Summer internships 7 31-12


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Summer internships 7 31-12

  1. 1. Summer Internships & Creating a developmental summer experience for yourBonner Fellowship Bonners
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover• Description• Planning• Resources• Bonner Summer Fellowship Program• Reflections
  3. 3. Description
  4. 4. Summer ServiceDescriptionSummer placements are;• Full-time• At least seven (7) weeks• 280 hours (300 hours for AmeriCorps)• Include financial compensation (stipend, Education Award, etc)
  5. 5. Summer Service Expectations• Bonner Scholars • Required to do at least two Summer of Service• Bonner Leaders • Summer of Service strongly encouraged (some programs will require; find additional funds)
  6. 6. Summer Service: Types of Placements Summer of Service- Types of PlacementsFirst Summer Close to home or school, commuting to familiar siteSecond Summer More intensive, perhaps living in a new areaThird Summer Making career connections, potentially going abroad
  7. 7. Summer Service:How it Fits in with Student Development • Continuing service and development beyond school year • Serving in a full-time capacity • Skill-building - Personal: Reflection, Goal Setting, Time Management - Leadership: Working with Diverse Groups, Teamwork - Professional: Networking, Resume-Building, Career Connections
  8. 8. Summer Service:Potential for LifeChanging Experience • Local, national, and international experiences • Networking • Career building • Skill-building
  9. 9. Planning
  10. 10. Summer of ServiceHow to Plan for the Summer Timeline • Summer Service Packet handed out; Bonners research on site options, Jan/Feb discuss interests in one-on-one meetings March/Apr • Summer Service Application due • Bonner Coordinator contacts summer service sites to confirm placement May • Bonner Scholar Summer Earning Stipends disbursed June • Summer CLAs due August • Summer Hour Logs/Site Evaluations due September • Bonner Scholar Summer Service Earning Stipends disbursed • Discuss summer service experience in first class or monthly meeting • Add new service sites and student reflections to the Summer Service Binder
  11. 11. Summer of ServiceSample Forms Site Approval Form - Part I: Summer Service Information Sheet - Part II: Summer Site Validation Checklist - Part III: Summer Service Placement Application Site Evaluation Form Reflection Guide
  12. 12. Summer of ServiceStudent Reflections• Reflections based on meeting type: • All-Bonner: bridging summer service experiences with advocacy and awareness in campus and community • Class-Based: conversations relative to their place in the student development model • One-on-One: mapping out how to connect their summer service to their traditional service site and relevant training & enrichment opportunities
  13. 13. Resources
  14. 14. Summer of ServiceBonner Partner Wiki Page
  15. 15. Summer of - Resources
  16. 16. Summer of ServiceYour School Career Services
  17. 17. Bonner Summer Fellowship Program
  18. 18. Bonner Summer Summer 2012 Pilot inFellowship Program DC & NYC
  19. 19. From Passion toProfession The Bonner Fellowship Programplaces Bonner Students in summerinternships with national partnerorganizations and alumni with the mission to; create a professional and collaborative network for students , alumni, and participating nonprofits; leverage the knowledge, skills, and resources of our alumni network in the personal and professional development of our current students; provide a capstone opportunity for our network’s most talented students and a pipeline for partner organizations; and serve as a model for high-level public service fellowships across our network.
  20. 20. Bonner Summer Fellowship Host Cities
  21. 21. Bonner Summer Fellowship Program Structure Fellowship Program Dates: Monday, June 11 - Friday, August 3 Service Hours: All fellows must ensure to complete 280 hours: 80% service, 20% training) Number of participating fellows: 14 (DC, NY & Princeton) Number of participating agencies: 12 Training & Enrichment Fellowship orientation, site orientation provided by site, weekly partner trainings, regular alumni check-ins and gatherings, Bonner Foundation site visit
  22. 22. Bonner Summer Fellowship Program Expectations• Bonner Summer Fellows • Bonner Partner Agencies • Bonner Fellowship program • Bonner Fellowship program orientation orientation • Weekly check-ins with site • Identified Site Supervisor supervisor • Weekly check-in with Bonner • Training & Enrichment fellow • Participation in end of term • Training & Enrichment presentations • Evaluation • Professionalism • Utilize Foundation fellows • Utilize Foundation fellows
  23. 23. Bonner Summer Fellowship ProgramSample Training Calendar Training & Enrichment Program Training Dates Facilitators Tuesday, June 12 - 9am-2pm Bonner Fellowship Orientation by Foundation staff Wednesday, June 20 - 3:00pm-4:00pm L’Arche of Greater Washington DC Wednesday, June 27 - 3:00pm -4:00pm Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting Week of July 2 CIRCLE Wednesday, July 11 - 3:00pm-4:00pm RESULTS Bonner Foundation site visit (July 19 & 20) Campus Week of July 16 Kitchens Project on Wednesday July 18 Wednesday, July 25 - 3:00pm-4:00pm Fair Elections Legal Network Wednesday, August 1- 3:00pm- 4:00pm National Coalition for the Homeless
  24. 24. Reflections
  25. 25. Bonner Summer Fellowship Program Student Perspective Service Site: National Coalition for the Homeless, Washington DC Fellow • When I started working at the NCH, I was terrified when I got my assignment. While I came into the internship with an open mind and not knowing what to expect, I subconsciously had the image of a typical “intern” in my head. I imagined I would be a small component of a larger project, working under the supervision of someone else, doing a lot of work, but ultimately not being the one “in charge” of the project. This was not the case, and I was hit with the reality that HPAN was all on me. I had no idea where to start. I got a list of states to reach out to, and some contact suggestions from my supervisors, but other than that I did not receive any direction for the project. It was time to get creative. At first, it was overwhelming seeing the other interns work. Our office is tiny, and the environment is not competitive at all, very friendly. However, while everyone sat at their desks furiously typing all day long I felt like I was sitting in my chair, staring at my computer, thinking for the first 3 weeks of myKatherine NguyenRutgers University- Camden, 2015Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ
  26. 26. Gian Parel Morgan SchrankelBonner Foundation Summer Fellows