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Finally Friday 3-4-2011



Selected news and photographs.

Selected news and photographs.



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Finally Friday  3-4-2011 Finally Friday 3-4-2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Proposed Georgia Law: Death Penalty for Abortions...and miscarriages, too, maybe Posted Feb 24, 2011 8:16 AM CST (Newser) – Legislatively speaking, some might say this year has been tough on women (see here, here, and here), but Jen Phillips thinks she’s found the bill that takes the cake: In Georgia, State Rep. Bobby Franklin wants to criminalize not just abortions—but miscarriages as well. His 10-page bill would make any “prenatal murder” a felony punishable by death or life in prison—and that includes miscarriages, in the event the woman cannot prove that there was "no human involvement whatsoever in the causation" of her miscarriage, Phillips reports in Mother Jones. Franklin—who’s known for introducing unconventional bills and has also proposed calling rape and domestic violence victims “accusers” instead of “victims”—doesn't define "human involvement" in the bill. That could be a problem, Phillips notes, since doctors still don’t know exactly what causes miscarriages. The bill would also mandate that women must protect their fetuses from "the moment of conception." (Meanwhile, a Nebraska state senator proposes a bill that would make it legal to kill abortion doctors; click here to read.)
  • The February 24, 2011 issue of The Economist features the map above and comparing Chinese provinces with countries in terms of GDP, population and exports. From the captions: "China is now the world’s second-biggest economy, but some of its provinces by themselves would rank fairly high in the global league. Our map shows the nearest equivalent country. For example, Guangdong’s GDP (at market exchange rates) is almost as big as Indonesia's; the output of both Jiangsu and Shandong exceeds Switzerland's." "What about other economic yardsticks? Guangdong exports abroad as much as South Korea, Jiangsu as much as Taiwan. Shanghai’s GDP per person is as high as Saudi Arabia's (at purchasing-power parity, or PPP), though still well below that in China's special regions of Hong Kong and Macau. At the other extreme, poor Guizhou has an income per head close to that of India. Note that these figures use the same PPP conversion rate for the whole of China, yet prices are likely to be lower in poorer provinces than they are in richer ones, thus slightly reducing regional inequality."
  • Texas State students offer scholarships exclusively for white malesGroup founder Colby Bohannan says his demographic is often left out when it comes to college funding.  AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFFThursday, Feb. 24, 2011SAN MARCOS — Colby Bohannan said that when he first applied to college, his family didn't have a huge stockpile of money set aside to pay for school. He found many scholarships for women and minorities, but none aimed at people like him: white men."I felt excluded," said Bohannan, a Texas State University student. "If everyone else can find scholarships, why are we left out?“So Bohannan, a mass communication major and Iraq war veteran, and others formed the Former Majority Association for Equality — a San Marcos-based nonprofit group that is offering five $500 scholarships exclusively to white male students.Bohannan, the group's president, said the name comes from the idea that "if you're not a male, and if you're not white, you're called a minority." However, he said, "I'm not sure white males are the majority anymore.“Recent U.S. census data indicate Bohannan is right, at least in Texas, where Hispanics accounted for two-thirds of the population growth over the past decade and where non-Hispanic whites now make up about 45 percent of residents.The 501(c)3 nonprofit was formally incorporated with the state in March. The group hasn't received any applications, Bohannan said.
