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Our Online brochure.

Our Online brochure.



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Mango studio brochure Mango studio brochure Presentation Transcript

  • NOTE: Cover to be mat laminated with sticker printer in UV gloss vranish o will le wh to f peop d discover moun an sh The a s brochure ng and fre thi nati . read ing fasci oes) th mang some inly about (ma
  • This brochure is about facts and figures. It’s abouthow digital technology is changing our world anddirectly affecting the lives of each and every one ofus in dynamic and exciting ways. Its also aboutmangoes and, of course, Mango Studio. Quite anintriguing combination when you think about it.Now, more than ever, our day-to-day existence isbeing shaped by the constantly evolving ways weuse the internet for commerce and communication.Which is why it is essential to embrace everyeffective new idea and opportunity. And that’sespecially true when it comes to business. Which iswhere Mango Studio can help. We’re an awardwinning creative digital agency. And what makes usdifferent is our approach. We take the time tounderstand your business and apply our skills indigital strategy, search marketing, user experiencedesign and digital technology to deliver solutionsthat achieve your business goals. So that’s what thisbrochure is about: technology, mangoes and us.It’s a tasty mix… we hope you enjoy it.
  • 150 4 years for the 60 internet to grow to 50 million users 55 5 50 10 days 45 15 13 years for The length of time it takes for a mango fruit to fully mature television to after it flowers. That may seem like a long time but it took radio flourish 38 years to grow to its peak. Slightly quicker was terrestrial television, which took 13 years to flourish. Much more impressive is the internet, which in only four years grew to a ripe total of 50 million users. With the above in mind, it’s easy to see why the internet is such 40 YEARS 20 35 25 an important tool for marketing activity, customer engagement and increasing business sales. 30 It took Mango Studio a little longer than 150 days to fully mature. 38 years for radio to We started back in 2007 and in that time we have grown to grow to its peak become one of the most respected creative digital agencies with clients including the BBC and the National Water Sports Centre. If you too are looking for a long-term strategic partner then your search ends here. You could say we’re ripe for picking.
  • pe Our Reci ent f commitm 15 tbsp o tion 2 cans of innova ce e of intelligen Larg e squeez tivityrecipes 1000m ls of crea tegyThat’s how many mango recipes there are on the internet’s Big pin ch of straleading cookery website. Which just goes to show how creative iasmyou can be if you’ve got the right ingredients.Being a top chef is, without doubt, an extremely inventive and 5 cups of enthus pathyinspiring skill. But there are several other areas of creativity 0mls of awhich, with the right ingredients, can produce equally enticingresults. 30 cusTake the internet for example. It may not create mango sorbet, 2kg of fobut it can engage customers and increase sales. It requires lity sh of abistrategy, ability and exposure from a competent and experienced s da Generoupartner. We call this approach Explore, Engage and Amplify andMango Studios whole ethos is defined by this methodology.Ecommerce, booking systems, mobile apps – everything weconceive and create is underpinned by an intelligent process and diat ely rve immetechnical skill. l and seIf you are hungry for more, then why not make Mango Studio the Mix weldish of your day?
  • Growth of the mango tree5000years That’s how long mangoes have been cultivated in India. But instead of the succulent and handsome produce that you think of today, when they were first grown, mangoes were small, ugly, fibrous little fruits. Mango seed 18 days 1 month 6 months Of course, there aren’t any pictures of the strange looking mangoes from all that time ago, but if there were, they would no doubt make their way onto the web. Our Content Management System (CMS) is a fast, flexible and powerful framework for people who edit website content. Obviously it can’t compare with the mango in terms of history. But it is a perfect example of how technology makes it possible to evolve your business in months rather than millennia. If you want your company’s websites and online projects to quickly grow, develop and deliver peak performance, we can help. We are the perfect partner if you are looking for a creative company to help maximise your online visibility and commercial success. Which is more than can be said for a 5000 year old mango tree. 3 years Mature mango tree
  • Engaging Planning Wireframes Concepts Creative Research StrategymillionThe amount of money spent on mangoes over one year in theUK alone. And a figure that continues to rise. But how much ofthat number is generated online?With online sales of groceries alone expected to go beyond £5billion in the next couple of years, internet shopping is a verylarge and lucrative market.Consumers use the internet for all kinds of purchases and thetotal amount they spend exceeds £50 billion every single year. Sowhatever area of business you are in, the internet offers an Rewardingirresistible opportunity to maximise your sales. Blueprints EfficientWe produce creative designs that are commercially focused and Models Architectureaimed at improving user experience. Our wireframing process is Visionthe foundation of great design and usability, ensuring customer Profitablejourneys are engaging and business goals are met.From business start-ups to large corporates, if you want to Processtransform and maximise your online potential, we’re the fruitfulcompany you need.How refreshing.
