Deming Cycle
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Deming Cycle



Slideshow discus the simple basic aspects of Deming Cycle. This presentation was prepared by my friend Sonam.

Slideshow discus the simple basic aspects of Deming Cycle. This presentation was prepared by my friend Sonam.



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Deming Cycle Deming Cycle Presentation Transcript

  •  Deming cycle was given by W. Edwards Deming.
  • INTRODUCTION (contd.)Deming’s philosophy Continually provide better products and service & gradually improve the process. Put quality first, not short-term process. 14 points management philosophy Deming cycle-plan, do, study, and act
  •  Create a vision and demonstrate commitment Adopt new philosophy Build quality into product and process Consider total cost not jus initial price Improve constantly and forever
  •  Training on the job Institute leadership Drive out fear Optimize the efforts of teams Eliminate exhortations
  •  Eliminate numerical targets Remove barriers to worker satisfaction Encourage self improvement Take no action
  •  Developing a plan for exactly what organization going to, want to, need to or would like to achieve. Should keep it SMART S - Specific M-Measurable A-Achievable R-Relevant T-Time-bound
  •  Planning requires Defining a problem or opportunity Analysing the situation Thinking creatively Developing an implementation plan
  •  Executing the plan, taking small steps in controlled circumstances It is all about doing Research on the basis of previous stage Communicate with the related people Deliver a well expected result Recruiting man power for the planned work
  •  Study(check) just as it implies. Where one perform analysis of the data he has collected during the previous stage. Checking requires Analysing data and pinpoint problems Observing the effects of the change and test Collecting some more information Inspecting the work which has been on process
  •  Act standardizes the change. If the result is not satisfactory then, repeat the cycle Acting requires Looking for proper resources Starting to implement the process Development of technology Securing the improvement
  •  The points mentioned above in Deming management process may seem to be minor but they are not. Every single organization must go through each and every aspect of the cycle. Since there is no specific time suggested for any particular cycle, it could take place in an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year.
  •  This process results in continual improvements. When one is satisfied that his/her organization has accomplished all it can from this cycle, starting again with the process results only in improvement. Improvement equals better but not perfect.