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Kindle Publishing Guide

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Kindle Publishing Guide

  1. 1. Kindle Publishing Guide Brought to you by The Kindle Publishing Edge How to Publish on Kindle(and the best choices to make in the process)
  2. 2. ©2012 JP Trager Creative Commons Non-Commercial, No Derivatives. You maydistribute this copy exactly as it is without making any changes. You maydistribute this report without any changes without the prior written permission ofthe publisher.Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Amazon and Amazon Kindleare trademarks of Amazon Inc. The website, company and guide are not employedby or endorsed by Amazon.Limit of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty: The publisher has used its bestefforts in preparing this book, and the information provided herein is provided "asis." and its associates, owners and principles makes norepresentation or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of thecontents of this information and specifically disclaims any implied warranties ofmerchantability or fitness for any particular purpose and shall in no event beliable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage, including but notlimited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TOACCURATELY REPRESENT THIS PRODUCT AND ITS POTENTIAL.THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL EARN ANY MONEY USINGTHE TECHNIQUES AND IDEAS IN THESE MATERIALS. EXAMPLES INTHESE MATERIALS ARE NOT TO BE INTERPRETED AS A PROMISE ORGUARANTEE OF EARNINGS. EARNING POTENTIAL IS ENTIRELYDEPENDENT ON THE PERSON USING OUR PRODUCTS, IDEAS ANDTECHNIQUES. WE DO NOT PURPORT THIS AS A “GET RICH SCHEME.”ANY CLAIMS MADE OF ACTUAL EARNINGS OR EXAMPLES OFACTUAL RESULTS CAN BE VERIFIED UPON REQUEST. YOUR LEVELOF SUCCESS IN ATTAINING THE RESULTS CLAIMED IN OURMATERIALS DEPENDS ON THE TIME YOU DEVOTE TO THEPROGRAMS, IDEAS AND TECHNIQUES MENTIONED, YOUR FINANCES,KNOWLEDGE AND VARIOUS SKILLS. SINCE THESE FACTORS DIFFERACCORDING TO INDIVIDUALS, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOURSUCCESS OR INCOME LEVEL. NOR ARE WE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYOF YOUR ACTIONS.MATERIALS IN OUR PRODUCTS AND OUR WEBSITE MAY CONTAININFORMATION THAT INCLUDES OR IS BASED UPON FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS WITHIN THE MEANING OF THE SECURITIESLITIGATION REFORM ACT OF 1995. FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTSGIVE OUR EXPECTATIONS OR FORECASTS OF FUTURE EVENTS. YOUCAN IDENTIFY THESE STATEMENTS BY THE FACT THAT THEY DO NOTRELATE STRICTLY TO HISTORICAL OR CURRENT FACTS. THEY USEWORDS SUCH AS “ANTICIPATE,” “ESTIMATE,” “EXPECT,” “PROJECT,”“INTEND,” “PLAN,” “BELIEVE,” AND OTHER WORDS AND TERMS OFSIMILAR MEANING IN CONNECTION WITH A DESCRIPTION OFPOTENTIAL EARNINGS OR FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE.ANY AND ALL FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS HERE OR ON ANY Kindle Publishing Guide Page 2 of 29
  3. 3. OF OUR SALES MATERIAL ARE INTENDED TO EXPRESS OUR OPINIONOF EARNINGS POTENTIAL. MANY FACTORS WILL BE IMPORTANT INDETERMINING YOUR ACTUAL RESULTS AND NO GUARANTEES AREMADE THAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE RESULTS SIMILAR TO OURS ORANYBODY ELSES, IN FACT NO GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT YOUWILL ACHIEVE ANY RESULTS FROM OUR IDEAS AND TECHNIQUES INOUR MATERIAL.Disclosure: This report contains affiliate links. We receive compensation if youpurchase something through one of our affiliate links. For the full FTC disclosureregarding outside parties and compensation from third parties please visit thispage on our website. Kindle Publishing Guide Page 3 of 29
  4. 4. Kindle Publishing and Why You Want to Use itThe Kindle has changed the way people read books. Its only one ofmany e-readers on the market, but it is the widest selling e-reader(Amazon has yet to actually publish complete sales numbers for theKindle) and has the greatest share of book sales for all ebooks: atleast 60 – 65% of the market.Unlike some of the Kindle’s competitors, Amazon’s Kindle bookstoresells books on every subject matter under the sun. From how to tuneyour car’s engine to historical romance, you can sell it in Amazon’sKindle store.The Benefits Of Publishing to KindleKindle and other e-readers allow readers to access books, articles,magazines and more in an "on-the-go", "take anywhere" digitalformat. The content is published in a proprietary Kindle format thatonly the Kindle e-reading devices or Kindle apps can display. Thereare other e-readers and other formats. However, as a self-publishedauthor, the Kindle store is where you will likely make most of yourmoney. Most authors find 80 – 85% of their profits of ebook salescome from Kindle ebook sales.The Kindle reading platform is where the majority of your potentialreaders hang out. Amazon’s easy to use shopping cart and deliveryservice make the process of buying a book quick and easy. In mostcases all prospective readers have to do is push one button on thesite and the book is instantly available on their Kindle device.In addition to Kindle being the most popular digital bookstore online,it provides a number of other benefits to authors and aspiring bookpublishers. Kindle Publishing Guide Page 4 of 29
