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Finally Friday 4-13-2012

Finally Friday 4-13-2012



News & photographs that you may find entertaining.

News & photographs that you may find entertaining.



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    Finally Friday 4-13-2012 Finally Friday 4-13-2012 Presentation Transcript

    • Where Does America Get Oil? You May Be SurprisedApril 13, 2012Since the Arab oil embargoes of the 1960s and 70s, its been conventional wisdom to talk about American dependence onoil from the Persian Gulf. But the global oil market has changed dramatically since then.Today, the U.S. actually gets most of its imported oil from Canada and Latin America.And many Americans might be surprised to learn that the U.S. now imports roughly the same amount of oil from Africa as itdoes from the Persian Gulf. African imports were a bit higher in 2010, while Persian Gulf oil accounted for a bit more lastyear.America is one of the worlds largest oil producers, and close to 40 percent of U.S. oil needs are met at home. Most of theimports currently come from five countries: Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela and Nigeria.Canada is far and away the biggest purveyor of crude to its southern neighbor, hitting a record 2.2 million barrels a day lastyear as its share of the U.S. market grew by 12 percent.Energy expert Robert Rapier says the take-away for Americans may be "marry a Canadian," because he or she will be acitizen of an increasingly rich country. "Their budget looks good, and theyre sitting on top of tremendous reserves," he says.Saudi Arabia is a distant second, providing the U.S. with barely half as much crude as Canada. Other Persian Gulf countriesalso contribute to U.S. oil imports, but make up a relatively small share overall.
    • Best Jobs Software Engineer Actuary Human Resources Manager Dental Hygienist Financial Planner AudiologistBest and Worst Jobs of 2012: Most Stressful Careers Occupational Therapist Online Advertising Manager Computer Systems AnalystApril 11, 2012 MathematicianConsumer Report Worst JobsAt the top is software engineer and at the bottom is the lumberjack. LumberjackFelling trees failed to skate above the bottom 10 percent in all Dairy Farmerranking categories, excluding income. ‖Unemployment for Enlisted Military Soldier Oil Rig Workerlumberjacks is very high, and the demand for their services is Reporter (Newspaper)expected to continue to fall through 2016. And while working outside Waiter/Waitress Meter Readerall day may seem like a great job perk, being a lumberjack not only is Dishwasherconsidered the worst job, but also one of the world‘s most Butcherdangerous,‖ according to Careercast.com. Broadcaster Most Stressful JobsAnd, for that most dangerous job, expect to earn a little more than Enlisted Soldier$32,000 a year. That‘s about $56,000 less than the cushy job of a Firefightersoftware engineer, which has the average salary at $88,000 a year, Airline Pilot Military Generalaccording to Careercast. Police Officer Event Coordinator Public Relations Executive Corporate Executive (Senior) Photojournalist Taxi Driver
    • 12 April 2012BBCWomen first rule ignored in ship disasters – studyResearch suggests that in a crisis women are only first into lifeboatswhen the rule is backed up with forceThe belief that women and children are first to be saved when ships sink is largely a myth, a new study suggests.Analysis of survivors from 18 maritime disasters shows women "have a distinct survival disadvantage", say researchers at Uppsala University inSweden.The report says captains and crew have a significantly higher survival rate.The Titanic disaster 100 years ago this week was a rare exception because the captain threatened to shoot those who disobeyed, they conclude.But the "women and children first" rule is now seen as the normal way to behave in emergencies.The analysis showed that the gender gap in death rates has narrowed in disasters since World War I. The authors say this isconnected with womens generally higher status in modern society.They also point out that in more recent disasters people show altruism to more vulnerable people generally, such as thosewith disabilities.The study suggests that women are generally at greater disadvantage in British shipwrecks, and the length of time thedisaster takes to unfold has no bearing on whether more efforts are made to save women and children.