  • Now in Brooklyn, Homegrown Tobacco: Local, Rebellious and Tax Free Published: February 24, 2011New York Times The cigarettes Audrey Silk used to smoke — Parliament Lights — are made at a factory in Richmond, Va. The cigarettes she smokes these days are made and grown in Brooklyn, at her house. Ms. Silk’s backyard is home to raspberry and rose bushes, geraniums, impatiens and 100 tobacco plants in gardening buckets near her wooden deck. Inside her house, around the corner from Flatbush Avenue, in Marine Park, she has to be careful stepping into her basement — one wrong move could ruin her cigarettes. Dozens of tobacco leaves hang there, drying on wires she has strung across the room, where they turn a crisp light brown as they age above a stack of her old Springsteen records. She talks about cartons and packs in relation to crops and seeds. Planted in 2009, her first crop— 25 plants of Golden Seal Special Burley tobacco — produced nine cartons of cigarettes. Ms. Silk would have spent more than $1,000 had she bought nine cartons in parts of New York City. Instead, she spent $240, mostly for the trays, the buckets and plant food. But for Ms. Silk, 46, a retired police officer and the founder of New York City Clash (Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment), a smokers’ rights group, it is not just about the money. It is about the message. In the state with the highest cigarette taxes in the country, in a city that has become one of the hardest places in America to find a place to smoke, Ms. Silk has gone off the grid, growing, processing and smoking her own tax-free cigarettes from packets of seeds she buys online for about $2. She expects to produce a total of 45 cartons after planting two crops — the first in the summer of 2009, the second last summer — and estimates that she will have saved more than $5,000.
  • Actress Jennifer Lawrence arrives before the 83rd Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles.
  • Mom: Children's Library Book Describes SexTuesday, 22 Feb 2011, 5:10 PM CSTFOX 4 NewsCARROLLTON, Texas - When Rose Schifferdecker opened a book from the children’s section of the Carrollton library, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She said it describes sex.The Carrollton mother babysits three young children. She took them to the library about a month and the 9 year old picked out a book titled, “My Mom’s Having a Baby.”At the time, Schifferdecker said she didn’t think anything of it.“I told the kids, ‘Go ahead. Everybody get three books each,’” she said. “I've always felt it was safe. Go ahead. Get what you want.“It wasn’t until she got home that Schifferdecker realized what was inside the book.“I was just shocked, shocked at what I saw and then what I read. It was unbelievable to me that it's considered a children's book,” she said.The book reads, "The man puts his penis between the woman's legs and inside her vagina. After a while, a white liquid shoots out of the man's penis and into the woman's vagina. The liquid is full of millions of sperm.“It also contains illustrations of anatomically correct male and female sex organs and a man on top of a woman.“I’ve always considered myself open minded. And I knew without a doubt when I read it that this was wrong. It's inappropriate for that age group,” Schifferdecker said.She wonders what the author and illustrator were thinking.Author DoriHillestad Butler said in an e-mail statement the book isn’t for everyone. It also wasn’t written for children to read alone."My Mom’s Having a Baby received an Editor’s Choice award from Booklist in 2005. It was also named a Top Ten Sci-Tech book for Youth. But I’ll be the first to tell you that this is not a book for everyone. I didn’t write it for everyone. I also didn’t write it for children to read by themselves. I wrote it for parents to read with their children.
  • Maglite XL100 LED Flashlight A flashlight’s one of those things a guy won’t realize he needs until it’s too late like the latest version of Flash for a fantasy football draft or ping pong balls for a round of beer pong.  If you’re reading this and realizing you need one you’d be wise to go with a feature-packed Maglite XL100.  If this Maglite was a car it would combine the rugged durability of a Ford F-Whatever with the intelligence of a self-parking Lexus.  The XL100 is driven by the company’s MAG-LED technology and has more features than some digital cameras.  The Maglite XL100 has five selectable modes, variable strobe rates, intensity level memory recall and lockout – which is about a billion more things than the one standard flashlight feature – the on/off button. $33
  • London Shop Serving Breast Milk Ice CreamPublished February 24, 2011| NewsCoreLONDON –  Breast milk ice cream was being scooped up by British customers Thursday after a London parlor used milk donated by a UK mom to make the "totally natural" treat.Victoria Hiley, 35, a mother of one from Leeds in northern England, has already donated a liter of her breast milk to Icecreamists parlor for the dish it calls Baby Gaga, UK website Parentdish reported."What's the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash?" said Hiley, who responded to an advert for milk suppliers on another parenting website, Mumsnet. "What could be more natural than fresh, free-range mother's milk in an ice cream?“The new parlor, based in London's trendy Covent Garden district, pays £15 ($24) for every 10 ounces of milk and has already had 15 mothers become donors. Each lactating woman undergoes the same health checks used by the UK's National Health Service to screen blood donors.Matt O'Connor, 44, who runs Icecreamists, makes the dish by blending the breast milk with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest."No-one's done anything interesting with ice cream in the last hundred years," he said. "Some people will hear about it and go, 'yuck,' but actually it's pure, organic, free-range and totally natural."