  5. 5. High Royalties on a Wide Range of PricingAmazon pays up to 70% of your sales to you as a royalty. Any NewYork publisher that paid a 70% royalty would go out of business (theyusually pay between 4% and 15% depending on your history ofsuccess).So, if you charge $2.99 for your ebook, you can earn up to $2.09 persale. That may not sound like much, and you can certainly chargemore for your book, however the power of becoming an AmazonKindle publisher is that you have the opportunity to reach millions ofpeople. We’re talking serious volume here.Please note that if you charge less than $2.99 or more than $9.99,Amazon only pays a 35% royalty payment on your sales.If you want to learn more about pricing and publishing on the Kindle,your can access your bonus webinar.BONUS Kindle Publishing Webinar –The webinar goes over a rangeof insider tips to publishing on Kindle and discusses pricing amongother strategies. You can sign up for the next available webinarsession here. Signup before this training is no longer free.Low Production CostIt can cost significantly less to produce a digital book versus a physicalbook. And it may be a great way to test the market before you go topublishing a physical book. To publish a book in Amazon’s Kindlestore you need to:* Write a book to publish* Edit or have your book edited* Format the book for Kindle publication or have it formatted Kindle Publishing Guide Page 5 of 29
  6. 6. * Create a cover image or have a cover image created* Upload your book to the Kindle marketplace (i.e. Smashwords orKDP)Every single one of the steps above are things you can perform andmanage on your own. That means it may cost you absolutely nothingto publish your book. The result is that you earn 100% profit: the firstcopy you sell can generate a profit after Amazon takes their royaltypercentage.You can also outsource some or all of the tasks as well. You may wishto hire an editor to make sure your book is perfect. You may also hiresomeone to ghostwrite your book, format your book for the Kindledevice and create a book cover. Even if you outsource the entire bookcreation process you still save money publishing digitally because youdon’t have to pay for the cost of printing and distribution.Simple as 1-2-3Kindle publishing is relatively easy, and there are several ways topublish on Kindle. The most straightforward is to upload yourdocument into their step-by-step KDP system. You answer a fewquestions and upload your file, after which you can preview yourbook before you submit it for Amazons review.It is important how you answer these questions for your bookstrategy because some of the choices cannot be changed later, butyour book goes into the review cue for Amazon to look at right afteryou finish answering these questions.Availability across Many PlatformsKindle books are available on a wide variety of mobile platforms, inmany languages and in countries around the world. That means youcan sell to people who live around the globe and use a variety of Kindle Publishing Guide Page 6 of 29
  7. 7. devices can read your book. Kindle books are available for purchaseon all the Kindle devices, the Kindle Cloud Reader, and on Kindle appsfor iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Android-baseddevices, and Windows Phone 7.When it comes to publishing a book the question isn’t why become aKindle publisher, but rather, why not? You’ll make more money andhave a broader audience. It’s also important to note that you canpublish just about anything via Kindle. Many other self-publishingtools limit what you can publish. Kindle accepts anything fromcookbooks and dictionaries to graphic novels and fully illustratedchildren’s books.Take a look at your Kindle publishing options… Kindle Publishing Guide Page 7 of 29
