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View our online video solution for publishers to drive revenue and competitive advantage through vodeo for sponsorships, classifieds, directories and online video display ads

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Why and how_video_online

  1. 1. Why & How of Video for Publishers<br />Owned by Lee WilliamsRespected in the online industry <br /><ul><li>Over 60 high profile website and magazinelaunches worldwide.</li></ul>Former Director/GM of major world publishing divisionsAuto Trader UK and ACP Media NZSee Full Profile & Industry Referenceswww.linkedin.com/pub/3/79b/866<br />DRIVE<br />Competitive Advantage<br />Incremental Revenue<br />Website Engagement<br />
  2. 2. Silverlinemedia.tv is the leading website video marketing service in New Zealand with over 2,000 videos created and distributed since August 2008.<br />Online video is driving website conversions (emails, response rates, brand trust) and new customers via our leading video distribution solutions enabling businesses to be found via video.<br />We are preferred suppliers for major media organisations such as ACP Media and leading companies such as Ray White Real Estate.<br />Our Services<br />Video Production<br />Video Strategy<br />Video Distribution<br />Video Monetisation<br />Video Advertising<br />Video Sales Training<br />Video Players<br />Video Partnerships<br />Video SEO<br />Video Research<br />Video Reporting<br />68% of kiwis are watching online video*<br />
  3. 3. Video Partnerships & Customers(preferred / approved supplier)<br />Major Markets<br />Channels<br />Business<br />Major<br />Travel Distribution<br />Property<br />Other Markets<br />Rural<br />Marine<br />Motoring<br />Events<br />Food&Beverage<br />Retail<br />Priceme<br />
  4. 4. Why Online Video<br />Online Video Advertising Growth<br /><ul><li>Fasted growing advertising medium in most world markets - Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Forrester, and Emarketer. </li></ul>Audience Embracement<br /><ul><li>Online video has experience phenomenal growth. Comscore, the leading web usage research company, reported that in the month of April 10, Americans watched 30 billion videos online, c15 hours of video each per month.
  5. 5. In European markets and the USA c70% of online users view over 80 video clips per month.
  6. 6. Locally Nielsen Social Media Survey research reports that 68% of kiwis watch online video, 40% of those who watch product video go onto to purchase/enquire. </li></ul>See more research data at the www.Silverlinemedia.tv blog - http://silverlinemediatv.wordpress.com/tag/research/<br />Forrester Research recently providing a strong five year forecast for US video<br />
  7. 7. Why Online Video<br />Top 3 Visited Sites in World <br />Alexa.com August 2010<br />The Top 3 Sites in the world are, no surprises:<br />Search<br />Social<br />Video<br />*Let’s note that FaceBook has significant video content.<br />
  8. 8. Why Online Video Ad Effectiveness<br />IAB US Conference Sep 2010 - And Google sees tremendous growth potential in the display ad market—predicting a climb from $8.6 billion in revenue this year to as much as $50 billion in five years. <br />Why?  Because of impending innovations in video and interaction.<br />Dynamic Logic 2010 - Video Ads are the Most Effective<br />6000 campaigns analysed by Millward Brown – biggest and most thorough survey to date<br />
  9. 9. Video for PublishersSponsorship Models<br />We work with you to develop video concepts for your content and then help you integrate or create video content from sponsors. <br />A good recent example is opposite with Equine Trader where a 52 part show-jumping 'how to' series was sponsored with a created video advertisement from the leading Horse Float manufacturer and the leading horse supplement manufacturer Fibre Fresh delivering terrific value all round, and crucially good revenue streams.<br />See examples of video <br />at www.silverlinemedia.tv<br />
  10. 10. Video for PublishersClassified and Directory Models<br />We can work with you and supply video for your classifieds and directory services.Video improves revenue through :<br />Enhancing premium listing packages<br />Improving conversion rates for booking/lead or e-commerce engines. <br />We currently supply content to over 40 New Zealand directory and classified services enabling publishers to differentiate,. improve session time, and crucially improve revenue. <br />See examples of video <br />at www.silverlinemedia.tv<br />
  11. 11. Video for PublishersReady Made Video Ad Units<br />The challenge for most publishers with SME's online is persuading customer to use display advertising. Silverlinemedia.tv produces 15s video advertising creatives enabling you to access and leverage clients with engaging creative. <br />With numerous video research studies showing video ads can significantly improve CTR and brand engagement effectiveness, deliver value ahead of your competition.No need to create old-fashioned ineffective GIF ads anymore. <br />See examples of video <br />at www.silverlinemedia.tv<br />