    • Mars monolith isnt the work of MartiansObject in NASA images looks just like one in 2001: A Space Odyssey — but its just a rockthesun.co.uk 4/12/2012The Martian surface feature in question is no more than a roughly rectangular boulder.Amateur stargazers have discovered an intriguing object jutting out from the surface of Mars. The seemingly perfectlyrectangular, upright structure, found in NASA images of the Red Planet, bears a striking resemblance to the monolithsplanted on Earth and the moon by aliens in the classic sci-fi film "2001: A Space Odyssey."The object in question was first spotted several years ago after being photographed by the HiRISE camera onboard theMars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a NASA space probe; every so often, it garners renewed interest on the Internet. But isit unnatural — a beacon erected by aliens for mysterious reasons, and even more mysteriously paralleled in theimaginations of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, creators of "2001"? Or is this rock the work of nature?
    • Is the whole world looking at porn? Biggestsite gets over FOUR BILLION hits a month30% of all web traffic is porn, according to a report9 April 2012 Mail Online‗The internet is for porn,‘ is the title of a song on hit musical Avenue Q.And it turns out the lyricists had touched on a home truth, because researchershave discovered that a staggering 30 per cent of all internet traffic is pornography.The biggest porn site on the web - Xvideos - receives 4.4billion page views and 350million unique visits per month, according to a reporton the ExtremeTech website.Xvideos: The worlds biggest porn site receives billions of hits a monthTHE BIGGEST PORN SITESXVideos - 4.4billion page views per monthPornHub - 2.5billion page viewsYouPorn - 2.1billion page viewsTube8 - 970million page viewsLiveJasmin - 710million page viewsThe only sites that surpass this in size are the likes of Google and Facebook.The report uncovered the viewing figures for Xvideos from Google‘s DoubleClick Ad Planner, which uses cookies to gather informationabout users.It then used these figures - and actual data from the third biggest porn site, YouPorn - to extrapolate how much data is being transferredout of the site‘s servers.And it‘s a huge amount.
    • UFO Coverup on Last Shuttle Mission?April 09, 2012Official video from the last shuttle mission has been reviewed and analyzed. Did NASA coverup evidence of a UFO?A segment from NASAs live, public feed shows an angle of the Atlantis cargo bay and boom being opened and serviced. Theground controller on the last shuttle flight is describing the action to the audience, and its all pretty dry stuff.Until about the 4:30 mark.Suddenly the camera pans upward and three orbs appear, flying in the increasingly familiar triangle formation.As the image plays out, it seems the narrator and other commentors are trying very hard to persuade anyone watching thatwhat they are seeing are random reflections of light off a piece of tin foil. Really?Why go to such lengths to dismiss the image as something, anything, other than a UFO? It seems the controllers jumpedright into an explanation before any rumors got started. Thats suspicious enough on its own.But the explanation given (unasked for, by the way) is pretty lame. It asks anyone watching to distrust their own eyes.The objects dance away from each other and dont seem to be caused by a reflection from the lens. They actindependently, yet always maintain equidistant juxtaposition from each other.The objects may not be of the unidentified flying object kind, but it seems strange the NASA people would want to kill theprospects of any UFO rumors cropping up.It didnt work.