  • Typical calorie values of some food and drink 72 kcal 47 kcal 190 kcal in 100g of mango in 100g of apples in 100g of avocado 95 kcal in 100g of bananas 74 kcal in 100ml of 32 kcal 525 cals wine 525 calories in 100ml of kcal beer in 100g of in 100g of crisps chocolateThe amount of calories in a medium-size mango. Which mayseem a lot, but in fact mangoes are highly nutritious and full ofvitamins and minerals. So if you are interested in health andwell-being, you could do a lot worse than making mango one ofyour five-a-day.Activity, sport and leisure have become huge industries. In fact,sports club membership is at an all time high, with customersincreasingly looking to discover and crucially ‘book’ new andexciting pursuits online. 147 25.7 kcal 252Mango Studio have developed booking and reservation systems kcal in 100g of eggs 280 kcal in 100g of kcal in 100g of beef sausage in 100g of bread strawberriesfor leisure centres and outdoor activity centres across thecountry. If you want to remotely and securely manage bookings,enquiries and scheduling with a powerful, intelligent andscalable system then we have the solution for you.If your customers are the active type, make sure you pick thewinning team and get on board with Mango Studio. Find out moreat 10 creative ways to burn around 200 calories Running over hot coals – 5 minutes Dancing to Mangos theme tune – 25 minutes Body combat with Bruce Lee – 7-9 minutes Juggling 5 juicy mangoes – 45 minutes Power walking up Snowdonia – 22 minutes Cycling from Middlesbrough to Bristol – 16-18 minutes White water rafting – 17-20 minutes Laughing out loud – 75 minutes Racing Usain Bolt – 9.58 seconds Computer programming – an eternity!
  • millionThe estimated population of Burma, the original home of themango fruit. And although Burma is the largest country inSoutheast Asia, it seems small when compared to the scale anddensity of some online communities and social media sites.In fact, if Facebook were a country it would be the fourth mostpopulated place in the entire world. This is why todays web hasbecome such a sociable place. People visit destinations such asTwitter and Facebook to “converse” with others about brands,their experiences, opinions and thoughts.These situations offer the perfect opportunity for brands andorganisations to become immersed in these conversations andengage influencers directly.We may not be the home of the mango, but we’re certainly thehome of some fruitful social media strategies.If you want to reach out and communicate with millions of peopleonline, get in touch - through email, text or tweet
  • 400% That’s the increase in the amount of mangoes consumed since 1990. Which is clearly a huge explosion, but what else has grown with such speed and success? Smartphones are a good example and their year on year sales are showing no signs of slowing down. Communication once occurred within the confines of four walls. Today, the power of communication lies in the hands of nearly 3 billion people. Mobile communication has truly arrived. Mango Studio are award winning producers of user experience solutions for mobile devices including location based apps and premium SMS services. Growth is something that Mango Studio are also familiar with. We are proud to say that 70% of our business is generated through referrals and repeat business. And, just as importantly, a big part of our success has come through understanding technology trends and developing cutting edge applications. So, just like the leading mobile device manufacturers, we must also be doing a few things right. Why not give us a call, from your smartphone or otherwise?
