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OPW TVS Total Vapour Solution brochure

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Opw Tvs English Brochure

  1. 1. TM The World’s Most Innovative and Effective Vapour Management Solution Stops Excess Vapour Emissions to Protect the Environment Provides for Cleaner Air for the Well-Being of Consumers and Employees Saves Fueling Operators Money – Prevents Vapour Loss Improves Profitability – Converts Vapours Into Saleable Fuel Delivers Quick Return on Investment U N I T E D S TAT E S | BRAZIL | EUROPE | CHINA | AND EVERYWHERE IN BETWEEN
  2. 2. Leading the way… TM OPW Fueling Components, the global leader in OPW Total Vapour Solution™ (TVS) - the world’s only fueling solutions, offers the most complete line of vapour solution that can: fueling products, systems and services to retail and • Control the creation of vapour over the duration commercial fueling operations on a worldwide scale. of the delivery and within the storage tank on a Founded in 1892, OPW has been leading the way in continuous basis providing innovative, high-quality fueling solutions • Keep the product in a liquid state during a that help marketers around the world provide safe, product drop to prevent vapour creation efficient, reliable, profitable and environmentally where the largest losses occur sustainable fueling operations. • Manage the vapour collected from nozzles on Stage 2 systems In 1974 we introduced our first balance vapour • Maintain storage tanks in negative pressure recovery nozzle and then, in 1992, revolutionized the by automatically converting excess vapours industry by creating the world’s first vacuum-assist back into saleable fuel, further preventing vapour nozzle. From our CVS2 Stage 2 central vapour vapour loss recovery system to our state-of-the-art Vaporsaver™ membrane vapour processing / tank pressure We combine our vapour recovery experience, unique management system, OPW has been leading the way Softfill system, Accumulus vapour generator and in vapour recovery innovation for more than 35 years. membrane processing technology to create a complete vapour solution unlike any other. The OPW Today, OPW continues to lead the way in vapour Total Vapour Solution™ serves as another example recovery and management solutions with the of how OPW is Leading the Way in creating better solutions to fuel the world for today, tomorrow and into the future. For more information on the OPW TOTAL VAPOUR SOLUTION™ contact us at: OPW Fueling Components EMEA • Belohorska 39, 16000 Prague, Czech Republic • info@opw-fce.com Tel: +420 602 702 190 • Tel: +420 234 714 361 • Fax: +420 234 714 361 Leading The Way In Fueling Innovation Worldwide
  3. 3. INTRODUCING THE NEW OPW TOTAL VAPOUR SOLUTION ™ Increase Profits - Reduce vapour losses normally associated with fuel deliveries by managing them across the underground storage tank farm preventing them from escaping during product drops and processing the vapours back into saleable product Protect the Environment and Well-Being of Community - by maintaining underground storage tank pressure to eliminate excess vapour emissions Receive a Fast Return on Your Investment - quickly pays for itself (Typical site: 1.5 years depending on throughput volume) by preventing vapour loss and by allowing you to convert your vapours back into saleable product rather than return them to the fuel supplier The New OPW Total Vapour Solution™ is the most The OPW Total Vapour Solution™ is designed to effective way available today to prevent vapour maintain the vapour pressure in the underground venting into the atmosphere. On the forecourt, vapour storage tanks and at specific pre-determined pressure is generated through tank pressurization and natural settings, as well as process vapours back into liquid, venting, during quiet traffic periods. Further vapour subsequently returning it to the underground tanks is produced during the delivery process as the tanker (UST) as resaleable fuel. drops fuel into the underground tank. Finally, on sites with Stage 2 systems, the vapour being recovered by The effect of this system is to reduce the losses normally the vacuum pumps from the vehicles is returned associated with deliveries and turn the vapour back into to the underground