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- Under a pile of mattresses, only a princess can feel me, what am I? …

- Under a pile of mattresses, only a princess can feel me, what am I?

- What part of a stick of celery do we eat?

- I am both a vegetable and a problem for a plumber, what amI?

The game's purpose is to introduce children to the world of vegetables by way of an amusing environment and quiz. The themes covered are varied, ranging from cookery to botany, and the game is equally suited to use by teachers in the classroom or for playing at home. An unusual way of acquainting or reacquainting young and old alike with vegetables!

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  • 1. Rules of the gameNumber of players:Between 2 and 4 individuals, or many more, in teams.How to playEach player puts his playing piece on the “start” square then rolls the die. The player with thehighest number starts.The first player rolls the die, then moves forward as many squares as number on the die. The playerdiscovers the theme of his question: - Bell pepper: Cookery and sensorial, - Broccoli: Botany, - Corn: What am I? - Peas: Do you know…The person to the player’s left picks a card, asks him to choose the difficulty level, and reads thequestion.Each card has two questions on it: The first one (in green) is easy, suitable for children below the ageof eight; the second one (in red) is difficult.If the player answers correctly, he moves forward one square, if the question was easy, or twosquares if the question was difficult (red). Otherwise, it is the turn of the person to the player’s right.The first player to reach the “Finish” square is the winner.Note - When a player lands on a square featuring one or more letters of the alphabet, he must namea vegetable that begins with the letter(s) represented. If he is successful, the person to his right mustname another vegetable, and so on. The first player to make a mistake or not give an answer misseshis turn.
  • 2. Instructions for useCongratulations! You have just downloaded a super game!Before starting, please follow these instructions: 1. Print the whole file. 2. Cut out all the cards and put them into piles for each theme: Cooking/sensorial, botany, what am I?, do you know. 3. Cut out the figurines which you will use as playing pieces. 4. Find a die. 5. Play!Good to know:The “easy” questions are designed for children under eight. This game is suitable for older players,but they are advised to use the “difficult” cards and to adapt the rules so as to move forward onlyone square for each correct answer.Figurines Charlie, the broccoli Charlotte, the carrot Grant, the Eggplant Nick, the turnip
  • 3. What colour ar e c arrots? What colour ar e zucchinis? What colour ar e eggpl ants? Orange Green Purple Is the avocado a leaf, root, Is the bel l pepper a l eaf , root, Is the c arrot a leaf, root, stalk, stalk, or fruit vegetable? stalk, or fruit vegetable? or fruit vegetabl e? Fruit Fruit Root What colour ar e tomatoes? What colour ar e butter beans? Name a colour of a bell pepper Red Yellow/white Green, yellow, or redIs the turnip a l eaf , root , stal k, Is fen nel a leaf, root, stalk, or Is asparagus a leaf, root, stalk, or fruit vegetabl e? fruit vegetable? or fruit vegetabl e? Root Stalk StalkI am a tomato, do I grow in the I am corn , do I grow in the air, I am a zuc chini, do I grow in the air, on the ground, or on the ground, or und erground? air, on the ground, or underground? In the air underground? In the air On the ground Is spin ach a l eaf , root , stal k, orIs lettuc e a l eaf , root , stal k, or fruit vegetable? I am a radish, in what s eason can fruit vegetable? Leaf I be harvested? Leaf Spring - summer
  • 4. I am a cabbage, do I gr ow in the I am a carrot , do I grow in the I am a l eek, do I grow in the air, air, on the ground, or air, on the ground, or on the ground, or und erground? underground? underground? Underground On the ground Underground Find the odd on e out: Cuc umber, I am a broccol i, in what s eason I am a French b ean , in what bell pepper, turnip. can I be harvested? season can I be harv ested? Turnip (only root vegetable) Summer - autumn Summer - autumn What are “c arrot tops ”? Find the odd on e out: R adish, The leaves turnip, pea. Pea (only green vegetable) Find the odd on e out: C arrot, salsify avoc ado. Do avoc adoes grow on a tree or salsify (only root vegetable) on the ground? They grow on an avocado pear tree.
