Process Efficiency World Tour Houston presentation


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Slides from our Process Efficiency World Tour stop in Houston on October 25th 2012

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Process Efficiency World Tour Houston presentation

  1. 1. THIS STOP: HOUSTON! #PEWT2012 1
  2. 2. WELCOME: MEET YOUR HOSTS25/10/2012 2
  3. 3. HOUSTON TOUR AGENDA • Introductions & welcome • BPM 101 1:15 – 3:30 PM • BPM 2.0 revolution • Who uses BPM? Live demo! • Demo 3:30 – 5:00 PM • Q&A 5:00 – 6:30 PM • Happy Hour25/10/2012 3
  4. 4. #PEWT2012 Who Are We?Background on BonitaSoft 5
  7. 7. “Bonita Open Solution is the onlyopen-source product that meetsGartners definition of a BPMS.”Open Source BPM report, June 2011 #PEWT2012 8
  8. 8. WHAT WE DO.Delivering Business Efficiency by turningProcesses into ApplicationsHOW WE DO IT. THE BENEFITS.• Graphical Studio • Improved collaboration• Business & Tech collaboration • Fast IT alignment to business• Processes + Apps + Analytics • Easy to update & maintain• Process templates • Immediate ROI
  9. 9. #PEWT2012Crash Course in BPMIs It Art? Tech? Science? 10
  10. 10. PROCESSES ARE EVERYWHERE… • …and fundamental to all types of organizations – Marketing and SalesBPM – Customer Relations – Human Resources – Corporate Finance – Facilities – Internal policies and procedures – Communications – R&D – And more! 11
  11. 11. WHAT IS PROCESS?A business process is [or should be] acollection [serial, parallel, network, etc.] ofrelated, structured, value-added activities,performed by relevant roles orcollaborators, which purposefully producespecific services or products and/or satisfyparticular business objectives 12
  12. 12. WHY MODEL A PROCESS? Communicate with stakeholders Establish corporate governance Apply continuous improvement Use performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting Measure effectiveness and obtain efficiency 13
  13. 13. WHAT IS BPM? Two Important Elements to Understand: 1. BPM is composed of human and technological factors 1. BPM is a holistic management approach focused on aligning organizational objectives and other aspects to continuously improve business processes.25/10/2012 14
  14. 14. BPM IS ALSO… A Management Discipline • Understanding, measuring and optimizing the business from an end to end customer facing perspective A Technology Stack • BPM suites (BPMS) A New Model Of Business-IT Collaboration • Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) V3 - 022010 15
  15. 15. BPM LIFECYCLE The “Continuous Process Improvement” Process Identify and describe existing processes and define "to-be" processes: • Process flow and attributes Identify potential • Alerts and notifications or actual • Escalations bottlenecks • SOPs Identify potential • SLAs opportunities for • Task hand-offs cost savings or improvements Perform “what-if” analysis on combinations of variables to determine how the process might operate under different Tracking individual circumstances processes: Process state –Performance statistics – 25/10/2012 16
  16. 16. The BPM 2.0 RevolutionThe 3 Drivers for BPM Adoption 17
  17. 17. BPM HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE Hasn’t This Been Done Before?25/10/2012 18
  18. 18. BPM INTEREST TREND How HOT is BPM? Search trend for “BPM” Search trend for “SOA”Search trend for “Cloud Computing” Search trend for “BPM” Search trend for “business process” News trend for “BPM” Source: Google Trends, SEP 201225/10/2012 19
  19. 19. BPM MARKET OVERVIEW Growing Market With Mature Products • Worldwide spending on BPMS is expected to reach $2.6 billion, up 6.9% compared to 2011 (Source: Gartner) • Global Industry Analysts research suggests that the global BPM market will reach $5.3 billion by 2017 BPM Deployments by Region BPM Deployments By Industry Manufacturing North America Government South America Utilities Europe Financial Services Asia & Pacific Technology Africa & Middle East Other Source: Transformation and Innovation State of the Market Report25/10/2012 20
  20. 20. BPM STANDARDS Promoting Interoperability • Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN): – Provides model to describe internal business processes, collaborations, and transactions in a graphical notation – Promotes communication of processes in a standard format – Managed by Object Management Group (OMG) – Can be represented as XML Metadata Interchange (XMI)25/10/2012 21
  21. 21. WHY BPM Drivers for Adoption Operational Efficiency Organizational Agility Business Driver Innovation 2011 Customer Service 2009 2007 2005 Regulatory Other Manage IT resources 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Source: Derived from BPTrends Research Data25/10/2012 22
  22. 22. WHY BPM Drivers for Adoption: Aligning IT to Business Needs • BPM promotes a collaboration to rapidly automate processes – Business users design processes with IT … business “owns” the process – IT facilitates with deployment infrastructure, system integration, and enterprise IT governance • Getting IT and Business Users to Collaborate on Process Optimization Fosters “Business Agility” – 99% of the CIOs with a mandate to transform their business are considering BPM to provide better internal collaborative processes to assist in that transformation (Source: 2011 IBM CIO Survey) By 2020, Empowered Business Technology will be commonplace in organizations Source: Forrester Research25/10/2012 23