  12. 12. Virtual Video<br />Photos are blended, panned and flipped to create illusion of video with both professional voice/graphic overlays and royalty free music over bringing the clip to life. We have created over 1,500 virtual videos across all markets.<br /> Ideal for businesses, products and how to videos.<br /> We’ve made over 1,500 virtual videos for the real estate, tourism and business markets.<br /> Turned around in 48 hours from script approval and content received.<br />48 hour turnaround from content<br />See examples of video <br />at www.silverlinemedia.tv<br />
  13. 13. Real Video<br />from$1,695<br />Filmed on location, or using the customers existing footage.<br />Our range includes ‘advert’ style, interview, walk-through, testimonials, in-action, demonstrations etc. Working with the Yellow team we can agree which are ‘ templates’ and which are bespoke video <br />Fully scripted and directed <br />Professional voice and music brings the clip to life<br />Graphic overlays<br />Up to 2 minutes filmed video<br />48 hour turnaround time from filming<br />See examples of video <br />at www.silverlinemedia.tv<br />
  14. 14. Value Video Distribution<br />on your own website<br />on local media sites<br />YOUR<br />VIDEO<br />*assuming your are listed on them (site conditions may apply)<br />on major video websites<br />buzzed on social media<br />email the video to prospects<br />Iphone and Ipad<br />your mobile phone <br />plasma kiosk version<br />Plus DVDs<br />
  15. 15. Video ManagementPlayers<br />Flash HTML 5 Video Player <br />‘normal’ controls and user generated options<br />Customised Skins<br />We are able to customize our player to meet your requirements both 4:3 and 16:9 ratios<br />Embedment- We also enable the embedment of watermarks / URL links (email), forms within the video players and in the wrappers<br />
  16. 16. Video Analytics / Reporting<br />Our reports give you aggregate views of your videos performance as well as individual videos.<br />We report views from our players and the plays across the video distribution network.<br />
  17. 17. Video SEO<br />Your video is search engine optimised (Video SEO) for Google, Bing and other traditional and video search engines. This means your video often appears on first page searches so you can dominate results quickly.<br />We've implemented over 2,000 video SEO launches, our team have excellent SEO knowledge providing traditional SEO services for a number of major brands and small businesses alike. <br />Through a combination of Video SEO techniques we help your video deliver audience, engagement and business results. We get your video correctly SEO optimised for the key search engines and video sharing sites below. Through our channel popularity and networks we deliver additional links to your video via social media and links driving popularity. <br />video<br />
  18. 18. Video Hosting<br />Video Hosting<br /><ul><li>We host your videos with our cutting edge flash server technology and video hosting infrastructure. We host over 2,000 New Zealand videos from corporate customers to small business. </li></ul>Video Content Delivery Network <br /><ul><li>Our video hosting solution has 100% uptime, and delivers screaming fast video to your customers. Our video streaming is further enhanced by Amazon's S3 media cloudfront infrastructure (Content Delivery Network). A highly reliable and secure global computing infrastructure, S3 is the virtual backbone of Amazon.com’s multi-billion dollar retail business that has been honed for over a decade.This means we deliver high broadcast quality broadband video fast anywhere in the world. </li></ul>Streaming Video<br /><ul><li>With our hosted video solution we can stream video to web, mobile, kiosks and any new screen solution that is coming to market.</li></li></ul><li>Video Testimonials<br />Publishers<br />‘The implementation and roll-out to 500 Trader Group customers over a four week launch period was an outstanding logistical achievement, particularly given the high quality of the videos. This marketing partnership put us in the lead in the online video market for motoring’ – Adrian Pickstock GM of TraderGroup.<br />‘The speed to market and critically, from my perspective, the presentations and service to our real estate agent customers has been very impressive.’ – Pat Houlihan, Property Press GM.<br />Companies<br />‘I was very impressed with the ease of their process.SilverlineMedia.TV is Ray White’s preferred video supplier and I actively recommend to our team’. Carey Smith CEO Ray White<br />‘Highly professional, recommend them to anybody’ Damian Black, MD Allied Security<br />‘Excellent service and communication. Great work on our property videos and live streaming’- Dajanna Campion (Mercep), Marketing Manager | New Zealand <br />Re-Sellers & Marketing Partners<br />‘Quality service that our clients are taking up from Real Estate to Industry Associations’ - Jason Platt, OneClick ‘<br />‘Our customers have had terrific experiences with Lee and his team’ Charlotte Ore, Co-Owner, 3WebFeet.<br />
  19. 19. Great Value VideoProduction, Hosting & Distribution<br />All jobs 50% deposit<br />All prices exclude GST, and special conditions<br />