  • 5. Name a vegetabl e that c an b e Is the cuc umber and soft or Is the gher kin and soft or eaten raw and that is crunchy crunchy vegetabl e? crunchy vegetabl e? Radish, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper. Crunchy Crunchy What is the vegetable that is What is the vegetable that is What is the vegetable that is mostly found in mouss aka? mostly found in falaf els? mostly found in zaalouk? Eggplant (Greece) Chick peas or broad beans (Middle East) Eggplant (Morocco)Are raw carrots s oft or cru nchy? Are cooked red beetroots s oft or Are cooked zucchinis s oft or Crunchy crunchy? crunchy? Soft SoftBy pl ungin g it into hot wat er, theradish goes completel y r ed. True To make an avocado ripen f aster, What is the vegetable that is or False it should be put: in a fru it basket found most in hummus? False, but it works when you plunge it with apples or banan as, in the Chick pea into water with lemon juice! refrigerat ed vegetabl e drawer, in the breadbox In a fruit basket with apples or bananas What is the most bitter t asting What is the most bitter t asting What is the most bitter t astingvegetabl e: Fren ch bean, chicory, vegetabl e: Peas, curly endive, or vegetabl e: Lentils , gr een pepper, or corn? carrots? or artichoke? Chicory Curley endive Green pepper What is the vegetable that is What is the shape of a “jul ien ne” How c an you keep the fl esh of anfound most in “Florentine” dishes? vegetabl e? avocado from turning bl ack? Spinach Thin sticks By sprinkling lemon juice over it.
  • 6. What is the sweetest tasting What is the sweetest tasting What is the sweetest tasting vegetabl e: Lettuce, corn , or vegetabl e: Red b eetroot, spin ach, vegetabl e: Chicory, broccol i, or zucchini? or cucumber? carrots? Corn Red beetroot CarrotsIt is better to peel c arrots than What is a “jac ket potato”? True or f alse: The colour of an to scrub them. True or Fals e? A potato baked with its skin avocado’s skin t ells you if it isFalse, they should rather be scrubbed to ripe preserve vi tamins, which are mainly False. Whatever the colour of its skin, hidden under their skin! when it is ripe it should be slightly soft What taste does f enn el hav e? Name three adjectives that Name three adjectives that Aniseed describe the tomato (shape, describe the c aulif lower (shape, texture, tast e) texture, tast e) What vegetable can you put in the cooking water with rice to Avocado can be en joyed as a Which veget able is us ed in make it pink? dessert. True or F alse? tzatziki? Red beetroot True! In exotic countries, they are eaten Cucumber (Greek) with sugar, lemon or cream.
  • 7. At what time of year do we How man y portions of fruit and How l ong can an aubergin e be decorate hous es with pumpkins? vegetabl es is it advised to eat kept in the refrigerator? On e Halloween per day? day, one week or two weeks Five One weekWho was the king of Fr ance who liked v eget ables the most? True or f alse: The avocado was True or f alse: In the middle Louis XIV eaten as long ago as 8000 years ages , the c arrot was one of the ago b y the Azt ecs and the M aya most expensive vegetables? civilisations in Mexico False, it was inexpensive and one of the True most commonly eaten vegetables True or f alse: It is advised to True or f alse: Only rabbits eat True or f alse: Spin ach is the eat fiv e portions of fruit and carrot tops food that contains the most iron.vegetabl es per day to lose weight False: we also eat them in soup! .False, it is to grow up properly and be in False, meat contains the most iron good health throughout your life The swede is: a strawberry- flavoured s weet, a root vegetabl e True or f alse: The Phar aoh Khufu True or f alse: The zucchini closely rel ated to the turnip, a rewarded his best warriors byoriginat ed in the South of France leaf y vegetabl e c losel y r elated to giving them a bunch of l eeks . in the 12th century spinach? It’s t rue! False The zucchini originated in Italy A root vegetable, closely related to the turnip True or f alse: zucchini flowers Is it better to choos e an What country is the biggest are inedible artichoke with l eav es that or producer of turnips? FALSE loose and open or tight and The United Kingdom compact?True or f alse: Garlic can hel p to Tight and compact. Just like a flower, an True or f alse: Lentils contain reduce chol esterol when eaten artichoke is likely to be too ripe when its more f ibre than zucchin is regularl y bracts are open. True, they are the dried vegetable that TRUE contains the most fibre! True or f alse: there is more vitamin C in cabbage than in carrots TRUE