    • Mind you dont scratch that! Robert Downey Jr arrives at The Avengers premiere in Tony Starks $9million concept car12 April 2012MailOnlineWhile many celebrities arrive at red carpet premieres in a chauffeur-driven car, Robert Downey Jr prefers to drive himself to such events.The 47-year-old actor arrived at the U.S. premiere for his latest film The Avengers not only in style but in character too.The Hollywood star pulled up to the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood in Tony Starks Acura, with his wife Susan in tow.Downey certainly made sure all eyes were on him as he parked the $9million super car in front of waiting fans and photographers.The luxury vehicle, features a palm-scan ID steering wheel, enviro-clone projected hologram of surroundings, self-detonating recon drone and anight-vision HUD windshield.ACURA 2012 STARK INDUSTRIES SUPER CAROperating/Durability Features:Palladium-powered 80,000 TOHC 32-valve engine with titanium-forged block and nitrous fuel-injection system9 Speed HYPER-Shift transmissionDiamond quartz cross-drilled brake calipersSteering wheel with palm-scan IDLithium Dioxide-injecting shocksReflex-response steering column with target guidance feedbackSuper-scan theft-deterrent modulator
    • A He-Wax for HimThe New York TimesPublished: April 10, 2012YEARS after the word ―metrosexual‖ entered the mainstream, there‘s nothing eyebrow-raising about men getting a manicure or a facial.Lately though, guys‘ grooming has gone one step further, deep into territory that was previously reserved solely for women: bikini waxing..The below-the-belt treatment — which, just like the women‘s version, removes either some or all pubic hair — is becoming increasinglypopular, and not just among competitive swimmers or underwear models. ―What we‘re finding is, it‘s everybody,‖ said Mike Indursky, thepresident of the Bliss chain of spas, which offers a men‘s Brazilian called the Ultimate He-Wax for $125. ―It‘s the gay community, it‘s thestraight community, it‘s very conservative guys, it‘s very liberal guys. All different age groups are coming in. It‘s much, much bigger thanwe ever thought.‖Since Bliss introduced men‘s waxing services in February 2011, Mr. Indursky added, their popularity is on track to double by the end ofthis year with Brazilians as the most frequently booked service.Men‘s bikini waxing accounts for around 70 percent of the weekly business at Face to Face, a discreet salon in the Flatiron district ofManhattan with a predominantly male clientele founded eight years ago by Enrique Ramirez. ―When I started, I was like, ‗Nobody‘s goingto come in and get this done,‘ and it‘s just kept growing and growing,‖ Mr. Ramirez said. ―In the past two years, it‘s been crazy.‖The salon offers a full Brazilian called South of the Border for $70, along with partial treatments. Also on its menu is something called―pejazzling,‖ in which crystals in patterns like stars and dolphins are affixed on newly defuzzed skin.
    • Snails inadvertantly massage womans faceam Monday, Apr 9At a beauty salon in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, an employee performs a "medical-cosmetic" massage on a client using Africansnails. The salon is the only one in the region using the "snails method", which owner Alyona Zlotnikova claims can speedskin regeneration and eliminate wrinkles.
    • Dallas Vince – A Man Without a FaceApril 8, 2012One year after the first U.S. face transplant is completed, the ―man without a face‖ Dallas Vince can finally kiss hisdaughter. Vince has lost face as a result of a severe blow by the current. He painted the facade of a local church,standing on a ladder truck crane, when she touched the power line. As a result, Dallas has received severe burns, anddoctors had to remove the face with all the tissues, muscles and nerves and then replaced them with tissue from theback. Continue reading →
    • Proof That I’m The Goddamn BatmanForget Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana Prince—you‘re the real hero for being brave enough to fill your room with action figurespast the age of 12. Now you can put yourself in the role of your favorite superheroes thanks to these Personalized Superhero ActionFigures. Just send Firebox a couple of headshots and they‘ll send you a custom action figure head along with the body of Superman,Batman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, or Batgirl. When your kit arrives you can pop off their original head and replace it with yours, thusassuming their identity so you can protect Gotham, Metropolis, or wherever the hell Wonder Woman fights crime.$128Check it outFind on Amazon?
    • Super Spiked Pumps For Mens & WomensThese Spiked Pumps are brought to us by Danish designer Barbara Gongini. Mens — don‘t feel left out! Babs (can I call you Babs?) hassome Spiked Dress Shoes for you. The whole spike-y look? So brutal. Brutally bad ass that is! Whether you‘re into the style or not, Ithink we can all agree: you do NOT want to get your ass kicked by someone wearing these shoes. Lord knows you‘re not gonna find metrying to f*** around with someone wearing these bad boys. You kidding me? I got an award winning tush over here and I‘m not takingany risks. It‘s my bread and butt-er!$398SourceCheck it outFind on Amazon?
    • Drinking On The Go Just Got Even EasierThey say good things come in small packagesand Pocket Shots is no exception. These aresingle serving booze pouches that easily fit inyour pocket. Choose from a variety of liquors:vodka, rum, spiced rum, tequila, whiskey, gin, andbrandy.$2Check it outFind on Amazon?