  • Batman Forever BatmobileNow, if you’re ready to drop some serious money on your new ride and want something way better than the Ford Focus you’ve been eyeing up, you can drop-the-top/slide-the-top on the promotional Batmobile from the movie.  This running and driving Batmobile made its way around the world to promote the film and its next stop could be your garage.  It’s got a fiberglass body, custom tubular chassis and perhaps some gadgets that fell under the floor mats.200K +
  • Morgan Threewheeler gets official Feb 24th 2011 Morgan wants us all to know that we can take our four wheels and go play somewhere else. The automaker has officially yanked the sheets back on its ridiculously awesome Threewheeler for the first time. This machine is powered by a fuel-injected, 115-horsepower V-Twin engine mated to a Mazda five-speed gearbox, allowing Morgan to serve up hop-in-and-drive convenience while still maintaining the aesthetic of the company's old three-wheel design. The tubular chassis remains exposed in some places and the company says that there's just enough room for a driver, a co-pilot and bit of gear.Power is shuffled to the rear wheel via a V-belt, and Morgan says that the sole aim of the Threewheeler is to make driving fun once again. We've got to think that improving the company's average CO2 emissions doesn't hurt the vehicle's case, either.British buyers will be able to lay down a mere £25,000 (about $40,000 USD, based on current exchange rates) before taxes for the privilege of ownership, and bespoke options like a leather interior, custom paint and unique graphics are all available, as well. Hit the jump for the full press release as well as a video teaser of the vehicle.
  • 'I'm very happy': SupatraSasuphan, 11, is one of only 50 people ever to have Ambras syndrome which makes  hair grow all over her face. She has now been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records. 
  • Tyra Banks
    Tyra Banks
  • Louisville NewsDUI Suspect Tells Police Erratic Driving Caused By Oral SexJason Kircher Charged With DUI, Careless Driving, SpeedingMarch 3, 2011LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A Louisville man is facing multiple charges after police said his car was weaving in and out of traffic on Interstate 64. According to arrest records, a police officer with a radar gun observed a vehicle speeding and driving erratically down eastbound I-64 around 2 a.m. Thursday. Images: Mug Shot Roundup | Police Blotter Mug ShotsPolice said at one point, the car drove off the road before the driver corrected it. According to arrest records, the officer pulled the vehicle over and asked 31-year-old Jason Kircher why he was driving that way. Police said Kircher told them he was receiving oral sex from his passenger. According to arrest records, the officer smelled alcohol on Kircher's breath and saw an open container of alcohol in the car's console. Kircher told police he had two beers at a club, according to arrest records. Police said Kircher failed several field sobriety tests. Police said his blood-alcohol level was 0.054 percent, below Kentucky's legal driving limit of 0.08 percent. Kircher is charged with careless driving, speeding and driving while intoxicated.
  • Face it ... the drugs don't work  THESE shocking before and after images reveal in stark and simple terms the cost drug addiction takes on the human face. The harrowing images are featured in the controversial film 'From Drugs to Mugs' - the follow up to the 2004 'Faces of Meth' project which highlighted the effects of methamphetamine use. The pictures, which show how addicts have lost teeth and scratched their skin to the bone, were released in the hope that they will make kids think twice about ever touching drugs. New photographs show the first arrest of a drug user partnered up with a picture taken in some cases only three months later. US cops at the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office in the state of Oregon put together the collection, which features users of all hard drugs including cocaine, heroin and meth.