  • 8. True or f alse: The chestnut is a Find in the room an object of the Find in the room an object of the vegetabl e color of a cucumb er color of a tomato TRUE True or f alse: the tomato h as What country is the biggestTrue or f alse: It is in Italy that been c ultivated in Fr ance sinc e producer of red b eetroot? broccoli is the most popular the 16th century Italy TRUE False, it is only since the 18th century, and it wasn’t commonly eaten until after the first world warFind in the room an object of the Find in the room an object of the Find in the room an object of the color of a carrot color of a broccoli color of an eggpl ant True or f alse: On average, the True or f alse: When eaten fresh, True or f alse: Franc e is a small French eat over 9kg of c arrots a caulifl ower cont ains as mu ch producer of French b eans per year vitamin C as an oran ge False. 60% of French beans produced in TRUE TRUE Europe comes from France!Find in the room an object of the color of a garden peaFrozen v eget ables hav e as many, if not more, vitamins as fr esh vegetabl es bought at the supermarket. True or Fals e?True, because as long as they wait to be consumed, whether on supermarket shelves or in your refrigerator,vegetables gradually lose their vitamins, whereas frozen vegetables never lose theirs!
  • 9. Spell the word “carrot” Spell the word “beetroot ” Spell the word “leek” I am vegetabl e with a stone, in I am orange, but my flesh is I am a small marrow. Who am I?America they call me “poor man’s yellow, I have a sweet taste, and Zucchini butter”, what am I? I am not a carrot. Who am I? The avocado Squash Spell the word “tomato” Spell the word “cucumb er”, Spell the word “zucchin i”, backwards backwards I am used in sal ads, but also tofeed animals or to produce s ugar ; I am the major ingr edient in They call me Romaine, Cos, or who am I? borstch, the famous red s oup Iceberg, what am I? Sugar beet eaten in Eastern Europe. Who am The lettuce I? Beetroot Spell the word “cel ery”, I am orange and I am a rabbit’s Round or long, pink or bl ack, I am backwards favourite food, what am I? a root v eget able that is eaten The carrot raw, what am I? They call me Charlotte, King The radishEdward, or Maris Piper, what am I can be a climb er or a d warf, I? what am I? I am on e of the f irst vegetables The potato The French bean to be cooked by man . I am a little rou nd legume, yel low, green or red; who am I? Lentil
  • 10. I seem bigger onc e I have been I am Popeye’s f avourite food and Under a pil e of mattresses, only eaten , what am I? one of the lightest vegetabl es, a real princess can feel my The artichoke what am I? presenc e, what am I? Spinach The pea I look l ike a carrot , but I am white. I am often used to add I look l ike a turnip, except that I I am a mini gr een cabbage, I am flavour to pot-au-f eu dishes am n ot white and purpl e, but most popu lar in E ngland (3,5 kg (boiled beef with vegetables) . white and green . Who am I? consumed/year/ inhab); who am I? Who am I? Swede Brussels sprout ParsnipI will make you cry if you tr y to I chase vampires away; who am I am long, thin and green ; who undress me, what am I? I? am I? The onion Garlic French beans Several hundred years ago, my My pod is l ong and thin , gr een or Sliced into rounds, I c an belong green l eaves , which protect yellow, and it contains between equal ly tasty in a vin aigr ette and my ears, were used to stuff four and twelv e small seeds. Who useful on your eyes to make r ingsmattresses, and my yellow seeds am I? disappear. Who am I? were used to make neckl aces. French bean or yellow French bean Cucumber Who am I? CornI am littl e, green and I can rol l I am gr een and crunchy I am I am sometime used to describ e aaround in your pl ate; who am I? usually soaked in vinegar and I boxer’s ears, what am I? Pea have a pun gent flavour; who am The cauliflower I?I can be cal led French, ru nner or Gherkin I look l ike a chilli pepper, I c an kidney; who am I? be green, red, oran ge or yell ow; Beans Welsh warriors us ed to wear me who am I? as a distinguishin g mark; who am Sweet pepper I? Leek
  • 11. I stain ev erything that touches I am long and tal l, my foot is I am littl e, round, red, sweet and me red/ purple, what am I? white and tender whil e my head is sour. Peopl e like to eat me as an Red beetroot green . Who am I? appetizer ; who am I? Leek Cherry tomatoClosely rel ated to squash, peopl e like to eat my f lesh and my Once heated and burst people like An anc estor of cau liflower , I am seeds; who am I? to eat me with s alt or sugar at green and v ery popular in Italian Pumpkin (flesh: soup or tarts; seeds: the movies or as an appetizer ; food. Who am I? roasted to be enjoyed as a snack) who am I? Broccoli Corn (popcorn) I am a pale green b ean , ov al-shaped, f lat and small. Who am I? Flageolet beanPeopl e gather me on the ground,in the woods durin g autumn; who am I? Mushroom