  23. 23. WHY BPM Drivers for Adoption: Operational Efficiency • Minimizing waste within operations • Volatile marketplace continues to drive cost-cutting measures – Global marketplace demands competitive price and quality • BPM helps organizations reduce costs by creating smarter processes that increase operational efficiencies – Automating manual processes increases productivity – Reducing cycle times for key processes reduces costs • Customer satisfaction • Optimize partner network processes • Regulatory compliance reporting automation25/10/2012 24
  24. 24. WHY BPM Drivers for Adoption: Innovation • Establish innovation process to drive innovation from analysis of strategic goals to idea generation to product release to measuring success and more – Collaboration is key » Innovation team » Operations » Across traditional business silos – BPM simulation can be used to select new ideas – Monitoring helps optimize the innovation process • Create new processes to drive innovation – New supply chain process – Enhancing customer-facing processes (e.g., claims process)25/10/2012 25
  25. 25. BPM SERVER / SUITE (BPMS) Addressing User Pain Points Top Pain Point Addressed in BPM Deployments Standardize Process Models Operations and Personnel Performance Ensure Accurate and Consistent Data Entry or Document… Enforce Best Practices and Required Procedures % SelectedChange Business Rules and Processes Without Impacting… Automation of SOPs Analytical ReportingVisualize, Simulate, and Troubleshoot Business Processes 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Source: Transformation and Innovation State of the Market Report 26/10/2012 26
  26. 26. BPM SERVER / SUITE (BPMS) Obstacles to Avoid • Five barriers to BPM success (Source: Forrester): – Unable to demonstrate the value delivered – Starting BPM without understanding BPM – Rely on facts, not perceptions – Dont forget ROI – Measuring rather than improving • Implementing a BPMS without analyzing requirements for BPM use cases • Forgetting human factors with “blind” focus on process optimization • Not establishing a BPM Maturity Model “Its not really implementing the software thats the problem … youre changing the way people work, and [need to ensure] that two years from now, they dont go back to their old habits while also trying to circumvent [what they were told to change]," Source: Gartner25/10/2012 27
  27. 27. BPM SERVER / SUITE (BPMS) Deployment Issues Top BPM Deployment Issues Excessive Scope Creep Politics % Selected Training Underestimated Process or Organizational Issues 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Source: MarketIQ25/10/2012 28
  28. 28. BPM TRENDS AND FUTURE The Crystal Ball Perspective Mergers and Continued Growth in Acquisitions … BPM Market Increased Social Market • $8 Billion Global Market BPM Offerings Consolidation and by 2020 Market Integration Automating Cloud BPM & Cloud PaaS / SaaS / AaaS Governance Growth BPM Offerings Processes Increased Use of Intersection with Expansion of Mobile BPM to Empower Web 3.0 Offerings Business (LinkedData, etc.) Technology25/10/2012 29
  29. 29. #PEWT2012 BPM IDEASHow Are Companies Benefiting from BPM? 30
  30. 30. BPM FOR EDUCATION The school • Well known university • Over 2,000 students and several hundred faculty members Their Problem & Goals • Cost effective and rapidly deployed solution needed to automate their manual grant allocation and payment processes Why they chose Bonita Open Solution • Intuitive & easy to use Interface • Access authentication and data integration functionalities • Easy to build data entry forms • Multi platform architecture “Bonita Open Solution was an integral part of the success of this project. Our client was delighted that we were able to completely automate the complex payroll calculations, as well as shorten the amount of time required to fill out all the forms and eliminate the need to walk paper forms around the campus,” - Dustin Henson, Development Manager at VivánTech25/10/2012 31
  31. 31. BPM IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY The Company • Leading insurance holding company whose member companies offer a wide variety of investment services, such as life insurance, annuities, and securities . Their Problem & Goals • Increase revenue while reducing costs • Streamline processes across diverse corporate holdings • Increase agile methodologies via BPM, become paperless by 2014 • Manage standard insurance claims processing then automate procurement process Why they chose Bonita Open Solution • Open Source and more cost effective than other alternatives • Business Analysts were easily able to use the Studio for process modeling • Users also appreciated that processes could be deployed in very diverse IT environments • Increase Agile methodologies.25/10/2012 33