tank. a saleable product. In a typical vapour recovery application, during the fill process, vapour would be recovered by the delivery tanker because of a vacuum created in the tanker as the liquid is being delivered. Often overlooked, it is important to understand that even when the delivery tanker is delivering diesel, the tanker is connected to the vapour recovery system and therefore vapour is drawn from the site’s tanks. There are four (4) main components of the system, each playing an integral part in the total processing of Stage 1 and Stage 2 vapours and the vapours produced by natural venting. Components include: • OPW Vaporsaver™ Membrane Processing Unit • Softfill • Accumulus • Vapour Management Panel Certifications and Listings ATEX Listing SIRA 03ATEX 9535 TUV Certification 97-11.1 CARB Certification G-70-204A CA State Fire Marshal GVRC 005:008:062 KHK Japan Approval File # 16-4-5 Mexico Approval Cert. #: SEGEMDGPCCAT-MTSRVDOVER/001/2004
  4. 4. 5 1 2 Vaporsaver 3 Introducing the most unique and profitable vapour solution vapours in the world. Using the ullage space during a tanker delivery is the most profitable space for collection of vapour. Containing vapours in this method makes it possible to achieve maximum 4 conversion from vapour to product. This is done safely and effectively by using the Total 1 2 Vapour Solution™ by OPW. Where the vacuum is drawn from the sales nozzles via the standard Stage 2 system, vapour passes directly to the storage tanks and then processed into liquid & saturated vapour to 1 CVS2 Central Vacuum 2 Vaporsaver™ increase stock volume. The same Stage 2 Vapour Recovery processor is used to reprocess System ATEX-approved membrane vapour collected in the tank farm processing unit converts vapour TUV-certified vapour (returned to the tanks by Stage 2 during and after a delivery to recovery system system pumps or through produce approximately 1.2 ltr of Centralized pump controls natural venting) back into product for every 1,000 ltrs of vapour emissions for up to 16 liquid and saleable product fueling points (8 dispensers) vapour collected. The system Consists of a vacuum pump, Reduces vapour emissions by compressor and membrane requires only 1 processor unit maintaining equilibrium processor per site to control the vapour between nozzle collection and collected from deliveries and tank pressure Separates hydrocarbons from Lower A/L provides maximum clean air; clean air is released to all the vacuum pumps. atmosphere; hydrocarbon liquid vapour collection efficiency without pressurizing the is returned to the tank storage tank Leading The Way In Fueling Innovation Worldwide
  5. 5. 5 3 Product flowing through the Accumulus Valve creates a vacuum, pulling vapours from the VST into the liquid flow (wetting the vapours). Vapours are prevented from returning to the tanker. 4 5 3 Accumulus Valve 4 Softfill System 5 Vapour Management Panel Works to reduce the pressure Calms the delivery to reduce Prevents vapour from going back in the tank during delivery by vapour generation caused by the to the tanker introducing the vapour back turbulence created in tank from Retains vapour in the UST so it into the liquid flow, causing the liquid passing down the drop can be processed back into liquid hydrocarbon component of the tube directly into the tank Provides ease of maintenance mixture to be entrained back (Typically 1,000 LPM) due to low position of vent stacks into the liquid A perforated beam attached to in panel Utilizes the liquid flow to create the bottom of the drop tube System valves are weighted to a venturi and vacuum effect; allows the liquid to feed along lift when the pressure in the UST the vacuum pulls the vapour air the base of the tank and disperse reaches 34 mbar; this prevents mixture back through the valve through small holes (having a vapour from returning to the and into the liquid flow from total surface area much greater tanker when diesel is being the tanker than the normal 4” orifice) offloaded; valves remain closed Positioned at the top of the drop Introduces the vapour mixture during this process and the tanker tube, in the tank, in the vapour being returned into the liquid pulls air into the tanker through space; the valve forms part of flow by the Accumulus valve its own vent system the drop tube and is positioned back into the product within the below the overfill prevention valve tank in a controlled manner