    • Inez Nunez Punched Her Boyfriend In The Face BecauseHe Wouldnt Have Sex With Her, Cops SayThe Huffington Post | 04/ 5/2012Inez Nunez allegedly socked her boyfriend in the face because he wouldnt sleep with her.It was an extreme case of sexual frustration.Inez Nunez, 18, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly punching her boyfriend in the face because he wouldnt havesex with her, NBC Miami reported.On Tuesday, cops were called to her home in Coral Springs, Fla., for a domestic disturbance between Nunez and herlive-in boyfriend. The man said that the two had been arguing, and Nunez socked him because he called her ugly andwouldnt sleep with her, according to WPTV.The victims father said he heard the tussle, which allegedly continued as Nunez slapped him while he was on theground.Nunez reportedly argued that her boyfriend had also slapped and choked her. Cops deemed her story to beinconsistent, saying in a report that the story changed several times.Nunez was arrested and jailed on a $2,500 bond.
    • German man flees partner who demanded way too much sexAFPApril 12, 2012A German man was forced to escape and call police aftrea insatiable woman he picked up in a bar for a one-nightstand refused to let him leave her apartment.BERLIN — A desperate man in Munich fled onto a balcony and calledpolice for protection after his insatiable companion for a one-night standrefused to let him leave her flat, police said Thursday.The 43-year-old man had met a woman four years his senior in a bar in the southern German city on Monday and shetook him back to her apartment for sex, a police spokesman said in a statement."There they had sexual intercourse several times," the spokesman said."When the 47-year-old wanted even more, her partner said no.―The man then attempted to leave the apartment but the woman prevented him from escaping and demanded he sleepwith her again."Because the 43-year-old saw no other alternative, he complied with the womans wishes another few times so he couldfinally leave the apartment," the spokesman said."But when she continued to refuse and demanded even more sex from him, he fled to the balcony and alerted the police.―The woman "then tried to talk the dispatched officers into similar activity but was unsuccessful.―She is now facing possible charges of sexual assault and illegal restraint.
    • Woman Breastfeeds A Baby That Isnt Hers, Gets ArrestedThe Huffington Post - 04/ 9/2012Debates have flared over where its okay for women to breastfeed, but heres one location thats definitely off-limits -- insidea strangers home with someone elses baby.Thats what happened in South Dakota where a mom was startled to find a woman she didnt know breastfeeding her childin her Brookings bedroom on Sunday, radio station KJJQ reported.The mom called 911 after she allegedly found the intruder around 5 a.m. feeding her two-month-old infant, according to theAssociated Press.The mother got her baby back from the rogue lactating lady, but the suspect stayed in the house and lay on the residentsbed until police arrived to arrest her.Brookings police department officials didnt return calls from The Huffington Post, but news reports said the 24-year-oldsuspect was charged with unlawful occupancy.Neither the suspect nor victim was identified.
    • Meth lab found in restroom at Boaz WalmartThese components of a shake and bake meth lab were found Saturday in a womens restroom at Walmart in Boaz. Authoritiesbelieve the meth that was made was removed from the bottle pictured.The Gadsden TimesMonday, April 9, 2012 at 12:49 p.m..A shake and bake methamphetamine lab was found Saturday morning in a womens rest room at Walmart in Boaz.Boaz Police Chief Terry Davis said a cleaning crew found a Nestle water bottle and five empty packets of pseudoephedrinebetween 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. in a stall in the restroom in the front of the store. He said the cleaning crew contacted managers, whocontacted police.Davis said the pseudoephedrine was another stores brand and not a brand available at Walmart, so it is unclear why someonewould bring the ingredients into the public restroom to make the batch of meth there.Residue was found in the bottle, and it is believed the meth that was produced was removed from the bottle and possibly used inthe restroom.Davis said an investigation is continuing.
