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Create a Custom Connector

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With the pre-built connectors available in the Bonita BPM suite, it's possible to connect a business process to most existing ERPs, CRMs, email systems, and more. ...

With the pre-built connectors available in the Bonita BPM suite, it's possible to connect a business process to most existing ERPs, CRMs, email systems, and more.

Additionally, Bonita BPM provides a tool to build your own. This slidedeck provides an overview of the Bonita BPM Connector Architecture & Configuration, as well as steps on how to create a connector to retrieve emails from a mail server .

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  • Let’s take a look at what Bonita BPM can do for you. There are three components to Bonita BPM a Studio for modeling processes, a java based


  • 1. Create a Connector in Bonita BPM Vivecca Yong Tim & Sapna Maheswari ©2013 Bonitasoft
  • 2. Agenda Why choose Bonita BPM Connectors: Architecture & Configuration Overview Demo: how to create a connector to retrieve emails from a mail Questions Addressed #BonitaBPM
  • 3. Why Bonita BPM? AWARDS • 2,000,000 DOWNLOADS • 60,000 COMMUNITY MEMBERS • 600+ CUSTOMERS • • 125 EMPLOYEES 100 TECH & SI PARTNERS 3
  • 4. 600 customers in 60 countries
  • 5. 5
  • 6. DESIGN. Bonita Studio • BPMN 2.0 • Drag-n-drop application development • Powerful form builder • Easy connectivity 6 6
  • 7. CONNECT. … to almost any Information System 7 7
  • 8. RUN. Bonita Portal... Desktop & Mobile 8 8
  • 9. … or as a standalone application 9 9
  • 10. Commercial Offerings 11
  • 11. Commercial offerings We support your projects and accelerate their success • Professional Services - Training - Certification in development and administration - Consulting: On-Site or Remote • Annual Subscriptions - Gold or Platinum Technical Support - Features to facilitate collaboration, speed development, aid testing, deployment and administration, advanced portal features 12
  • 12. Bonita BPM Subscriptions Subscriptions • Commercial license • Professional Support • Software Upgrades Team collaboration • Shared repository • Productivity features Mission-critical • Monitoring • Error management • Live reconfiguration End-User Centric • Advanced Portal • Mobile • Process templates
  • 13. Creating a custom connector with Bonita BPM ©2013 Bonitasoft 14
  • 14. Connectivity  No process functions in isolation, integration with other systems is an absolute need  High technical expertise needed for such integration  Time intensive activity  Upgrade and maintenance cost ©2013 Bonitasoft 15
  • 15. Bonita BPM Connectors  Bonita BPM comes with a suite of connectors for external system integration  Not bundled with proprietary frameworks but provide flexibility to integrate with existing applications in your ecosystem  Ability to create your own custom connector Step by Step widget for ease of configuring these connectors ©2013 Bonitasoft 16
  • 16. Bonita BPM Connector Configuration Step by Step Connector Wizard ©2013 Bonitasoft 17
  • 17. Connector Architecture Connector Definition Inputs Outputs Java code (Implementation) External System Connectors are designed with a clear separation between definition and implementation  Definition - comprises of the input parameters and the resulting output  Implementation - Java code to connect with external system interfaces ©2013 Bonitasoft 18
  • 18. Upgrading a connector implementation Bonita BPM 6 provides the ability to modify a connector implementation and update it on a deployed process Eliminates the need for a new deployment  Minimizes effort needed to keep up to date with external interface changes ©2013 Bonitasoft 19
  • 19. Demonstration ©2013 Bonitasoft 20
  • 20. Initiate a support case from an email Customer System Support Team Customer sends an issue over email Automatically pulls email using Email Receiver connector Analyse & Resolve Issue ©2013 Bonitasoft 21
  • 21. Create Email Receiver Connector • Account Password Implementation • Emails: List of the new received emails containing • Sender • Subject • Body Dependency • Email Host • • Account Username Output Input Definition • Use Java Mail API to retrieve mails for the configured account • Mail.jar • Activation.jar • IMAP protocol to access email on the server ©2013 Bonitasoft 22
  • 22. Thank you, and… STAY CONNECTED WITH US! CORPORATE WEBSITE Product & Services descriptions, References, Webinars, White papers bonitasoft bonitasoft OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY Forums, Contributions, Source Code gid=3182097 bonitasoftbpm ©2013 Bonitasoft 23