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Yan urbaez pubsp eaking

  1. 1. Taylor
  2. 2. “I started out with a dream to make a starin a jar, and I ended up … making thingsthat I think can change the world.” (TaylorWilson)”
  3. 3. Taylor Wilson is a teenage nuclearscientist, as hard as that may be tounderstand, this young boy at the ageof 14 was already creating his firstnuclear fusion reactor.
  4. 4. It was his Grandmothers fight with cancer, and thedifficulties of obtaining the necessary radioactive drugs forchemotherapy, that inspired Wilson to attempt to create areactor that could be built in any hospital.
  5. 5. In his video titled “Yup, I built anuclear fusion reactor” TaylorWilson explains how nuclearfusion is the alternative forenergy in the future and howchildren can change the world.
  6. 6. He explains how one day at the age of 12 hegot the idea that he wanted to make a star. Agreat example of what Sir Ken Robinson talkedabout, on how we encourage the creativity inour children and the outcomes this may have.
  7. 7. He also talks about a great invention of his, a detectorthat can replace all the ones that homeland security hasby increasing the sensitivity and is more accurate andless expensive than the ones in existence, which he wonan award for this.
  8. 8. For the dynamism rating, I give him a 3. Though it mayseem as a low score, I think the message that hedelivered was very important but at the same time verytechnical for a normal person to understand. But what canwe expect for somebody that has a brilliant mind likeTaylor’s.
  9. 9. He did capture my attention withhe’s passion of what he wastalking about and the fascinatingthings he is working on, he alsosaid a couple of jokes.
  10. 10. When it comes to the TEDcommandments, I think Taylorapplies more the first one,Dream Big. The dream he oneshad has become true and it issomething new and very usefulfor the world.
  11. 11. Focused:Based on Garr Reynolds or Nancy Duarte tips I considerTaylor was very focused on his talk and relied on hisknowledge of the subject to fully get the message acrossto the audience.
  12. 12. I learned from Taylor that nothing is impossible and thatyou should always drive for what you dream about and aslong as you are determine and really want it, it is possible.
  13. 13. What I see:Sir Ken Robinson is very relaxed and delivers hismessage with a los of comedy interaction witch keeps theaudience on their feet and very attentive, and still gets hismessage across.
  14. 14. Taylor Wilson has a moreinformative approach, herelies more on thetechnical side of hismessage but keeps theaudience very attentivebecause of the greatprogress in his inventionsand that they really arechanging the world welive in.
  15. 15. Tips:#1:I would say that always try to find a way to interact withthe audience s they don’t loose interest in the subject youare trying to address.
  16. 16. #2:Always maintain confidence in what your saying and beprepare. Try to always have a good grasp on your subject.
  17. 17. Hope you enjoyed, Thank YouYan Urbaez