  32. 32. BPM FOR STREAMLINING SCHEDULING PROCESSES The company: • Specializes in workforce injury prevention • Deployed BOS for several years Their Problem & Goals • Workflow software needed to be integrated in the custom versions of their injury prevention applications Why they chose Bonita Open Solution • Easily Configured • Flexible, open source backend • Custom processes modeled in Bonita Studio25/10/2012 34
  33. 33. THE PROCESS TO BE AUTOMATED Employee submits a web request for a health related service using forms built on Bonita Open Solution Bonita Open Solution uses complex business rules to set the priority of each request submitted by the employee which is then assigned to a consultant An activity is scheduled and the employee receives an eCalendar invitation The consultant then performs an ergonomic assessment and completes a report which is sent to the employee and their manager The case is then updated, and a survey is sent to the employee to set their case status as ‘closed’25/10/2012 36
  34. 34. BPM FOR INSURANCE The Company • European leader in electronic billing, electronic invoicing and cash flow management Their Problem & Goals • Detailed monitoring of resolution of customer inquiries Processes Upgraded Customer relationship management and the allocation of cases to different services Results • 30% fewer documents • Time savings equivalent to 3 full-time employees • Administrative efficiency25/10/2012 37
  35. 35. BPM FOR PAPERWORK REDUCTION The Company • European leader in electronic billing, electronic invoicing and cash flow management Their Problem & Goals • Automate the entire billing process by integrating Bonita Open Solution into their SaaS solution • Electronic invoice validation – fewer forms Results • Extremely fast integration, rapide go-to-market25/10/2012 38
  36. 36. BPM FOR CONTRACT MANAGEMENT The company: • A leading global manufacturer of printing equipment, optics, medical imaging and industrial measurement Their Problem & Goals • Optimize the management of business proposals • Upgrade from data entry to invoicing, sales simulations and analysis of configuration scenarios specific products and architectures Results • 30% increase in number of proposals processed with the same headcount ““We have seen a spectacular jump in our productivity; a new contract, which was traditionally approved in four or five days in the past, can now be approved in under an hour. Overall, our contract processing capacity has increased by 30%!” - Xavier Riehl, Head of information systems25/10/2012 39
  37. 37. BREAK#PEWT2012 40
  38. 38. Live DemoOnBoarding a New Employee #PEWT2012 41
  39. 39. #PEWT2012DESIGN. Bonita Studio • BPMN 2.0 notation • Customized per user profile • Drag-n-drop application development 42
  40. 40. #PEWT2012CONNECT. … to almost any Information System 43
  42. 42. #PEWT2012TASK MANAGEMENT. Ongoing management of your processes
  43. 43. #PEWT2012WHAT DO WE SELL? 46
  44. 44. COMMERCIAL OFFERINGS We support your projects and accelerate their success• Professional Services- Training- Certification in development and administration- Consulting: On-Site or Remote• Annual Subscription Pack (SP)- Gold or Platinum Technical Support- Features to facilitate collaboration, speed development, aid testing and deployment 47
  45. 45. BONITASOFT SUBSCRIPTIONSBonita Open Solution• Open source license• Free of charge• Community supportSubscription Packs• Commercial license Team collaboration• Professional Support • Shared repository• Software Upgrades • Productivity features Mission-critical Business driven • Monitoring • Process templates • Error management • Custom profiles
  46. 46. BONITA OPEN SOLUTION EDITIONS Subscription Packs Open Source Teamwork Efficiency Performance For first projects Collaborative environments Advanced environments Mission-critical• Graphical modeling • Shared repository• User preferences • Development productivity Teamwork• Connectors, e.g.: • Documentation generation Email, Secure Web Services, Drools • • Search Custom reports & + Efficiency• Form designer• BPMN 2.0 • dashboards LDAP synchronization • Custom profiles +• Versioning • Secure graphical • Process templates:• Simulation Web Services discovery HR, Finance, Quality• Multi-tenancy • Salesforce Connector & IT management• Widget hints, tooltips • Built-in document mgmnt. • Enterprise document • Resource monitoring• Online documentation • Generate PDF from data management (CMIS) • Process monitoring• User guidance • Custom look-n-feel • SAP Connector • Error management • Gold professional support • Gold or platinum • Gold or platinum professional support professional support 49
  47. 47. YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED25/10/2012 50
  48. 48. #PEWT2012 THANK YOU, AND…Stay connected with us! CORPORATE WEBSITE OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY • Product & Services descriptions • Forums • References & Use Cases • Contributions • Webinars & White papers • Source Code bonitasoft bonitasoft gid=3182097 bonitasoftbpm 51