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Balancing The Happy Wheel of Life
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Balancing The Happy Wheel of Life

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Tips for work-life balance, simple steps to achieve stress free life.

Tips for work-life balance, simple steps to achieve stress free life.

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  • 1. Balancing The Happy Wheel of Life Coach Bong Hua Eng
  • 2. MS BONG HUA ENG Empowering Life With Education Consultant Trainer l Self-Empowerment Coach
  • 3. Why Coach Bong?  16 years of corporate experience  13 years in Design and Deliver training  Enneagram Personality Specialist  Subconscious Power Advance Practitioner  Motivation Coach
  • 4. Thousands of people Work hard & long hours
  • 5. At job they feel bored and dry
  • 6. To enable to buy things They don’t really need!!!
  • 7. Share with others Tension and anger
  • 8. Bring home Stress to beloved person
  • 9. Do you really want this??
  • 10. Choose to design your life Live it instead of just exist
  • 11. It’s time for Life health check
  • 12. Spiritual Health
  • 13. Spiritual Health Source of stress. Areas required immediate action of improvement
  • 14. Before you start You need to understand….
  • 15. The 3 elements for Balance The intellectual The Emotional The Spiritual
  • 16. Intellectual health Meet new people
  • 17. Intellectual health Get some books
  • 18. Emotional health Treat yourself…once in a while
  • 19. Emotional health Find someone to share…
  • 20. Spiritual health Take some ME time
  • 21. Spiritual health Use subconscious mind…often
  • 22. The source of positive energy, intelligence, wisdom, and answer to every problem
  • 23. The Kinesiology test for Subconscious answer
  • 24. Front : Yes to love Back : No to love
  • 25. Front : Life is suffering Back : Life is happy
  • 26. Front : I know about mother’s love Back : Missing of belief of “mother’s love”
  • 27. Examine Inner Beliefs Read the statement and feel with your heart, and let your body sway 1) I completely love and approve myself. 2) I understand what is feels like to be balanced and happy in life. 3) I believe my inner wisdom has the answer for all problems. 4) I understand the feeling of success and I know how to be successful.
  • 28. To follow Coach Bong on Facebook: www.facebook.com/huaeng.bong To find our more about Unleash Your Subconscious Power workshop Email to : secoach@hotmail.com