MCAwards BostonTweetUp Social Media Case Study


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  • Organizers: @MassChallenge & #MCAwards5 times: 1663 vs 339Keynote: sum of @lifeisgood, bert and jacobs vs. hercampus (top tweeted in cloud) – ROI for speaking at MassChallengeMoney: al words related to value of prizes and award ceremony – good seling point to sponsors
  • MCAwards BostonTweetUp Social Media Case Study

    1. 1. Social MediaCase Study
    2. 2. Table of Contents• Overview• Date Range• High level Stats• Top Stats• Tag Cloud• Most RTd Picture• The Twitter Handle Difference• Summary• Tools• Team• Conclusion
    3. 3. OverviewThe purpose of this case study is to highlight the impact of social mediaon the MassChallenge Awards Ceremony (MCAwards) event.Since it’s no longer enough just to tweet about an event we wanted tohelp MassChallenge better understand how to best leverage social mediato meet their goals.This presentation is a public summary of what @BostonTweetUp providedMassChallenge.We wanted to illustrate the long tail discussions as a result of theMCAwards as well as showcase the most active and influential people, themost shared words/image of the event.
    4. 4. Day of Event 1 week later
    5. 5. Overall Reach: Tweets
    6. 6. Top 5 Overall Reach: Tweeters JoselinMane 11% echoinggreen masschallenge 14% 35% Pistachio 19% AmericanAir 21%
    7. 7. Top 5 Overall Reach:Most Active Contributors maplab 11% tim_wong 13% masschallenge 43% michelejmartin 16% ambassadorbruny 17%
    8. 8. The Word Cloud
    9. 9. Takeaways from Word Cloud Organizers mentioned 5x more than any other word Keynote speaker mentioned 3x more than startups People tweet about MONEY!
    10. 10. Most RT’d Picture• From @BolocoCEO• About LifeIsGood• 16 tweets• 13 RT’s• 74,453 impressions• No outside tool used
    11. 11. Reach without a handle@LifeIsGood ‘Bert’* 202 tweets 146 tweets *Bert Jacobs was keynote & Co-founder of Life is good
    12. 12. SummaryIn order for us to present this data we needed to plan ahead and makesure we had the proper social media monitoring tools in place as well asthe right team and offline tools.This presentation is a brief summary of the social media footprint that theMCAwards event created. A much more complete analysis of theMCAwards was provided to the MassChallenge team for deeperunderstanding of the event.Simply creating and collecting data isn’t enough. We helped theMassChallenge team learn how to best interpret the data for futureevents.
    13. 13. Tools - OnlineOnline we leveraged TweetReach Pro, HootsuitePro, VisibleTweets, Twazzup, Twitter Search, SocialMention, among manyothers
    14. 14. Tools - OfflineOffline we leverage Printed materials to help make it easy for everyone toshare details about the event in real time. A major hit was a laminatedTwitter guide. Hashtag Cover of Brochure
    15. 15. The Team @JoselinMane @CutlerDave@ambassadorbruny @alwillis @eswnsn @MahaAad @Brandon_o
    16. 16. ConclusionFor further assistance learning how to leverage Social Media to meetyour organizations goals via events contact: Joselin Mane CEO, BostonTweetUp 617.615.6263