  8. 8. Your Kindle Publishing OptionsAmazon has made Kindle publishing available for everyone. If youhave a book already published and available on other readers or onyour own website, there are conversion tools you can use to convertyour existing book into a Kindle book.If you are starting from scratch and have yet to write a book, then seethe tips in the section below. Also, if you’ve yet to publish your book,you can publish it exclusively via Kindle and earn some extraadvantages.KDP vs KDP SelectKDP a.k.a Kindle Direct Publishing, is the most common type ofKindle publishing. However, if you’re interested in earning somebenefits of exclusivity then the KDP Select program may be ofinterest.KDP Select is a program that offers you the ability to distribute yourbook for free over 5 days in a 90 day period. It also enrolls you in theAmazon borrowing program that allows Amazon Prime members whoown a Kindle to borrow your book for free.By signing up for an exclusive 90-day program period, you cannotpublish your book with any other publisher or website during that 90days, and you agree that people in the Prime program who ownKindles can borrow your book for free. In exchange, you earn apercentage of the KDP Select fund, which has been paying right about$2 per book borrowed.The more your book is borrowed, the more money you earn from thefund. KDP Select also offers publishers more tools and resources topromote your book: it’s a nice way to generate awareness for yourbook. Once the 90 days are over and your agreement has expired youcan then publish your book anywhere you choose. However, youneed to make sure you do not automatically check the auto-renewKDP Select membership or you are automatically enrolled in the next90 day period without doing anything. Kindle Publishing Guide Page 8 of 29
  9. 9. Set Up Your KDP AccountGo to the KDP sign up page here. Using an email you always check,you sign up for a Kindle Direct Publishing account. It is critical for youto understand two things. 1. You can only have one KDP account per physical address, entity, email and bank account. You MAY be able to have more than one company at a particular address for a KDP account, but, many people have had their KDP accounts shut down because they had more than one that shared one or more of the items above. When Amazon shuts down your Kindle account, they do not pay you royalties. Treat your Kindle account like the golden goose, because it can be very difficult to re-activate it, and sometimes it is not possible. 2. Amazon will send you notices to your email address of record, sometimes in advance of shutting down an account or approving a book. Either way, you want to ensure your account email is one you check every day.You can set up your account here.When Your Book is Already PublishedIf your book has already been published, either with another self-publishing company, or on your own, you can use one or more ofKindle’s applications to convert it to Kindle format and make itavailable on Amazon’s Kindle store. Here are the available tools in anutshell:THE KDP UploaderThe Digital Text Uploader is the step-by-step system you use whenyou sign up to KDP. By following the simple process you can upload Kindle Publishing Guide Page 9 of 29
  10. 10. your book into KDP in the following formats.* Word (.doc or .docx)* ePub (.epub)* Plain Text (.txt)* Mobipocket (.mobi or .prc)* HTML (.zip, .htm, or .html)* Adobe PDF (.pdf)* Rich Text Format (.rtf)Kindle Direct Publishing text uploader converts your digital text soreaders using the Amazon Kindle or Kindle for PC or mobile devicescan display it. During this process you also enter basic informationabout your content including content description, a cover image andyour list price. This tool does the work for you.However, this tool is far from perfect and can really mess upformatting if your base document is not formatted correctly. Youwant to avoid this tool completely if you have a lot of specialformatting. You need to understand HTML and use their formattingguide for reference or select a better tool.Don’t get stressed if you have a lot of formatting and you don’t knowHTML, you can hire someone to help - Kindle publishing is bigbusiness and there are many Kindle book formatting specialistsavailable. Or simply stick to very basic design elements (such as bold)in a simple Word document.There is an exciting new tool available for Kindle Formatting thatmake it a breeze, but it is not free. You can check it out here.You can also use one of the following tools to format and/or previewyour book before you publish it.KindleGen v2.3Already know a bit about HTML? Then KindleGen may be the tool foryou. It converts HTML, XHTML, XML (OPF/IDPF format), or ePubsource into a Kindle-ready book.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 10 of 29
  11. 11. Kindle Previewer v2.3Regardless of the tool you use to format your book the KindlePreviewer will help you make sure your book’s layout meets yourexpectations.Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign® v0.96 (Beta)Did you use Adobe InDesign to create your book? Great! Simplydownload this program onto your computer and use it to convertyour Adobe InDesign book into a Kindle formatted book.Pre-Formatted Word DocumentThere is a very helpful Kindle Publishing toolkit that includes a pre-formatted Kindle template. It is packed full of helpful information,and is very reasonably priced. You can check it out here.Go here to find out more or download the free tools: Publishing Guide Page 11 of 29
