Lift, Inside:Outside by Jennifer Mooney


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Jennifer Mooney, Executive Communications Director at Northlich, presented at Boot Camp Digital's Nonprofit Symposium on May 17th. Here is her presentation.

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Lift, Inside:Outside by Jennifer Mooney

  1. 1. Inside: OutsideWho are you and what matters to the world…
  2. 2. Is there anybody out there?
  3. 3. Find the people + deliver the message =hear and engageWords/images vehicles measurement
  4. 4. Amp it up• Going Viral…ugh
  5. 5. The challenge to solve…what is it that matters and how do we get there?
  6. 6. Communications pathways
  7. 7. The personal path• It goes from our heads to our hearts to our highest hopes.• It is “said” in a way that resonates.• It creates a call to action.
  8. 8. Psychology + Communications
  9. 9. $$$$$$• Reality = to be heard, you need resources.• Lots of them.• YOUR MESSAGE as it traverses the “right” path, raises $$$Make people want to support you and then you get to be heard.• Tap into what “matters.”
  10. 10. Everything Communicates• It’s up to each of you to:• 1) Determine your optimal message.• 2) Choose your optimal message trajectory.• 3) Deploy via the most viable vehicles.• 4) Leverage your networks (virtual and real.)
  11. 11. W• We are a purpose-driven for profit enterprise.• We converge “what matters to us” with “what matters to the planet.”• Important to know:• Love what’s on the inside = tell people about you on the outside• Your innate psychology is what the world “hears.”
  12. 12. The intersection• What matters to you.• What matters to those with resources.• What matters to opinion leaders.• Know that “time” matters --- to people and to companies.• And the “time” premium helps you.
  13. 13. 2012= world in which time matters• Hipster “cult” author Po Bronson.• We will not “squander our time here.”• What should I do with my life.• This ensures that our “people” are our best ambassadors.
  14. 14. So…• It’s about person-to-person – WOM• It’s about INFLUENCERS TO THE WORLD.• It’s about using your most powerful platform.
  15. 15. What should I do with my life and why do these people matter?
  16. 16. Philanthropy + Cause• 2012 = workforce that wants meaning intersects with time/starved – yet time “valued” economy.• The people who work for you, on behalf of you and consult with you are your best Word- of-Mouth influencers and advocates.• Leverage these voices.
  17. 17. Word-of-Mouth>INFLUENCE Sphere of Influence New+ Traditional Word-of-Mouth media
  18. 18. Build Influence Neighbor-to- Channels + Third-partyWord of Mouth New + traditional Opinion leaders neighbor/grass images and credibility roots words amplifies YOU
  19. 19. The Vehicles and what’s out there…
  20. 20. And it is not enough to put it out there…
  21. 21. So as of May 17th, 2012 what matters?• Picking the right images and words.
  22. 22. They Said• “Same as it ever was.”
  23. 23. Picking the right pathways• Yes, you still have to do traditional:• TV news, print media, radio and all things internet.• Because “media is national” and starts somewhere.
  24. 24. And yes, use all of the pathways on the social “charts”• But measure it and modify your words and images.• Because the two-way conversations are the only one that counts.• It is still about “talking” and listening.
  25. 25. And is is about keeping score and tracking frequency
  26. 26. Radian 6 or other such things…
  27. 27. And some do this really well..• Look at Lance
  28. 28. He took what he loved…• FOR profit enterprise are NOT afraid to be BOLD.• Lance’s cycling prowess + cancer awareness + awareness =• And he lives for it…
  29. 29. Live Strong• OUR STRENGTH We believe that unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. Our programs, awareness events and advocacy work are the heart of what we do and our leaders and donors provide both the vision and the support for LIVESTRONG to carry out our mission.
  30. 30. Branded
  31. 31. Meaning-Making Matters to all• Whether you are an employee, a brand, a cause, news media or a politician – we seek to be part of something “bigger.”• Use words + images + vehicles to deliver meaning.• Dan said “Great businesses grow on great vision.”
  32. 32. What Ralph Lauren did… dream• Ralph Lauren knows how to move product.• No apologies necessary. Good solid hard work. Contribute to the community-at-large.• Make the numbers and make a difference.
  33. 33. For profit + cause = affinity
  34. 34. Pure and Simple• Take a RISK.• Use your networks (personal, professional and people.)• Go where the risk is.• Intersection of what the customer/consumer wants >>>>> how to selfishly meet your own goals and objectives.
  35. 35. It is mostly about• The Message• Your Message• Who You Are
  36. 36. How to intersect People you know wellPoliticians Companies Yourthat seek a that move cause/issue platform product News media that seeks content
  37. 37. You know these folks
  38. 38. Why ECS has done well…• Brand (created one that works. Used talent to develop brand.)• Metrics have rules.• Media reports on organizations with metrics.• Yes, P&G, Government, etc…give $$$$.• Enterprises with cash marry causes that move their products and validate their OWN concerns.
  39. 39. Is there a road?• Tie into what people think.• Ensure that the sentiment to “do good” + “doingwell/$$$” resonates…• You have the mission – tie it to those who meanit.• If a tree falls…well• You know the answer.
  40. 40. What for profit’s seek…• To build a connection with their public.• To be well-thought-of.• To stand the test of time.• To leave a legacy and to matter.
  41. 41. Michael Sheehan messaging…• And what does Bill Clinton have to do with it anyhow?
  42. 42. Your message: who are you?• You are worthy• You have results• You contribute meaning• You make THE Difference You
  43. 43. Define who you are• What is it that differentiates you?• How can you “talk about it” in 60 seconds or so…• How can you create the ONE message with no more than four supporting points?
  44. 44. FOR Profit NEEDS you• Tie in meaning-making to companies and to individuals.• How to get large enterprises and big voices totell your story….• We have to stay congruent with who we are –once that gets out of line – we are not good toanyone…
  45. 45. HOW to do it• Being heard is what matters most.• You are the dream date.• For-profit pursuits want to bring you home to home to mom.• The way we decide how to support you is really pretty simple.
  46. 46. We pay to date People like usYour sentiment to you and we because they likeour shared public promote the fact you. that we chose you.
  47. 47. AND• We do care if you truly matter and make a difference.• Being authentic matters to us too.
  48. 48. It’s about measuring what moves• It’s about metrics.• It’s about outcomes.• It’s about boldly raising $$$$• It’s about advertising.
  49. 49. Advertising ….• Is about consumer demand….• Create a battle cry, a call-to-action.• Awaken a need.• Self-serving> yes> but paying for your name to be heard actually works.
  50. 50. It’s food for the soul• Warren Bennis writes that the “geeks” of today do well by doing good. Our employees and your employees become our best word-of-mouth ambassadors.• Commerce to them is about both lifestyle and income.
  51. 51. Northlich moved our young to take a stand.
  52. 52. You are the message• Getting you out there• How to use media to do so• How to make a company want to invest in youand why…
  53. 53. Surprise• and being heard is what matters most• Create disruptive and surprise element --- way beyond THE FLASH MOB• They might be catchy, but disruption should do MORE than generate interest.• Disruption should amplify your story and deliver metrics.
  54. 54. Measurement and Results• Your viability and ability to generate $$$ is tied to your ability to deliver tangible results, and• Your ability to measure mentions, “virility” and influence.• Tools exist to tell the story --
  55. 55. Why?
  56. 56. Me• Jennifer Mooney•
  57. 57. blogs•••