  • . Ah Ping Alice Allampur Baneshan Alphonse Anderson Aroemanis Baileys Marvel Baptiste BD 20-26 B D 34-80 Becky Beverly Bombay Ratual Cambodiana Campeche Carabao Carrie Chowsa Cobiella Cogshall Colombo Kidney Corazon Cowasji Patel Cryder400 Cushman Dasheri Davis-Haden Dot Duncan Dupuis Early Gold Edge Hill Edward Eldon Extrema Fairchild Fascell Fernandin Florigon Franchelle Gary Gaylour Glenn Golden Lippens Golden Nugget Golek Gouveia Graham Haden Harris Hatcher Hawk Himsagar Hindi Hodson Imami Pasano Iris Irwin Itamaraca Ivory varieties Jacqueline Jakarta Jehangir Jewel Joellen Jubilee Julie Justin Keitt Kensington Kent Kuini That’s how many different types of mango there are. And if you want to find out more then Wikipedia is an excellent place to look. While 400 unique varieties of mango may seem like a Langra Lathrop Lemon Love Lippens Lucille Madoe Madras Magshamim Malindi Malika Mamita Manga Blanca lot, Wikipedia attracts over 60 million unique visitors each month. Their success ultimately stems from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Mangitera Zeylanica Manila Manzano Colorado Miami Late Momi K Mong Tong Nam Doc Mai Neelum Okrung Tong Ono Osteen Ott Some say SEO is a science. At Mango Studio, we believe SEO is also an art. An SEO strategy needs to be integrated with your online business strategy, creating the perfect balance between immersive design and high search engine rankings. Page Paheri Palmer Pascual Peach Praya Savoy Rapoza Ratar Rum Rung Ratual Rosa Royal Special Ruby It is imperative that potential customers see your website in a prime position within search engine results as this gives your business credibility as well as visibility. Rumani Sabre Saigon Sandersha Sang Tong Scuppernog Sensation Sidney Smith Sophie Fry Spirt of 76 Sprinfels We can’t promise you 60 million hits a month, but we can promise a successful SEO campaign, of any shape or size. St Maui Stevens Suwon Tip Tahar Tete Nene Tobago Small Red Toledo Tommy Atkins Tong Dam Turpentine Tyler Valcarrie Vallencia Pride Vallenato Van Dyke Van Raj Webber White Pirie Winters Wise Z Indo Zill Zillate
  • 33 million The weight, in tonnes, of mangoes grown all over the world. Even more amazing is that more fresh mangoes are eaten every day than any other fruit. They even account for approximately half of the tropical fruits produced all over the globe. But how does our consumption of fruit compare with our consumption of technology? Well, if you take YouTube for example, in one month alone 80 million users viewed over 3 billion videos. YouTube may be an exceptional case, but Mango Studio can help your internet projects aspire to similar levels of success. Our teams of expert designers, strategists and programmers know exactly how to make your online marketing a triumph. Whether you are looking to increase the visibility of your site through SEO, increase page hits using pay-per-click advertising, promote your services through online email campaigns, or simply just make visiting your website a more pleasurable and productive experience, Mango Studio can help deliver a totally cohesive campaign. If you want your electronic campaigns to be as popular as mangoes, why not weigh us up?
  • OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: CONTACT DETAILS: Middlesbrough:one of Explore Strategies t. +44(0)1642 680 2091 as in • Research & Planning • Online Business Strategy • Prince2 Project Management Bristol: • Persuasive Copywriting t. +44(0)117 370 6316 • Interactive Wireframinga kind • Accessibility & Usability w. e. Engage Consumers t. • Website Design & Build • Content Management (CMS) • Ecommerce Development That’s what we are • Event Management Systems • Club Membership Software Mango Studio is a creative digital agency. We are experts in • Online Booking System engaging customers with brands and increasing online sales. How? By focussing on three core ingredients: online business Amplify Results strategy; user centred design; and technical expertise. Our clients look to us for ideas led solutions and close • Email Marketing relationships that deliver extraordinary results. Our attention to • Search Engine Marketing detail, processes and industry knowledge ensure online • Social Media Marketing business needs are met. • Mobile Device Development Technology has never tasted so good. • Analytics Consulting • Web Hosting & Support Mango Studio is a trading name of Mango Creative Studio Ltd. Registration number: 6350326.