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Finally Friday  4-12-2013
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Finally Friday 4-12-2013


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Selected news & photographs.

Selected news & photographs.

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  • 1. Americans are more interested in North Korea than Beyonce or Obama right nowThe Washington PostPost April 11, 2013U.S. Web users are searching for information about North Korea with astounding, unprecedented frequency, TheWashington Post’s Chico Harlan reports today. Google searches for “North Korea” are seven times the previous peak,during the country’s 2006 nuclear test, Harlan writes. Last week, North Korea was the third most-popular term onTwitter, following Easter and Good Friday.U.S. Google searches for information about North Korea are outpacing even those for President Obama or for popsuperstar Beyonce. Data from Google Trends, which compares the frequency with which users search for terms,show interest in North Korea skyrocketing over the past two weeks.Searches peaked April 4, two days after North Korea announced it would restart its plutonium nuclear plant andalmost a week after it released a photo showing a “U.S. Mainland Strike Plan.”
  • 2. Cursive Club Tries To Keep Handwriting AliveApril 8, 2013NPRNew Jersey grandmother Sylvia Hughes last fall founded a club to teach school children cursive handwriting ather grandsons elementary school.Cursive handwriting is disappearing from the list of required courses at U.S. schools, so one New Jerseygrandmother is making sure her grandsons schoolmates know how to loop their Ls and curl their Qs.At first, 45 students signed up for the cursive club that Sylvia Hughes founded last fall at Nellie K. ParkerElementary School. But then the club grew to 60 8- and 9-year olds.Some states require cursive handwriting instruction, but in New Jersey, its optional. That was news to Hughes."I was shocked because every legal document requires a signature. And do we expect the parents to teach it?Do we expect kids to learn on their own?" Hughes says.
  • 3. Shodan: The scariest search engine on the InternetApril 8, 2013: 1:41 PM ETNEW YORK (CNNMoney)"When people dont see stuff on Google, they think no one can find it. Thats not true.“Thats according to John Matherly, creator of Shodan, the scariest search engine on the Internet.Unlike Google (GOOG, Fortune 500), which crawls the Web looking for websites, Shodan navigates theInternets back channels. Its a kind of "dark" Google, looking for the servers, webcams, printers,routers and all the other stuff that is connected to and makes up the Internet. (Shodans site was slowto load Monday following the publication of this story.)Shodan runs 24/7 and collects information on about 500 million connected devices and services eachmonth.Its stunning what can be found with a simple search on Shodan. Countless traffic lights, securitycameras, home automation devices and heating systems are connected to the Internet and easy tospot.
  • 4. Spain raises minimum age for marriage and sexFri Apr 5, 2013 9:55am EDTMADRID (Reuters) - Spain has raised the minimum age for marriageto 16 from what had been one of the lowest in the world at 14 aspart of a wider reform to improve health and safety for childrenand adolescents.The reform, announced by Spanish Health Minister Ana Mato onFriday, also raises the age for consensual sex from what was thelowest in Europe at 13. The new age will be decided byParliament.
  • 5. Barbie without make-up
  • 6. Jenna Jameson….then & now
  • 7. Apology on Facebook over testicle-pinchingThe West AustralianApril 9, 2013, 8:11 amA nine-year-old boy who pinched his little brother on the testicles has had his apology published on Facebook.In the letter, posted by the boys mother, Zac tells his five-year-old brother that hes "so sad and sorry for pinchingyou in the nuts that I can feel the pain"."I know that this note wont completely make it up for you so heres $1.00 all for you! I know it doesnt make thepain go away and I cant put a bandaid on it! You wouldnt be able to pee!," Zac writes. "I hope you feel better in themorning buddy!“The incident occurred at Zacs family home in Adelaide.
  • 8. Bigger not always better for penis sizeStudy reveals diminishing returns in attractiveness of larger-than-average genitalia.08 April 2013natureThese computer-generated figures illustrate an average male figure (center) flanked by extreme variations.Researchers report today that penis size does matter to women — though within limits. The finding suggests thatwomen’s preferences could have fuelled the evolution of the human male penis, which is longer and thicker than thatof any other primate.Male genitalia evolve quickly. They diversify earlier than other physical traits, with a wide variation in size and shapeacross the animal kingdom that can reveal a species’ evolutionary pressures. Biologists have puzzled, therefore, overwhat factors might have caused the human penis to become so large.Now, a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds that women consider penis sizeand height equally when judging men’s attractiveness, but both exhibit diminishing returns with greater size and areless important than a masculine body type1.
  • 9. Steve McQueen Motorbike To Go On SaleSky News – April 8, 2013The early racing motorcycle once owned by legendary Hollywood actor Steve McQueen is to be offeredfor sale.The actors bike will be sold in the International Classic MotorCycle Show at Bonhams in Stafford onApril 28.The 1914 Indian Model F is an example of a board-track racing motorcycle and is estimated to reachbetween £22,000 and £28,000.These early purpose-built motorcycles lacked a clutch, throttle and brakes, and were push-started andrun flat-out.
  • 10. Condom Of The Future04/08/13-“According to the creator, this new condom simulates the way bareback sex feels and is actually a safer optionthan traditional latex condoms. From the company’s website: ‘Unlike the conventional rolled latex condom(indirect transferred sensation), the OMC is designed to CREATE sensation internally with direct tactile contact.It provides a reciprocating motion of the penis inside the internally lubricated condom (not possible with rolledcondoms).”
  • 11. Police Bust ‘Most Notorious Child PornFri, April 05, 2013A Florida man was busted on Thursday by the states Department ofLaw Enforcement for downloading the largest amount of childpornography they had ever seen.At the time of his arrest, authorities say that John Shearen had more than 500,000 images and videosat his home in Leesburg, Fla. Police are calling him the “most notorious child porn downloader they’vetaken into custody.” He has been charged with 15 counts of possession of child pornography and 15counts of distribution of child pornography.Legal officials became aware of Shearen last month while monitoring child porn websites. When theycame to arrest him on Thursday, he was downloading more videos. Besides the videos and images,cops found childrens underwear in Shearen’s home, which he said he wears.
  • 12. Mini Electric HelicoptersThis single рassenger silent Mini ElectricHelicopters made in Japan. The helicopter willbe able to attain a speed of 62mph
  • 13. 1 Billion Dollars
  • 14. Dubai from the air…..
  • 15. Underwater hotel suit in Fiji
  • 16. International Space Station
  • 17. Ads
  • 18. Make-up Magic