  6. 6. The Overall Effect: Cleaner, Greener Environment. Fast Financial Payback. The overall effect of the OPW Total Vapour Solution™ and converted back to liquid. This offers a complete is the prevention of vapour emissions into the solution to Stage 1 and Stage 2 vapour recovery. atmosphere, resulting in a cleaner, greener environment as well as increased savings and One of the primary benefits of the OPW Total Vapour revenue for fueling operators. Solution™ is that it offers a fast financial payback (Return on Investment – ROI) because the liquid Vapours produced during a delivery, and those recovered from the system, which would normally be drawn from vapour recovery pumps, remain in the returned to the tanker, is converted to fuel that can be underground storage tanks instead of being returned sold. So the OPW Total Vapour Solution™ helps you to the fuel transport tanker or vented into the save money and protects the environment atmosphere. Stored and Stage 2 vapours are processed by preventing the vapours from being released back into the atmosphere. Consider These Important Facts: Historical results for wet stock losses for a standard site Using data from a test site which has been operating have shown that expected losses could be between for over 6 months, results have shown a reduction in 0.25% to 0.35% of sales volume. wet stock losses to 0.045%. The figures used are from an independent wet stock management company. For example, a site selling 16,000,000 litres of spirit and taking an average loss of 0.30% would equate to: In this example, a site selling 16,000,000 litres of spirit would show a loss of 16,000,000 x 0.045/100 = 7,200 16,000,000 x 0.30/100 = litres per annum. 48,000 litres per year!!! This would show an average annual savings of 40,800 litres (i.e., 48,000 - 7,200) !!! Leading The Way In Fueling Innovation Worldwide
  7. 7. UK Site ROI Case Study 30th June 2008 to 21st January 2009 Period Gasoline Sales Loss/Gain in Litres Variance in % 30 June – 31 Aug 08 2,405,174 -1,642 -0.068% 1 Sept – 30 Sept 08 1,275,783 -963 -0.075% 1 Oct – 31 Oct 08 1,191,753 -788 -0.066% 1 Nov – 30 Nov 08 1,345,123 209 +0.016% 1 Dec – 31 Dec 08 1,032,087 -37 -0.004% 1 Jan – 21 Jan 09 643,507 262 +0.041% Cumulative Figures 7,893,427 -2,959 -0.038% Expected Industry Operating Losses 7,893,427 -19,733 -0.25% Generally accepted stock 7,893,427 -23,680 loss range: 0.30% – 0.45% Savings Created with Total Vapour -16,774 Management over 30 week trial Potential Annual Savings (Litres) -29,075 Based on a normal loss of 0.25% Potential Annual Savings (Litres) -35,917 Based on a normal loss of 0.30% Data supplied from Independent Source TM System Animation
  8. 8. TM UNITED KINGDOM HUNGARY *POLAND CHINA OHIO NEW JERSEY SPAIN *ROMANIA TEXAS PORTUGAL *TURKEY PENNSYLVANIA MOROCCO JAPAN TAIWAN CALIFORNIA DUBAI KUWAIT MEXICO INDIA *ITALY GEORGIA GREECE BRAZIL AUSTRALIA LEADING THE WAY IN VAPOUR RECOVERY INNOVATION WORLDWIDE *Future OPW Sites OPW Fueling Components EMEA • Belohorska 39, 16000 Prague, Czech Republic • info@opw-fce.com Tel: +420 602 702 190 • Tel: +420 234 714 361 • Fax: +420 234 714 361 IMPORTANT NOTICE: FlexWorks by OPW, Inc., VAPORSAVER™ and all other OPW products must be used in compliance with all applicable federal, state, provincial and local laws, rules and regulations. Product selection must be based on physical specifications and limitations, compatibility with the environment and material to be handled. All illustrations and specifications in this literature are based on the latest production information available at the time of publication. Prices, materials and specifications are subject to change at any time, and models may be discontinued at any time, in either case, without notice or obligation. Financing can be arranged in various countries; check with your local OPW distributor. © 2009, OPW Fueling Components EMEA © 2009 Delaware Capital Formation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. DOVER and the DOVER logo are registered trademarks of Delaware Capital Formation, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dover Corporation. TVS BROC 2/09 • 50