  12. 12. Writing Your Book - Tips for Creating a Kindle BestsellerTeaching you how to write your Kindle bestseller is beyond the scopeof this book, which is more practical in nature. However, here are afew tips to help get you on the right track if you have not alreadystarted writing.Understand What Makes Your Audience TickWhether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, it is important to knowwho your audience is. Who will want to read your book? Forexample, if you’re writing a book about training dogs then youraudience will be dog owners, right? If you’re writing science fictionthen your audience may be young males. Understanding your readeris important. Take time to research your audience and write a bookthat fits their interests or solves their problems.Focus Narrowly within Your AudienceNon-fiction: Instead of trying to write a book that is all things to allpeople, narrow your focus. For example, if you’re writing a book ondog training then focus on a niche within dog training. Write a bookon how to train small dogs, how to train Poodles, or how to train dogsto get TV commercial work. Or, focus on "positive reinforcement" dogtraining techniques.A highly focused topic offers more value to your readers than a bookthat simply highlights the basics, and attracts more purchases than abook that tries to be all things to all people.Fiction: Focus on the types of people and things the typical reader inyour genre likes, fears and aspires to be or own and weave thesethroughout your book just as you do the theme and the storyelements.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 12 of 29
  13. 13. Offer a Benefit and Make Sure Your Title Conveys That BenefitThe more valuable your book’s topic and title, the better it will sell.For example, David Bach’s Start Late, Finish Rich offers a very distinctand tangible benefit. It tells potential readers that they can do wellfinancially even if they’re older. Spend time crafting your book’s title.It is the first thing potential readers will see and often what they basetheir decision on when choosing a book.Book ReviewsOnce your book is available on the Kindle store, people will beginreviewing it. However, it pays to have a few good reviews publishedright in the beginning. Ask a few friends or associates to review yourbook before you publish it - you can add those reviews to your book’sinside cover.You can also ask them to write and publish their reviews as soon asyour book is published so potential readers view your book favorably.Beware of friends writing too many glowing reviews. They should behonest reviews. If you have all 5 star glowing reviews, it can look fakeand take away credibility.WARNING: Never buy reviews to be posted for your Kindle book Although many services offer to review your book inexchange for money, Amazon is cracking down on this practice.Edit and PolishOne of the biggest criticisms of self-published books is that they’reoften put together sloppily with little attention to spelling, grammaror proper formatting. Take the time to edit and polish your book. Youmight consider having several friends read it first for errors and youmay even want to hire a professional editor. Your book representsyou, so take the time and effort to put your best effort forward. If youdo not put out your best work right away, you can alienate readersfrom ever buying a book or anything else from you ever again. SoKindle Publishing Guide Page 13 of 29
  14. 14. please take the time to put your best effort into your books and havesomeone else go over your book to polish the finished product.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 14 of 29
  15. 15. Before You Publish: Amazons RequirementsBefore you begin the process of uploading your book into the Kindledigital text format, make sure you take the necessary steps to getyour book accepted the very first time you upload it. You probablywant to follow a few guidelines to ensure your book’s layout fits yourreaders expectations.You Must Have A Cover Image For Your BookIf you don’t have a cover image, Amazon will use a placeholderincluding the title of your book and the first contributor name youentered. It’s much better to have a book cover: it really motivatespeople to buy your book. If you’re handy with graphic design, createone yourself. Your book’s cover must be:* A JPEG (.jpeg) or TIFF (.tif(f)) file* At least 500 by 800 pixels. (a max of 2000 pixels).