    • Carlisle woman accused of setting fire to apartmentin domestic dispute with her childs fatherMonday, April 09, 2012The Patriot-NewsThe Patriot-NewsA 26-year-old Carlisle woman is accused of setting fire to an apartment earlytoday because she was upset with her childs father, police said.Alexandria M. Roberson of the 200 block of North Bedford Street believed thefather was at or headed to a home in the first block of C Street just before 2 a.m.when the fire started, police said. Firefighters traced the source to newspapers and a red pillow at the front of theapartment.When one of the residents opened the door to investigate, they were met with knee-high flames, police said. No one wasinjured.Witnesses saw Roberson hiding next to the apartment after the fire was extinguished, police said. She ran whenconfronted but was arrested a short time later at North Pitt and B streets, police said.Roberson was charged with arson, loitering and prowling at night and reckless endangerment.
    • Nude Maid Service Raising Eyebrows04/12/12–―Police in this staunchly conservative WestTexas city are keeping close tabs on a youngentrepreneur‘s recently opened cleaning servicethat offers nude maids. Lubbock police Sgt.Jonathan Stewart said the owner of FantasyMaid Service of Lubbock doesn‘t have a permitto operate a sexually oriented business andofficers are watching for any violation, whichwould bring a $2,000 fine.But owner Melissa Borrett insists she‘s notoperating such a business. Customers pay$100 an hour for one maid or $150 an hour fortwo maids, and no touching is allowed, shesaid. ―I run a maid service,‖ the 26-year-oldentrepreneur said. ―We really just clean houses.These girls are not performers. They‘re maids.‖The West Texas native and mother said shestarted the business about a month agobecause she was struggling as a waitress tomake ends meet. She had even been living atthe Occupy Lubbock encampment near TexasTech University‘s campus in Lubbock. ―I justdecided to go a little bigger, work a littlesmarter,‖ she said.‖ w/ photo
    • Biggest Breast of a Men, ChinaApril 5, 2012Mr. Guo Qingpo, a 53-year-old from Dezhou, Shandong province in China, first began to grow man breasts, or ―moobs,‖ 10 yearsago. At the beginning, Guo believed he was simply putting on weight as he got older; however, over the next few years, his breastsbegan to grow extremely quickly, while other parts of his body remained the same. Desperatly, he visited numerous hospitals inmajor cites within China, but none of them could explain why he‘d suddenly sprouted moobs.Eventually, Jinan Chest Hospital invited more than 20 specialists from around the country to have a group consultation concerningGuo‘s rare condition. Experts believe that Guo suffers from lipodystrophy syndrome, a disturbance of fat metabolism that ofteninvolves the abnormal deposition and distribution of fat in the body. He has been said to have the boobs surgically removed soon.
    • Singer Conchita Wurst – A Strange ButUnique Character and PerformerApril 9, 2012When I saw the picture I said (very politicallyincorrect) ―Yikes―, when I saw a performance Isaid ―Oh… well…‖ and when I saw more I said―She will go to Eurovision for Austria―.Conchita Wurst is a fictional character and hascome to fame through the recent Austriancasting show ―Die Große Chance‖ in which shecame 6th, despite having won the secondsemi-final. Wurst (German for sausage) is awoman with a beard, which is exotic enough,but when you hear her sing it‘s even moresurprising. Continue reading →
    • MOST PETITE POOCH EVER?Meet Milly the tiny chihuahuaMeet Milly, the Puerto Rican chihuahua about to hit thebig time as the worlds smallest dog.Milly was born three months ago and has maintained theheight of 2½ inches for the last three weeks.With big bulging eyes, spindly legs and pointy ears wecan‘t decide if this pooch is adorable – or dare we say it– a bit frightening. The ET of the dog world.But what is certain beyond doubt is her tiny dimensions.She weighs under six ounces and when she was born,her mouth was so tiny that she had to be fed with aneyedropper.
