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Next Wave of Online Advertising
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Next Wave of Online Advertising


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The online and media landscape in New Zealand and how for the tourism market online advertising is creating change, opportunity and threat. Key focus on the new drivers of the change video, social …

The online and media landscape in New Zealand and how for the tourism market online advertising is creating change, opportunity and threat. Key focus on the new drivers of the change video, social media and the rise of performance marketing (pred Google)

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. The Next Wave of Online AdvertisingVideo and Social Media  trends and practical global / local examples of how to drive revenue and advantageLee
  • 2. Internet Access over Time
    More time, more spending
    Approximately 45% of the population shop online
    NZ$738 million online Christmas 2008 Q4, a massive increase
    from $438m the previous Christmas.
    Source: Nielsen Online Retail Monitor
    Avg. weekly usage is over 13 hours
    87% have access to the Internet
    61% of people home broadband
    Source: Nielsen Panorama Survey (January - December 2008)
    Base for Access to Internet: All people 10+ (3,645,000)
    Base for Access to Broadband: People with Internet access from home (2,711,000)
  • 3. Media Consumption / Spending Change
    1 in 2 US Newspapers closed
    Advertising is following the consumption change
    Online 8.3% of all adspend in 2008*
    Online to exceed 10%, $200m for 2009 **
    Online exceeds billboard, cinema, likely to overtake magazines 2010
    Big mediums are down TV reported down 13% 1H***
    40% of kiwis view offshore websites
    *ASA Annual Advertising Report 2008
    ** IAB PWC Quarterly Report Q2 2009
  • 4. Driving the Change
    Engagement /Creativity
    Direct / Brand
    Social Media
    You can now track ‘the famous 50% of the advertising that works but you never new which 50%;
  • 5. Online Video
  • 6. Why Online Video
    • Fasted growing advertising medium in most world markets*
    • 7. August 09, Americans watched 21 bnvideos online.
    • 8. In Europe / USA c70% of online users view over 80 video clips per month.
    • 9. NZ Nielsen research reports 68% of kiwis watch online video
    • 10. Video production prices have dropped through the floor
    *Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Forrester, and Emarketer
  • 11. Video
    Accommodation – US Video can improve booking by 40%
    Yahoo Pew Study – Retailers seeing 20% lift in online sales through video
    Increases time spend and engagement on your website
    Attracts customers through video distribution and marketing
  • 12. Video Virtual
    View can tell a terrific story about your brand, business and you.
    You can create a story about your
    Business and products.
    Why are you different – develop trust.
  • 13. Critically, get your video seen
    on your own website
    on local sites
    *assuming your are listed on them (site conditions may apply)
    on international sites
    on major video websites
    Video Advertising
    buzzed on social media
    email the video to prospects
    Plus DVDs
  • 14. Mobile & Plasma / Kiosk
    You also get a mobile video version.
    Show a customer one on one,
    have great content on you when you are out and about, for that opportunistic moment, at the coffee shop or a dinner party.
    Screen versions are now delivered (all formats)
    For your window display, kiosk, your PC, can even be used as a TV commercial.
    US out of home Digital Advertising is exploding
    67% pen
  • 15. Social Media
    Social Media
  • 16. Social Media
    Social media is everywhere in every market with every demographic
    Review sites
    Social media sites
    Video sites
    Editorial commenting
    ‘People have a voice’ – open or anomonyous – their opinion counts
  • 17. Social Media Reality
    This is the modern form of
    Word of Mouth marketing
    The ‘Customer Database’
    Your audience is simply less likely to be viewing your traditional media marketing. reading your email or newsletters.
    Increasingly likely to be following you on Twitter, Facebook, Blog feed,
    Larry King has more Twitter followers than US CNN viewers of his show.
  • 18. Social Media Tracking
    Tools to make it easier because you are time poor
    development company
    Choose key sites to concentrate on
    Internet / external
    Track what is said about you :
    Google News Alert (Google)
    Hootsuite (Twitter)
    TrackUR (Blogosphere and Forums)
  • 19. Social Media Reality
    Join the conversation :
    Your loyal customers are your brand’s ambassadors to the world.
    This is your brand we are conversing about – rules for how / when you respond and post
    Use Video to raise profile
  • 20. Social MediaWine, Corkd, Vincellar, Cellar Tracker
    Argument that bloggers more powerful than magazine and newspaper journos
    Influence the discussion
    Asking your fans to promote your wine..
    Taking part openly
    Post Video / Take the Lead
    promote your own surveys and customer testimonials
    Wine Business Network (4,315 Members)
    Direct to Consumer Symposium Group (119 Members)
    WITS Wine Industry Technology Symposium (579 Members)
  • 21. Social MediaWine
    #2 In the number two slot is Teusner Wine (Barossa, Australia) with 4828 followers, a ratio of .91, and 1536 tweets
    Locally Bird Wines 1000+followers
    What to Tweet ?
    Winery News = Top choice at 97.1%
    New Product releases = 67.6%
    Harvest news = 61.8%
    Wine Industry News = 58.8%
    Awards = 50%
    Tasting Notes = 47.1%
    Blog = 47.1%
    Questions of the Day = 11.8%
    New varietals = 26.5%
    Other = 44.1%
    Source : 34 of the top 50 Vineyard Twitters – Aug 09
    It has driven more business to our website = 64.3%
    It has helped to drive incremental sales of our products in our tasting room = 35.7%
    It has helped to drive incremental sales of our products in retail outlets and/or restaurants = 46.4%
  • 22. Social MediaWine
    37,524 are fans of the first 50 wineries.
    52,135 fans of the first 100.
    72,742 following the first 250 wineries.
    What ?
    86% shared photos,
    70% shared events,
    38% shared links,
    22% shared videos.
    20% shared notes,
    16% shared favourites,
    Source : - June 09, review of top 50 fan volume vineyards
  • 23. Social MediaTravel
    Social Media / Reviews
    Trip Advisor
    Home Page proudly boasts, “more than 15,000,000 travellers from 190 countries planned trips here this week.”
    Lonely Planet
    TV Trip
    Local traditional publishers ‘turning on’ ratings and reviews
  • 24. Social MediaTravel
    Promotions / Specials
    Staying in touch - concierge
    HyattConcierge, responds to guests’ questions, needs and concerns, any time, any place, and by any digital means on Twitter - before, during and after their hotel stays.
  • 25. Social MediaRestaurants
    Locally powerful aggregator review sites exist -10,000s of reviews / ratings
    Menumania (80,000 diners per month)
    Dineout / Dinesmart
    View Auckland (going national)
    Time2dine (Yellow)
    Present your brand positively with photos, video and active comment.
  • 26. Social MediaRestaurants
    Starbucks Corp has more than 140,000 followers on Twitter.
    Michelin Reviewers now ‘tweet’ live during tastings
    Good Examples
    Running specials
    Recipe of day
    ‘Managing the conversation’
  • 27. Next Steps
    Ruthlessly review the effectiveness of your marketing activity, your audience media consumption is changing
    Video and Social Media is Easier with Experts
    VIDEO Get a video online and market your business
    Work with your website development team to get your content social
    Talk to a web development company that gets the strategy and delivery
  • 28. Please Connect
    Online Video and Marketing Insight our latest videos
    Learn / Order Online Video
  • 29. Great Value VideoProduction, Hosting & Distribution
    * All prices + GST
    we produce your video, we host your video,
    we distribute your video – we get your video seen