Foundation support 8 3-12


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Foundation support 8 3-12

  1. 1. Leveraging the BonnerFoundation Support Staff and Network
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover• Your Program Staff Connection• Your Administrative Support Liaison• The Bonner Weekly• Bonner on the Web• Campus Visits• National Bonner Meetings
  3. 3. Your Program StaffYou will have a staff liaison to help with program development - we consult with you about positions, structure, training, meetings, and best practices.Bobby Hackett, Ariane Hoy, Senior Christen Foell,President Program Director Program Officer Nefisah Sallim, Program Associate Josh Blair, Program Associate (609) 924 6663! That’s our number!
  4. 4. Your Administrative Support StaffYou will have a staff liaison to support your administrative tracking in BWBRS and AmeriCorps. Enrollment Managers Janet Ashwood Sarah Meadows Donna Pasquerella Other Project Staff: Kamran Hakiman, NJ Community Networking Corps (609) 924 6663! That’s our number!
  5. 5. Bonner Meetings! ✓ Fall Bonner Student Congress Meeting Waynesburg University, PA. October 19-21, 2012 ✓ Fall Bonner Directors Meeting Kanuga, North Carolina—November 11-14, 2012 ✓ IMPACT Conference 2012 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.= February 21-24, 2013. ✓ Summer Leadership Institute 2012 Earlham College, Indiana. Dates TBA (end May) ✓ High-Impact Institute 2013 Siena College, New York. Dates TBA (end June)
  6. 6. Campus Visits Start-Up Strategic Planning Bonner Program Program Intensive Visits for 2 days 101 on campus Development involving staff, students, faculty, partners, and alums Recruitment and Service Structure and Selection Positions 3-5 year plans Training Training Calendar and= Calendar Design Student Development Alignment Campus-wide BWBRS Management Discrete meetings with Collaboration President and Senior Student Leadership Administrators Team Retreats Faculty Trainings
  7. 7. Campus Visits: The Process CraftingUnderstanding the Day of Agenda and Your Purpose Meetings Meeting Program and Phone Calls and Design= Discussions Follow-Up Reviewing annual Back-and-forth reports, self- process Written letter Detailed assessments, or report interviews BWBRS
  8. 8. The Bonner Weekly: Important Email Make sure we have your emails! This highlights= deadlines, events, jobs, and more.
  9. 9. Bonner Website: The Bonner Website is more for the public. Great place to link to your own webpage!these linksto our webpresencesare themostuseful!
  10. 10. Bonner Wiki: your one-stop for every resource! Use these news and directoriesfrequently!
  11. 11. Bonner Wiki: bonnernetwork.pbworks.comProgram Resources that are especially important are Trainings and Implementation GuidesResources includereflections, bestpractices, andstep-by-stepplanning guides.
  12. 12. Bonner Wiki: your profile The first thing you want to do is update your profile and look at other schools’ profiles.We;’ll start apage for youwith a simpletemplate!
  13. 13. Bonner Facebook: National Bonner NetworkThis is a page that you can like. You’ll see posts about events, conferences, jobs, etc. = You can post on the Wall.
  14. 14. Bonner Facebook: Bonner Love Friend Bonner Love!=
  15. 15. Bonner Facebook: Your Own Program= Many programs use to keep students engaged and informed
  16. 16. Bonners on Linked In: Career Networking Join more than 500alums there! Start = discussions, look for jobs andinternships,find staff!
  17. 17. Bonner on YouTube: Videos Galore! Find more than 200 videos andscreencasts!= Use fortrainings and reflections.
  18. 18. Slideshare: Your Presentation Helper! Download, adapt,= and use the power-points you need!
  19. 19. Twitter: Info & News on the Field Follow Bonner Network on Twitter and use this to connect with other individual users!=
  20. 20. What’s to discuss•Meet in small groups with program staff•Share some of your hopes for phone support and campus visits•Questions regarding communication or meetings