BEA 2012 - Creating a Digital Rights & Permissions Market


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Protecting Your Titles - Building Out The Digital Rights & Permissions Marketplace!
The next digital frontier in publishing will focus on Digital Rights and Permissions! This exciting and informative session will focus on presenting a hands-on practical guide to protecting published works with the digitalization of Rights and Permissions. Publishers will learn exactly what the benefits are to having proper Digital Rights and Permissions in place for their titles. Learn how to handle legacy contract digitalizing and why making this a priority is so important in today's downloadable mobile environment. Publishers who want to successfully enter the online marketplace should be integrated into the Book Industry Study Group's controlled rights vocabulary for Onix3 metadata and this will be covered in detail during this session.

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BEA 2012 - Creating a Digital Rights & Permissions Market

  1. 1. Protecting Your Titles: Buildingout the Rights and Permissions Marketplace The Next Digital Frontier in Publishing
  2. 2. The Current Situation: Opportunity• Digital books now command anywhere from 20-30% of the book market.• There is greater demand and interest in Cross Media publishing than ever before.• The market for Custom Publishing and Course Packs are both growing rapidly.• EPUB 3 has just been released encouraging multi- media production.• Judgments protecting copyright are on the rise. (YouTube, Google, Georgia State etc.)• Speed to market is becoming an essential fact of life in publishing.
  3. 3. The Current Situation: Challenges• Although books are digitalizing at a rapid rate Contracts remain stuck in filing cabinets.• Of the top 16 Publishers only 1 has fully scanned and digitalized their contracts.• More than 50% of major publisher titles information remains in paper only.• Not knowing quickly what Rights and Permissions are owned inhibits growth. (Average turnaround time on Rights is 12-16 weeks)• Inability to digitally access information leads to loss of revenue, misplacement of assets, potential copyright infringement or unneeded licensing fees.
  4. 4. The Current Situation: Remedies• To address these problems the BISG (Book Industry Study Group) set up a Rights and Permissions Digitalization Committee to look into the matter• Other industry solutions are also being developed to digitalize transactions and 3rd Party clearances – CCC – Digi-Rights
  5. 5. The Current Situation: SolutionsDigitalization of Rights and Permissions willopen up new markets for current IntellectualAssets:- Licensing of Print segments- Easy integration of Graphic Assets- Ability to Quickly Identify Multi-Media Needs- Creation of a Global Digitalized Rights &Permissions Marketplace
  6. 6. The Current Situation: SolutionsPROCESSES NEEDED: LEGACY -Scanning/OCR of Contracts to PDF for Legacy Content -Capturing of Rights information for input to Database, transfer to controlled vocabulary metadata -Integration of rights data into a global partnership of rights buyers and vendors -Development of Digital Marketplace -Integration with Rights databases for other Media