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Blogging 101: Real Estate
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Blogging 101: Real Estate


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In this webinar, we discuss how to optimize your blogging efforts for real estate marketing. We focus on how to create and optimize your content around the following areas: Branded Content, Round-ups, …

In this webinar, we discuss how to optimize your blogging efforts for real estate marketing. We focus on how to create and optimize your content around the following areas: Branded Content, Round-ups, Events, and Images.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.comBlogging Tips That Produce Link LovePresented by: John Cass, Marketing Services Manager
    • 2. CLASSROOM OVERVIEW Questions Images & Infographics Round-ups & Events Branded Content Blogging 101 T: 617.266.9166
    • 3. WHAT IS A BLOG? Media: A blog is powered by a powerful content management system. Blogs give real estate companies the ability to write content easily & quickly. Social: Blogs are also social media technologies, each blog is part of a blogging social community. Individually one blog cannot make that much of a difference, but if a blogger is active within blogging communities, a blog can have a bigger impact. In today’s classroom, we look at ways to create content that encourage participation and linking, bringing back-links for SEO, and to encourage direct traffic.Writing blog content is different from website content. Successful blog content includes opinion, as well as making it easy for readers to share content! T: 617.266.9166
    • 4. BRANDED CONTENTPersonalizing Your Posts T: 617.266.9166
    • 5. QUALITY, PERSONALITY & VOICE Audience: Rental clients need tips on working with landlords. First-time home owners need tips on how to buy a house, and empty nesters advice about picking the right home for their retirement.It all starts with knowing your audience and the content they need. The content has to berelevant to your audience. Quality Content: Whether it’s a new listing, latest news on the local school district, or events in the community, the content you write has to be better than what’s already out there.Once you know your topic, search the web using search engines, and find out what content isalready there, make sure your content is better and provides more value. T: 617.266.9166
    • 6. QUALITY, PERSONALITY & VOICE Personality: The tone of the post will determine how people see you and your company. You do want to set a tone that gives the impression that you are easy to work with, and reflects your company personality.Depending on your audience, you’ll want to reveal something about yourself, that’s whatmakes blogging content unique. Voice: Giving opinion is going to set you apart from the pack. Helpful advice on real estate questions establishes your expertise.Comment on other blogs, or write blog posts that link back to those posts, you’ll buildrelationships in social media that will result in readers, social sharing and links. T: 617.266.9166
    • 7. ROUND-UPSCurating The News T: 617.266.9166
    • 8. ROUND-UPS & MONITOR Round-ups: Create regular round-ups of what’s happening in your community. Reference the news, and social influencers in your community.Over time as you mention topics and influencers, you’ll build a following of readers andinfluencers who will share your content, generating links and direct traffic.  Monitor: Use tools like Google Alerts to monitor current news on real estate related topics. Develop 5-15 searches, if you have a number of agents, this can be something the marketing and admin staff do to support . the company overall. T: 617.266.9166
    • 9. VALUE & WIDE-RANGING ROUND-UPS Value: Answer the question, “what does this news mean for my clients?”What do changes in Federal & State tax laws mean for client’s real estate decisions, what does anew road or rail line mean for commuters. Wide-Ranging Round-ups: You’ll start to identify buzz topics. If something is important, write a longer piece that references many opinions & valued content.In these longer pieces, be sure to give opinion and advice, otherwise people will forget you were .the messenger. T: 617.266.9166
    • 10. EVENTSBeing Relevant To Your Audience T: 617.266.9166
    • 11. AUDIENCE & CALENDAR  Audience: Start with knowing your clients. What events do they attend? Write about the events before they happen, during the event and a final round-up. Get more return on your posts by knowing the organizers and getting involved with the community events.  Calendar: Create a calendar of community events, and events you support. Find events organizers who are active in social media, if you write about them, they will be more likely to write about you. . Look ahead at least six months. T: 617.266.9166
    • 12. SPEAKERS & IDEAS  Speakers: Even if you didn’t organize the event, you can interview the speakers and participants. Just by blogging, you’ll be supporting the event, and by interviewing those involved, they will know you helped and share your content, producing direct traffic and links. Ideas:  Students - Find events at local colleges and universities and write about them.  Waterfront - You’ll want to write about prominent boating events.  Families – School events, and family festivals. . T: 617.266.9166
    • 13. IMAGES & INFOGRAPHICSTelling Stories Easily Source: Intuit T: 617.266.9166
    • 14. IMAGERY & IDEAS  The Power Of Images: Images work because the creator develops content that brings clarity to a story and is difficult to describe in text. Journalists & bloggers copy the image because it illustrates a story well. Images can increase traffic and linking.  Give It Away: Tell people you are happy to share your images, just as long as they credit you. In the game of ranking, getting links is important, if you give images away and ask for . credit, you’ll be paid back with more indirect traffic from the search engines. T: 617.266.9166
    • 15. PITCHING  Pitching: If you have the time, or work with an agency, use your images, the story and infographics to pitch journalists and influencers. All stories are improved with charts and infographics. Make your infographic into a PR & marketing campaign. . T: 617.266.9166
    • 16. QUESTIONS? /BostonLogic @BostonLogic /user/BostonLogic  More LogicClassrooms by Boston Logic:   Read Content Marketing & SEO Tips on our Blog:   For More Information, Contact:  John Cass, T: 617.266.9166