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10 Steps To Job Search Success
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10 Steps To Job Search Success


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Job Search GOLD Coaching Program

Job Search GOLD Coaching Program

Published in: Career, Business
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  • 1. 10 Steps to Job Search Success ... Building Strong Foundations Do You Want this Job Search Over as Quick As Possible? Get these 10 Steps completed within the next 2 weeks, and you should be in a fabulous new job within 60 days. This online video has action steps you need to apply, so grab a drink, turn the phone on silent and let’s talk all about you.....
  • 2. Step # 1. Create your career goalWrite out your goals and your vision for your future.• Make them SMART Goals• Create a Collage that depicts the ideal Image of your future.
  • 3. Step #2. Yearly MilestonesDivide Your Career Goal into ‘Chunks’For example:1. Development of Skills and Knowledge that will leverage the market trends2. Development of Your Network3. Development of Your Reputation as an Industry Expert
  • 4. Step # 3 Define Your Brand1. What are Your top strengths2. What are you naturally talented in doing?3. What image do you want to promote to the world?4. What words would describe your style of work?5. What type of people or clients would be attracted to your style, your strengths and your reputation?
  • 5. Step # 4 Identify Your DriversWhat are the key components that are motivating you go make a career move?1.2.3.
  • 6. Step # 5 Define Your Ideal CompanyWhat are the key components of the company you would most like to work for?• Location• Size• Products and Services• Values & Culture• Reward and Recognition• Training & Development• Success Rate• Innovative Leadership
  • 7. Step # 6. Outline Your Value Proposition Look through the eyes of your future organisation: • How have you proven to be worth the salary that you have taken? • What are the results you have brought to your employer• What problems haveyou helped solve over thelast 12 months?
  • 8. Now List 15 instances where you haveprovided value to your employers over the last 5 years.
  • 9. Step # 7. Choose 3 Strategies to Approach Your Market Networking through 2 – 3 Industry Associations Direct marketing campaigns Aligning with your favourite recruiters Cold Calling Applying through Job Ads Networking Events LinkedIn Groups
  • 10. Step # 8. Create A Compelling Communication Strategy Professional Resume Tailored Cover Letters LinkedIn Profile Google Profile Professional Bio Video Resume Blog or Website
  • 11. Step # 9. Realise the Potential of Your Existing NetworkWith a Notepad or on a Spreadsheet:• Write down all the people you have a professional relationship with, the companies they are from, and the companies they service. List the names of all your friends and family members and the industries they have exposure to.
  • 12. Step # 10. Write a 2 week PlanMap out on your calendar when you will:• Research the industry to see how the market is developing, consider how you will leverage the changes.• Call industry experts for industry insight• Approach your list of contacts and recruiters, share your knowledge of the industry, ask for their opinion or input• Ensure your marketing materials are polished and launched• Send out your marketing letters with your resume to your top 15 companies.• Follow up with each Job Application 2 days after sending.