* Height/width ratio of 1.6.* Save at 72 dots per inch (dpi)* Color is better than black and white* Original - not infringing on anyone else’s copyright* Clear of any mention of pricing or promotional offer including nowebsite addressAside from Amazon’s requirements you also want your book cover tocapture attention. It should convey what your book is about and youlook professional. Your book cover represents you and your book:take time to create the best image possible. Even better, hire aprofessional book designer (the best one you can afford).A book cover can make the difference between selling a dozen copiesor tens of thousands of copies. If you want to learn more abouthaving a best seller book cover designed that will compete right upthere with the big six publishers you can see the resource section atthe end of this guide. You can also hire a professional who specializesin designing covers that sell.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 15 of 29
  16. 16. No Page NumbersEbooks are read and experienced by readers much differently than aprinted book. Page numbers in a print version will not correspondwith the Kindle digital formatting. In fact, depending on the Kindledevice a person is using, the page numbers can vary drastically.Imagine how different your reading experience is if you are reading abook on your phone versus on your laptop! The page numberswouldn’t match, right?For this reason, Amazon asks that you remove page numbers and anyreference to page numbers (for example, in your table of contents)from your book. If you have a table of contents and you want it to beclickable (meaning your reader can click on Chapter three and beimmediately taken to that page), then visit the Kindle Publishing andformatting guidelines which walk you how to set up a linkable tableof contents in HTML: DataAs you go through the step-by-step process of uploading your bookinto the Kindle publishing system you’ll be asked a number ofquestions. Many of the answers to these questions are optional.However, you will be asked for one author/contributor name - at leastone name is required. You can use your own name or a pen name –one KDP account can include books from a number of different pennames.Copyright data helps protect you should anyone pirate your book’scontents.Digital Rights Management – Yes or NoYou can protect your book by checking DRM – Digital RightsManagement. When uploading your book you’ll either check to haveyour book protected or unprotected. DRM is Amazon’s tool to “inhibitKindle Publishing Guide Page 16 of 29
  17. 17. unauthorized distribution of the Kindle file of your book.”If you want to encourage people to share your content then don’tsign up for DRM.Once you publish your book, you cannot change your DRM setting somake sure you choose the option that is right for you. The mostimportant thing to know about this option is that if your reader wantsto change from reading your book on their Kindle and switch to theiriPhone, if you have DRM enabled, that reader would need to buyanother copy of your book just to read it on their iPhone. Therefore,we recommend you do not check the DRM box.While it sounds good in theory, it is irritating to customers to have topay for a book again to read it on another device they own. Peopleexpect when they pay for a book they own the content to read asthey choose. If you are building a following and you want them tobuy more books in the future from you, you dont want to alienateyour potential fans.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 17 of 29
  18. 18. Some Additional Sales-Boosting Suggestions…Include a Description of Your BookYour book description is what customers see on your books salespage when they shop in the Kindle store. You have 4,000 charactersto work with, make them count.Consider how you shop for books and what information is importantto you. Much like the back cover blurb on a paperback, a well-writtenbook description can motivate a prospect to buy your book.This book description or book blurb is sales copy for your book. It hasto make potential buyers want to have your book right away so theyclick the buy button. Amazon has made it extremely easy to makeimpulse purchases from the Kindle bookstore, so if your book blurbdoes its job, you have a sale. There are rules about what you can andcannot do in your book description. You should check for the latestrules in the content guidelines section here.According to Amazon’s terms, your description cannot include thefollowing:  Pornographic, obscene or offensive content.  Phone numbers, physical mail addresses, e-mail addresses, or website URLs.  Availability, price, alternative ordering information (such as links to other websites for placing orders) or alternative shipping offers (such as free shipping).  Spoilers regarding Books, Music, Video or DVD listings (information that reveals plot elements crucial to the suspense, mystery or surprise ending of a story).  Reviews, quotes or testimonials.  Solicitations for positive customer reviews.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 18 of 29