    • Newlywed teacher and cheerleading coach, 29, had sex with an underage student‘11 April 2012A newlywed teacher has been arrested over allegations of having under age sex with one of her students.Megan Denman has been banned from the classroom while police carry out their investigation.Police in Fresno, California, said their initial inquiries indicate that the 29-year-old social studies teacher was only involvedwith one student.The sexual activity took place away from the campus of Hoover High School where Denman also helped out as acheerleading coach.Denman, who is believed to have wed 18 months ago, was booked into Fresno County jail after being arrested oncharges of sex with a minor and oral sex with a person aged under 18.She was released on $55,000 bail.
    • 09 April 2012Cops ID stun-gun shoplifter who abandoned babyThe Kenner Police Department says they have now identified ashoplifting suspect who used a stun gun on a mall security guardbefore fleeing and abandoning an infant.Investigators say 31-year-old New Orleans resident Brittany G.London (pictured above) is the woman who assaulted a securityguard with a stun gun at the Esplanade Mall Saturday night.According to police, London was in the Gymboree store in themall with an infant in a stroller. When the guard confronted herafter seeing London shoplifting, officials say the woman disabledthe guard with a stun gun and fled in a gold HondaAccord, leaving the child behind.London was not the babys mother, and the childs motherreportedly contacted authorities to get the child back after ChildProtective Services took custody.The guard was not seriously injured, police say.London faces charges of Child Desertion, Aggravated Batteryand Theft.
    • 12 Apr 2012Mirror.co.ukCancer con: Fake doctor told women they had cancer... and hecould cure them with his perverted "treatments―Reginald Gill, 77, conned women into believing they had cancer and told onevictim she could be cured if a man sucked her breastsA bogus doctor was jailed for eight years yesterday after dreaming up pervertedcancer ―treatments‖ so he could sexually abuse female patients.Reginald Gill, 77, conned women into believing they had cancer and told one victimher condition could be cured if a man sucked her breasts for 30 minutes a day.Gill and wife Leila, 35, ran an alternative medical centre from their bungalow wherethey abused two women.Judge Keith Thomas told Gill: ―They said they would go through any humiliation andshame to cure themselves.―After giving them this horrifying diagnosis you submitted them to degradingtreatment.―You also convinced your wife to go along with your depraved scheme."You convinced the women to strip naked in front of you and, under the pretence youwere administering beneficial treatment, subjected them to sexual assault.‖Gill was sentenced to eight years after being found guilty of nine separate sexoffences and two fraud charges.Jurors heard that wheelchair-bound Gill told his victims he had been an Army doctorbut he had no medical qualifications.He was found guilty of three sexual assaults, six assaults by penetration and twocounts of fraud.His young wife was given six months after being convicted of sexual assault andfraud.
    • Apr 5th, 2012Loop 21 NewsKKK Sends Membership Invites To Black People By MistakeHave you received your KKK invite in the mail yet?Chris Rock once joked that he wished he could join the Ku Klux Klan to helpget rid of certain black people. Well, for one second it looked like his dreammight have come true.CBS Charlotte is reporting that the local KKK chapter has been aggressively looking for new recruits. So aggressivethat theyve been sending invites to black people as well.A black girl who lives in the West Ashley‘s Pierpont neighborhood received an invite to join the Klan and was quitesurprised. She later turned in the invite to the Sheriffs office. Other people in the area who want nothing to do with theKKK also received unwanted invites and they also reported it to authorities.But, police say that sending out invites and recruiting is not against the law, so they cant and wont be doing anything tostop it.―If a black person got it, it‘s just an accident,‖ Thomas Arthur Robb, national president of the KKK tells the Post andCourier. ―We‘re not trying to recruit blacks.‖Maybe they need to make the holes in their hoods bigger so they can see what they are doing.
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    • Olympic Beach Volleyball: Women Can Wear Shorts Instead Of Bikinis At London GamesAP | 03/28/2012GENEVA -- Most female beach volleyball players will wear their usual bikini outfits at theLondon Olympics. For those who prefer to cover up, thats OK, too.Under new rules adopted by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), players are free towear shorts and sleeved tops. The governing body said the move was made out of respect forthe cultural beliefs of some of the dozens of countries still in contention to qualify for thegames.