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Here you'll find three instructional sheets for lower, middle and upper primary school classes. …

Here you'll find three instructional sheets for lower, middle and upper primary school classes.

These sheets offer a general introduction to diet aimed at children, including the principles of a balanced diet and some very simple nutritional concepts for the older children.

Use them to your heart's content!

For more educational games and kits :

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  • 1. Lower primary school classesYou eat properly so you can grow and enjoy good health1- Take a look at this table showing the 6 food groups 1 2 3 4 5 6 Fruit Cereals Sugar Meat Dairy products Fatty foods and vegetables & starchy food and sweets Meat, Milk, Bread, fish, yoghurt, pasta, Sugar, Fruit Oil, chicken, cheese, cereals, sweets, and vegetables butter eggs fromage frais potato, soft drinks lentilsWhat a mess !Put these foods into their correct group: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6Cauliflower 3 Peas SausageSpaghetti Cream LettuceSweetcorn Nuggets OmeletteRice pudding Strawberries Chocolate2- Good for meYou need to eat one food from each group for a balanced menu. Put a cross next to the menusthat are balanced.Radish with butter Sausage Tomatoes CucumberChicken and chips Steak with pasta Fillet of fish in OmeletteCheese Semolina pudding breadcrumbs with peas RiceFruit Yoghurt Fruit tart3- Plant or animalColour in red the foods that come from animals and green those that come from plants.
  • 2. 4 - Cooked or rawWhich of these foods is eaten raw and which are cooked (some can be eaten cooked or raw). Potato Schnitzel Banana Pasta Carrot Butter Fish fillet RawCooked5 - Invent a balanced menu using foods you like.6 - Circle the drink you absolutely must have each day. Water Coffee Cola Fruit juice