  • Now, a 'bum bra' for your sagging buttocksBy: Agencies Date:  2011-02-28 Place: MelbourneA leading US psychologist has patented a bra for the bum, which according to her, restores pertness to sagging buttocks Creator Karin Hart claims that the garment, featuring straps worn around the waist and under the buttocks, instantly shapes and adds tone to the rear. Hart said that she came up with the buttock-clenching idea after realizing that her own bottom wasn't as pert as it used to be. "The Biniki buttocks support idea came to me at a moment of personal need. One look in the mirror after some rapid weight loss showed me the unhappy truth, my bottom was sagging," the Daily Telegraph quoted her, as saying. Dr Hart started developing designs for a wearable item that would do the same job as a surgical bottom lift. "Trying to find a design led me to buy some self-adhesive tape. Then working with a mirror and adjusting the tape into several configurations I found one that resulted in just the right support in the right places," she said. She patented her invention and now sells what she has dubbed the "butt bra" through her US-based company for about 15 pounds.
  • wpxi.comSex Toys, Drugs Found In Daycare During RaidFebruary 28, 2011PITTSBURGH -- One person was arrested following an undercover drug bust at a day care in Homewood early Friday morning. During the bust, agents found $6,000 worth of crack cocaine, several bags of sex toys and $4,000 cash. Reanell Booker,50, who ran the R&B Childcare Services along Rosedale Street, was taken into custody, police said. Investigators said they found sex toys and pornography sitting around in the children's playroom when they conducted their raid. According to police, about 10 to 15 children are enrolled at the day care. Agents made the arrest at 7 a.m. prior to the children arriving. One parent who showed up to the daycare to learn that it was shut down said she doesn't know where she'll be sending her two young children. "I just think it's crazy. I don't know where I'm going to send my kids now. It was convenient for me," said the mom. Leigh Stubblefield owns a daycare nearby. She passed out flyers to parents who didn't know where to send their kids. "It tarnishes our name. I don't want people to think that every daycare is like this because it's not. There are some of us who truly care about the children," said Stubblefield. Booker is licensed by the state to run the daycare and take care of children. She has no prior arrests on her record. Booker faces drug charges and could face child endangerment charges, said police. Channel 11's Julie Fine talked with a woman who recently took her son out of Booker's daycare. "I have seen quite a few people who were not attending the daycare in and out all day, said Khedijah Baskin. "There are no words to explain when you hear your son is going to a day care where drugs are being toys...and there are children there all day," she said. Booker was released from jail late Friday.
  •  Cherokee County News Thursday, February 24, 2011  Cherokee teacher pleads guilty to duct-taping autistic student The Atlanta Journal-Constitution A Cherokee County teacher who duct-taped an autistic boy to a chair and confined a blind girl under a desk pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and was sentenced to six years of probation and $2,000 in fines.The Woodstock High School teacher, Laurie Peavy, 45, and a paraprofessional at the school, Nancy Cheek, 51, were arrested in May 2009 after a Sheriff’s Office investigation discovered the abuses that took place in 2008.Peavy was charged with two counts of false imprisonment and two counts of first-degree cruelty to children. Cheek was charged with one count of false imprisonment and one count of first-degree cruelty to children. Cheek struck a deal with prosecutors and testified against Peavy.In her sentencing Monday before Superior Court Judge Frank C. Mills III, Peavy agreed to surrender her teaching certificate and not apply for another certificate anywhere else. She also agreed not to do volunteer work or seek employment where she would work with, teach or tutor children, according to the Cherokee County clerk’s office.
  • A happy ending to farmer's anus woesMarch 2-2011A farmer from Jiayu county of Hubei Province has lived 55 years without an anus, after being born with congenital anal atresia in the Wuhan Union Hospital. But now doctors have reshaped a new fundament for him in January.Wu previously endured a 0.5-centimeter diameter surgical hole, or stomas, near his urethra for excrement, through which he could squeeze stools out with his hands. Wu had to pay attention to the food he ate, avoid constipation and was a frequent user of laxatives.The dilemma left him very thin but it did not prevent him getting married and having children.As his economic situation improved, Wu went to the Wuhan Hospital at the end of last year, where Dr Li Zhibiao examined him and framed operation plans. Wu accepted an artificial anus, and three days later, could excrete like normal people.Wuhan Morning News