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Social Media Training Diet


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Social media marketing can be difficult to stay up-to-date with. For marketing professionals, it is important to invest the time in your skills to remain on the cutting edge.

This "social media training diet" is your key to success in staying up-to-date with social media. If you'd like to maintain your knowledge and be able to understand and take advantage of trends, follow this diet.

The social media training diet gives you the specific activities that you should to to maintain your knowledge in social media.

Consider this your social media education and training plan - discover exactly what you should do to keep your skills sharp.

If you'd like to keep your social media skills up-to-date, consider checking out our Social Media Mastery program, with new trainings every month www.BootCampDigital.com/mc

To get the latest social media training go to www.BootCampDigital.com/Training

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Social Media Training Diet

  1. 1.   www.bootcampdigital.com       Social  Media  Training  Diet   When it comes to staying up-to-date in social media, it can be difficult to stay on track. Similar to weight-loss having a diet, or a specific plan to follow can make all the difference. Check out this Social Media Training Diet to keep you up-to-date in social media. 15  Minutes  Catching  Up  in  the  Morning     Start your day by reading some news and getting up to date. Follow 10 thought-leaders on social networks – check out what they are sharing and read the news that they think is most noteworthy. Check out 3 – 5 news sites for breaking news and industry updates. 1  Book  a  Month   Choose one book to read each month. Books give you more insight into a specific topic and tend to be more thorough and better researched than blog posts. 1  Inspiration  Meeting  a  Month   Each month, take the time to schedule an informal meeting (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee) with someone who inspires you. Talk shop and learn from each other – share stories, successes and failures. This will keep you sharp and expand your network. 2  Webinars/Trainings/Lunch  and  Learns  a  Month   Each month, make the effort to attend at least 2 formal training or education events. This could be a webinar, a formal training, a lunch and learn or listening to a speaker at a meet-up. Learning from experts who have prepared material is a great way to stay on the leading edge. 2  Conferences  a  Year   I speak at 50+ conferences a year, and I learn more in a few days at a conference than I do the entire rest of the year. Choose 1 – 2 conferences to attend (even if only virtually to cut down on costs) to sharpen your skills, networks and hear amazing success stories. Join  our  Social  Media  Mastery  at   http://www.BootCampDigital.com/mc