BEA 2012 - Pin It On Pinterest - Driving Traffic to Your Brand


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Pin It On Pinterest - Driving Traffic To Your Brand

Pinterest, launched in Spring of 2010, has become one of the fastest growing social networking sites and is a top traffic driver for brand identity. In this session, speakers will share insight on how curated themed "digital boards" can provide publishers, authors, booksellers and others with a unique opportunity to engage readers. The endless possibilities of "pinning" images and creating digital board for each character in a book, creating boards showing settings in a book, creating boards where readers can "cast" the book - what actors would be in the movie all create successful social media sharing for publishers and authors. Get insight on what types of boards attract social responses, what types of information can be Pinned to add variety to your boards and how to make Pinterest work for your specific marketing. Learn how by using Facebook and Twitter, you can drive traffic to this particular board and drive traffic to retail.

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BEA 2012 - Pin It On Pinterest - Driving Traffic to Your Brand

  1. 1. Pin it on Pinterest Driving Traffic to Your Brand
  2. 2. What is Pinterest? Pinterest allows you to organize and share images you find on the web or upload from your computer. Pinterest is the fastest growing social network. Number of users in May 2011: 418,000. Number of users in January 2012: 11,716,000. Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. Right now, Pinterest is available via invitation only (it’s not that difficult to obtain an invite).
  3. 3. Who uses Pinterest? Pinterest stats: 13% of users are male; 87% of users are female. Age group of most users: 25-54 years of age. Most users live in Midwest, South, or Central United States. Some companies who were early adopters to Pinterest: Whole Foods, Etsy, Real Simple, and West Elm. Each have over 10,000 followers. Book publishers on Pinterest: Random House, Scholastic, Crown, Vintage, Penguin, Simon & Schuster, and HarperCollins.
  4. 4. I’m in! Now what? Lingo for Pinners. Pin: An image or video added to Pinterest either from a website using a “Pin It” button or uploaded from a person’s computer. Repin: Similar to “Retweet” on Twitter, users can repin items they come across that other users have pinned, adding them to one of their boards. Board: A set of pins. Users can create boards on any topic (favorite books, recipes, quotes, tech gear, etc.) and can add as many pins and they like. Tip: follow some big names on Pinterest to get a sense of how they’re using it. Watch and learn.
  5. 5. Marketing Strategies for Pinterest Profile: use a headshot or logo; make your name easy to find; add links to social networks, use Facebook and Twitter to find friends, top 3 people you repin appear on upper right corner. Pins: use creative pin titles; tag others using @ symbol; make it beautiful and visual; always credit source for pins. Boards: Use creative, fun titles (or book titles); mix content (yours & others), Repin supporting images; latest pin is largest image. Contests: Monthly board contest; pin image of contest rules.
  6. 6. Did you know? You can highlight text and pin quotes to boards on pinterest? Check out the free version of You can measure campaigns on Pinterest by using Pinerly. It is in beta testing right now. Sign up for early access. “Books” is one of the most pinned words on Pinterest. Always aim to write “likeable” content rather than “commentable” content for repins. Keep descriptions to about 200 words and they are more likely to get repinned.
  7. 7. Follow the discussion FOLLOW TODAY’S PANELISTS ON TWITTER: Kathleen Schmidt: @Bookgirl96 or @KMSPR; Katherine Rosman: @katierosman; Bethanne Patrick: @JustBethanne; Rebecca Joines Schinsky: @Rebecca Schinsky USE HASHTAG: #BEA12Pintalk