wouldeventually come to depend on that is driven largely by steam power orclockwork.”The primary goal of this website is to bring together artists and fans ofthe Steampunk culture. This site will assist users who which to purchase artas well as create an interactive area where users and artists can connect. Julie Urtz email: 4
  4. 4. Various visual arts as well as crafts will be presented on the site in two maincategories. Within the two dimensional(2D) area, there will bephotography, painting, graphic and digital design, and illustration. The threedimensional (3D) section, furniture, jewelry, fashion and mixed-media will bepresented.To reach the objectives for this site, users and artists will navigate through acarefully developed and easy to use interface that will assist even those not toofamiliar with this form.Funding for this web site will begin with artists in the community who wish tobecome involved with the project as well artist organizations. Minimaladvertisement with similar genres will be featured on the site to help withfunding as well as a small fee for hosting and artists work. Julie Urtz email: 5
  5. 5. Since the popularity of the Steampunk genre among designers and artists, thereis a definite need to bring these people together and the stakeholders who wishto do this.Users: The users of this site will benefit because it will allow many people whodon’t feel they fit into mainstream society and culture to actually have a ‘place’they belong to. They are interested in the science fiction and fantasy elements ofSteampunk as well as the fashion and lifestyle of this culture.Stakeholders: This site will uniquely be for artists as users and stakeholders. Sincea fee is assessed for artists’ who would like to display their work, they themselveswill help the site move forward. In addition, they are users as well, connectingwith other artists with similar interests. Also, groups within the artist communitywill be able to contribute to this site since their vision is what will carry thisproject through. Julie Urtz email: 6
  6. 6. 1. The Painter – male 35 years old “I would like a place to showcase my work so others of this genre can appreciate it and maybe even sell a piece of two.”Ж Mostly concerned with having a site to display their Steampunk art so it is easy for fans to locate.Ж Would like to also develop more networking with other artists.Ж The idea of selling some of his work is important. Technical Experience: While growing up as and artist and attending school, the painter has a lot of hands on experience. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that he became more familiar with creative software that Adobe has to offer. He usually just looks for online galleries, but is very adept at ‘figuring out’ most websites. Julie Urtz email: 7
  7. 7. User #1 ~ Scenario:Today is a good day for The Painter. After completing another in a series ofpaintings for his Steampunk collection, he decides to look into uploading someinto an online gallery that specializes in just this kind of thing. Once hedetermined there wasn’t any place specifically for Steampunk and the sites hefound mainly had Steampunk sub categories, he settled for Deviant Art becauseat least some of his artist friends had heard about it. Julie Urtz email: 8
  8. 8. 2. The Steampunk Fan – female 20 years old “There must be a web site where I can find some Steampunk art that is specific to only this. I get so impatient weeding through all those other sites with tons of other kinds of art.”Ж Mainly would like to find a web site that provides her with easy access to different types of artists who create Steampunk art.Ж Wants to meet other fans of this genre.Ж Would like to collect some art, but isn’t sure what is available. Technical Experience: She was born with a keyboard in her hand. Her Facebook and twitter are all she really thinks about. That and her know found passion; Steampunk Art! Julie Urtz email: 9
  9. 9. User #2 ~ ScenarioSince last week she has been scouring the web looking for Steampunk art. Withmany sites that offer links to this and links to that, the Steampunk Fan has tonsof web sites bookmarked. She wonders if it would be easier to condense them allinto one folder. She wants to same money for a niece piece of art and has yet tofind ‘the one’. The searching really cuts into her social networking time. Julie Urtz email: 10
  10. 10. 3. The Jewelry Designer– female 30 years old “I just started out doing some Steampunk designs and have used sites like Etsy and Zazzle, but would like to present my jewelry as art as well as a functional design.”Ж Has a desire to be seen as an artist as well as a jewelry designerЖ Would like to meet similar artists.Ж Wants to bring the designs to a whole new audience. Technical Experience: The Jewelry Designer started out using Etsy with little over four years of even checking her email. She hardly has time to do much else with her busy schedule. Now she is more comfortable looking for similar designers like her, but has a hard time with some social networking sites and some creative software. Julie Urtz email: 11