  19. 19.  Advertisements, watermarks on images or videos, or promotional material.  Time-sensitive information (e.g. dates of promotional tours, seminars, lectures, etc.).Kindle Publishing Guide Page 19 of 29
  20. 20. ISBN - International Standard Book NumberAn ISBN is an identifier. You don’t have to buy an ISBN, but you can. Ifyou do not, Amazon will assign a number to your book. However, ifyou plan on selling your book in other digital venues like Smashwordsor Barnes & Noble then you may want a unified way to identify thenumber, such as an ISBN.If you have or intend to have a print version of your book you need adifferent ISBN for the digital version.Here is the question answered in KDP frequently asked questions.Search Information – Make Your Book Easy for Prospects to FindAs part of the process of uploading your book into the Kindle systemyou have the opportunity to make it easier for your prospects to findyour book. You can include browse categories. For example, if you’rewriting a cookbook, then your browse category will be “cooking.” Ifyou’re writing a romance novel then you’ll choose “romantic fiction.”You can choose up to two browse categories for your book. Youshould choose the two categories most closely affiliated with yourbook and list both.You can also assign or identify search keywords. You can enter up toseven keywords to help readers find your book. These would bewords that people might use to find your book. Choose thesekeywords wisely.According to Amazon, once you complete the uploading andmetadata process and click “Save and Publish,” your book will appearfor sale on the Kindle Store in approximately 24 hours. Amazon statesthat “within 48 to 72 hours, all other book features should beavailable on the detail page, such as the product description and linksto related physical editions.”Your book will go through an Amazon review process before beingpublished for any obvious problems. This includes a scan of the booksKindle Publishing Guide Page 20 of 29
  21. 21. contents to ensure you are not publishing PLR (private license rights)or public domain material that is already published on Kindle or theInternet.What if You Want to Change Details after You Publish?There are several things you can change after you publish your Kindlebook. Take a look at this list to make sure that all your other decisionsare correct before you hit the submit button.What If You Want A Print Book Too?Create Space is Amazon’s self-publishing option for those who wantto produce a print book. Like KDP, the process is free to get started.You earn royalties on your books and they provide a number of toolsand resources to make the process as easy as possible. Servicesinclude creating your own book cover, ISBN assignment and evendistribution and marketing help. And you can link your ebook andyour print book together so potential buyers have a choice.During the publishing process, the KDP system will attempt to matchtitle, author name, and other title information to physicalcounterparts available in the Amazon catalog.Pricing Your EbookHow much should you charge for your ebook?That may be the most difficult question you have to answer. Of courseyou want to make as much money as possible. However, you alsowant to make sure you’re sending the right message to your buyers.Amazon has a few hard and fast rules including:* Your digital book’s “List Price” cannot be higher than the list price inany sales channel for any digital or physical edition of the DigitalBook. Essentially, your Kindle book’s list price must be lower than orthe same as the list price on every other website.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 21 of 29
  22. 22. * If you choose the 70% royalty option, you have to set your list priceso that it is at least 20% below the list price in any sales channel forany physical edition of the book.* When you set your List Price for Kindle’s EU websites, you have tofactor the additional 3% value-added taxes into your price.