  11. 11. User #3 ~ Scenario:The Jewelry Designer has been on Etsy now for 3 years, showcasing all of herjewelry. She really wants to narrow down her designs into a Steampunk nicheand portray it as art. If only she could show off her work as an artist and not justsomeone who wants to sell their crafts. A friend of hers suggested getting intouch with other Steampunk artists. She has begun to make a list of others whoshe found in various internet searches. Julie Urtz email: 12
  12. 12. To keep things as simple as possible for users of this web site, it will incorporateand easy navigation to get them where they need to go. When users first arrive atthe site, there will be links to the following pages: Ж About Us Ж Gallery Ж Artists Ж Blog Ж Register/Log In Ж External Sites Ж Social Networking Ж Contact Us Julie Urtz email: 13
  13. 13. About Us: This section of the web site will describe the contents of the site as wellas give some background as to what the Steampunk culture is. It will also list thepurpose of the site, emphasizing professionalism and maturity that the sitewants to convey to the users.The Gallery: The area will further breakdown into two distinct artist media tohelp the user find what they are looking for. Once in that area, once again it willdrill down into even more specific categories. Artists will have an opportunity tosubmit work in on these categories. This will tie in to the registration area andexplain the artist guidelines.Artist Page: This area will give a brief biography to who is in the gallery as well asa link to their specific works that are exhibited. Julie Urtz email: 14
  14. 14. Blog: The blog will allow users and artists to discuss their work as well as give aplace for similar fans to discuss the art. The area will be for registered membersonly and will highly moderated to keep discussion within a specific guidelinemainly; Steampunk art.Register/Log In: This area will be for all users and artists. For users, there will be alink for them to become members. A simple form consisting of name and emailwill be all that is needed as well as a user name. For artists, there will be a link totake them to a registration area and will ask more in depth questions for them tofill in as well as explain types of membership and types of payment accepted. Julie Urtz email: 15
  15. 15. External Sites: This will take users to other similar sites that specialize in theSteampunk genre.Social Networking: This will include links to share the site on Facebook andTwitter.Contests: This area will link also to the Blogs for members and to discuss the artand/or artwork that is competing for a monthly prize. Access will be through theAbout Us page.Contact Us: This will give users and members a way to contact the site for anyproblems, questions or suggestions. There will be a form for this and also a wayto email the site directly. Julie Urtz email: 16
  16. 16. Functional Features Content Navigational list for all Simple sans serif Backgrounds darker Title Page content on the site text than text What is contained in the site, who Steampunk the owners are, purpose and Gallery/Logo – Link back to Home page About Us proper content for blogs. Each page Graphics will be Art will be displayed as Gallery Subcategories/ 2D and 3D art minimal – Title page Flash slide show Included as part of Artists Bio of individuals exhibited Photos of artists biography section Used for members and About us page Some examples of work Blog users for discussions images on site Fill out to become member Graphic display ofRegister/Log In Action Buttons or registered artist clockworks/ gears Takes you to other SteampunkExternal Links sites Social To connect with other and share Networking Steampunk Contests Users can vote on art work Contact us Direct email or inquiry form Julie Urtz email: 17
  17. 17. EXTERNAL Radial Branching Members page view list of LINKS Members favorites. links to gallery REGISTER/ Artist or PayPal or Credit Linear Branching LOG IN Member Registration Card info Artist submit The use of Radial works/ ABOUT US Error payment Purchase Branching is used on the home Contest page to each of the subtopics screens to keep the user in a more CONTACT Email Painting simple atmosphere. The LinearTITLE Branching is used within thePAGE Illustrations Discussion gallery to make navigation easier BLOG Area for the user to move Photography between the different types of art Graphic & Furniture Digital Design exhibited. BIOS* Bios* Fashion ARTISTS Each page will have Global Mixed Media Navigation as well as Courtesy Sculpture Navigation. 2D ART Electronics GALLERY *There are multiple artist bios with Jewelry Linear Branching between them. 3 D ART Julie Urtz email: 18
  18. 18. Register/ Log In This Home PageSocial Networking LOGO example shows the Contact logo clearly and gives good examples of what is on the site with the use of a flash slide show. This will draw Flash Slide Show of users into the Artwork in Gallery gallery by seeing the various mediums presented. In addition, the links Enter Gallery are presented in a very straight forward pattern so Artists Blog About Us External Links users will have no Copyright Information Contact Area trouble navigating. 19 Julie Urtz email:
  19. 19. Register With the Log In About LOGO us Steampunk Contact design in mind, this Home Artists Page example will feature shapesBlog related to the artwork on the site. The links are Flash Slide Show of provided in an easy layout with Artwork in Gallery Social shapes that will Networking keep users interested. The use of a flash slide External show will also give Gallery Links users and idea of what is on the site.Copyright Information Contact Area 20 Julie Urtz email:
  20. 20. Global LOGO Courtesy . Navigation Navigation This About Us page has a symmetrical About Us layout with artwork on the page to give Text here text here text here text users examples inSample here text here Text here text here text Sample Art Art here text here text here Text here text case they go to this here text here text here text here Text page directly from here text here text here text here text the home page. It’sSample here Text here text here text here text simple layout with here text here Text here text here text Sample Art Art the logo and layout here text here text here text here Text leave no doubt as here text here text here text here text to where the user is here Text here text here text here text Contest here text here Text here text here text within the site.Sample here text here text here Text here text Art here text here text here Text here text Sample Art Home Copyright Information Contact Info 21 Julie Urtz email:
  21. 21. GlobalNavigation . This About Us Courtesy About LOGO layout represents aNavigation Us less T ext here text here text here text here text structured, more here text here text here text here text here text here text fluid idea with the here text here text here text here text here text here text Steampunk theme here text here text here text here text here text here textContest in mind. Using Samplehere text here text here text here text here text here text shapes that mimic Art here text here text here text here text here text here t here text here text here text here text here text much of what is text here text here text here text here text here represented on the Sample text here text here text here text here text here Art site, users will stay text here text here text here text here text here interested while text here text here text here text here text here reading about what text here text here text here text here text the site entails. The e text here text here text here text here Sample text here text here text Sample artwork sampled Art Art show users what here Home they can expect in the gallery. Copyright Information Contact Info 22 Julie Urtz email:
  22. 22. . Each page within the structure of the web site will give users a clear sense ofwhat page they are on using simple navigational tools like the logo and easilyidentifiable buttons/labels. Using larger text within the main subcategorybuttons, users will quickly understand the options they have. There will be a logical organization and progression thought the site in regards tosubcategories. With the linear movement in the gallery, many areas can becovered without the user feeling as though they need to start over at the homepage once viewing creative pieces. They will also be able to view individual artistbiographies and go right to their work without going back to the main title page.Once in the 2D or 3D art categories, a drop down list will assist the user innarrowing down the specific medium they may be looking for. Each page theindividual artwork is on, there will be a link for users to purchase the item. Julie Urtz email: 23
  23. 23. .Since the Steampunk theme may be a new genre to many people, theterminology will be straightforward and consistent. In the About Us section, notonly will there be text describing what the site entails, but it will give backgroundto the Steampunk genre as well as explain how the site has been made availableto the public. These clear description will leave no doubt to what the SteampunkArt Gallery is all about. Julie Urtz email: 24
  24. 24. ReferencesGarret, Jesse James. The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web. DavidDwyer, AIGA, October 2002.Helgar, Stein, Epsen Nystad, Angelia Sebok. Navigation in desktop virtual environments: An evaluation andrecommendations for supporting usability. Halden, Norway: Institute for Energy Technology, 2004.Lawlor, Michael. "Information Design." 13 January 2000. 16 January 2011.Serious Games Interactive. 2011. 8 February 2011.Srinivas, Hari. "What is Information Design? Some Definitions." 2010. The Global Development ResearchCenter. 16 January 2011.STC. "Definition of Information Design." 2006. Society for Technical Communication. 16 January 2011."Steampunk: What it is, why I came to like it and why I think itll stick around." 8 August 2009. The ClockworkCentury.14 January 2011."Video games could be used for education." 2 January 2009. Indian Express. 8 February 2011.WorldNet Web: Google Definitions. 2011. 9 February 2011.