* Digital books with a file size greater than 3 megabytes and up to 10megabytes must have a list price of at least $.99, and digital bookswith a file size of 10 megabytes or more must have a list price of atleast $2.99.Taking all of that into consideration, here are a few tips to help youcome up with a good starting price. Keep in mind that you can changethe price of your book later; you just have to keep Kindle’s pricingrules in mind when you change that price.What is Your Competition Doing?Take a look at your competition and evaluate what they’re chargingfor their books. You don’t necessarily have to charge less than yourcompetition. However, it is a good idea to price yourselfcompetitively. Want to go head to head with the big boys? You musthave flawless prose, a killer book design and perfect formatting oryou will get poor reviews.Your Publishing OptionsAlso explore your other publishing avenues. Will you publish viaanother medium like Smashwords or Barnes & Noble? What are theirrate guidelines? How can you price your book to stay competitiveamongst all of your publishing avenues? You can start out just withKindle to focus on the biggest payback for your efforts. Once youwork out any kinks, you can add additional channels.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 22 of 29
  23. 23. What Is Your Goal for The Book?While many people publish to make money, many do not. In fact, oneof the most common reasons to publish a book is to establishcredibility. When you publish a book you can use it as a tool tomarket your business. And if you’re publishing fiction or a memoir,then you may simply want to tell a story. The price of your bookshould fit your goal.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 23 of 29
  24. 24. The Little Extras That Help Set Your Book Apart From The RestYou already know the importance of a good book cover and adescription that captures the attention of your readers. There are afew other things you can do to help set your book apart from themillions of other books available in Amazon’s Kindle store. Theyinclude:Free ChaptersMany authors are afraid to let readers peruse their book for free.However, giving your readers a small taste of what your book has tooffer has proven to be good marketing: it turns browsers into buyers.If you’re writing and selling fiction, then consider making the firstchapter available to read. And make sure it ends with a hook – youwant them to have to buy the book to find out what happens next.If you’re selling non-fiction then make your best chapter available forreview. It doesn’t have to be your first chapter but it can be. You wantthem to be able to see the benefit of buying your book.When you publish on Kindle, you dont have a choice, Amazon willallow readers to preview the first 10% of your book. Use this to youradvantage.Author PageOne of the best ways to sell books is to connect with your readers.Create a website and/or blog. Also use Amazon’s features to create anauthor profile. You can upload a picture, include a biography andeven include contact information so your readers can connect withyou personally.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 24 of 29
  25. 25. Social NetworkingChances are you already have a social networking presence. Use it topromote your book. You can create separate profiles on Facebookand Twitter or integrate your book promotions into your existingprofiles. Comment on relevant industry blogs and join forums thatare associated with your book’s genre and topic of interest. Forexample, if you wrote a cookbook then participate in blogs thatdiscuss cooking and recipes.Many authors are also using advertising, book trailers, and othermeans to promote their books. You can also become an affiliate forAmazon and earn an additional 4% from each sale of your own book!And of course you should link to your book from your website and ifyou have any other books available for sale then by all meanspromote them in your Kindle book and include links to them. Cross-promotion is smart business!At this point we’ve covered the basics about publishing a Kindlebook. You know that you can publish on just about any topic and thatit’s a pretty straight forward process. Now, you know the basics ofsetting your price and promoting your book, and youve taken a lookat the essential elements you need to have before you publishincluding a cover image, a formatted book and author information.Now, let’s look at the top Kindle Publishing FAQs.Kindle Publishing Links at Your FingertipsYou can download a Kindle Publishing toolbar for your browser if youuse Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. This toolbar has allthe top Amazon Kindle Publishing links for instant access to the FREEand paid Kindle Bestseller lists, KDP login and signup, Bestselling inbooks, Amazon author forums, KDP Publishing guidelines, KDPannouncements and KDP tools from Amazon.comYou can download the toolbar from: Publishing Guide Page 25 of 29
  26. 26. The Top Five Kindle Publishing FAQsHow Do I Sign Up for Kindle Direct Publishing?If you already have an account you’re good to go. Justvisit the KDP page and get started. If you don’t have an Amazonaccount just sign up for one; it’s free. Many experts recommendcreating a separate account for your publishing efforts. You decidewhich is best for you.Can I Unpublish My Book?Yes. To unpublish your book or remove it from the Kindle bookstoreyou simply log in, visit your Bookshelf and select “Unpublish.” Yourbook will be removed from the Kindle store within 24-72 hours. It willbecome unsearchable within a week. You can republish it later if youchoose.You can use this option to update your book as you need to.Can I Change or Update My Book Once It Has Been Published?Yes. Visit your Bookshelf and make any changes to your book. ClickPublish to republish it and you’re good to go.How Are My Royalties Calculated?As a KDP publisher you have two options. You can choose either 35%royalties or 70% royalties. Why would anyone choose 35% over 70%?If you choose the 35% then you earn royalties off of your list price.So, if Amazon chooses to sell your book at a lower price, you earnyour royalties for each book sold off of the price you set, not the priceAmazon sold it for.If you choose the 70% option then you earn a royalty based on theprice Amazon sells your book for. They can set a lower price to matchKindle Publishing Guide Page 26 of 29
  27. 27. a competitor’s price. So if you set your list price for $4.99 and theysell it for $2.99 you earn 70% of 2.99. Read the pricing page andterms and conditions before choosing your royalty option.How often does Amazon mess with this pricing? Its hard to say. Thepoint is they can. Only you can decide if this is a deal killer or not.How Do I Track My Sales?As a KDP publisher you have access to the following reports:* Month-to-Date Unit Sales* Prior Six Weeks’ Royalties* Prior Months’ RoyaltiesIt may be helpful to establish your own means for tracking yourAmazon sales. There are third party tools and plug-ins that can helpyou do this.Wrap upKDP puts the power of publishing directly in your hands. Embrace thisnew technology to realize your dreams. Whether you write fiction ornon-fiction, Kindle can be the key to your new life as a publishedauthor.Dont miss out on the Kindle Publishing Webinar, while its stillavailable. Click here to registerIn the next section you have a list of recommended Kindle Resourcesthat help you publish a profitable Kindle book.Kindle Publishing Guide Page 27 of 29
  28. 28. Recommended Kindle Publishing ResourcesKindle Publishing ReportsThe following reports are available at an update discount. Each reportbelow is $4.95 for a limited time when you pre-order them. You canalso order all 14 reports at a huge $22 discount for only $47. Many ofthese reports will be priced way above $4.95 once they are revised. Incase you receive this guide after the sale is over: When the offer ispulled down, the regular pricing will be reflected. Sign up for ongoing news and tips. Occasionally, thereports do go on sale. If you are on the list, you will get an emailwhen the reports go on sale.Browse the titles below and click here to order. More titles may beavailable on the website…  How to Write a Book Blurb that Sells More Books  How to Have a Best Seller Book Cover Designed  The Best FREE Ways to Advertise Your Kindle Book  How to Use KDP Select to Create Steady Long-Term Sales for Your Book (and then Ramp it Up for Huge Profits)  How to Use Paid Reviews to make your Kindle book a Best Seller (within Amazons TOS)  How to Publish on Kindle to Make Your Book a Best Seller  The 3 Power Strategies to Design Your Kindle Book for Long Term Income Streams  Strategies to Pick a Great Book Title  How to Profit on Hot Selling Kindle ebooks  How to Professionally Market Your Kindle Book on the CheapKindle Publishing Guide Page 28 of 29
  29. 29.  How to Find Best-Selling Kindle Niches  How to Find Out FREE How Many Copies of a Kindle Book Your Competition is Selling On any Given Day  The Six Best Free Press Release Sites to Issue Your Press Release  The Elements You Need to Increase Kindle Books Sales from Your WebsiteOrder the Kindle Publishing Reports above>> hereEasy Kindle Formatter – Inexpensive, hassle-free doc converterBest Seller Quality Book Covers -- Your book cover makes or breaks salesHow to Write Sales Copy - For Book Blurbs that Sell Books Like CrazyKindle Publishing Kit – Great "getting started" kitSelf Publishing Secrets – Self publishing your book in physical form atminimal "out-of-pocket" costFREE Kindle Publishing Webinar – Sign up now so you dont miss itKindle Publishing Toolbar – All the top Kindle publishing links at yourfingertips for one click access to KDP, Kindle bestseller lists, formatting guide,content guidelines, author forums and much moreKeep up-to-date on the Kindle Publishing World and how to profitfrom the changes. Sign up for breaking news at www.BookTread.comKindle Publishing Guide Page 29 of 29