Finally Friday 11-6-2009

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Selective news and photographs.

Selective news and photographs.

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  • 1. Finally Friday November 6 th 2009
  • 2. North Korea says has made more arms-grade plutonium Tue Nov 3, 2009 3:30pm EST SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea said on Tuesday it had completed reprocessing spent fuel rods at its Yongbyon nuclear plant and turned it into arms-grade plutonium, giving the mercurial state more material to produce atomic arms. The announcement comes after the reclusive North, hit with fresh U.N. sanctions to punish it for a nuclear test in May, has warmed up to the outside world in recent months and indicated it could return to stalled international nuclear talks. "We have finished reprocessing 8,000 spent fuel rods as of August. We have made substantial achievements in weaponizing plutonium from the extraction," North Korea's official KCNA news agency said.
  • 3. 'Legendary' soldier who defused 64 Taliban bombs... only to be killed by the 65th, on his last day 03rd November 2009 An army bomb disposal expert who saved countless lives in Afghanistan was killed on his final mission in the warzone. Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid, 30, died instantly when a roadside bomb he was trying to disarm blew up. The Improvised Explosive Devices are the favoured weapon of the Taliban and since June Sergeant Schmid had successfully dealt with 64 of them. Legendary figure: Olaf Schmid was renowned for his expertise in disarming explosive devices. Colleagues described him as an inspiration Senior military officers described the Royal Logistics Corps warrior as a 'legend' who 'stared death in the face on a daily basis'. He was on his last operational day of a five-month stint when he lost his life. He was due to fly home for a two-week break with his family this Saturday before returning to Afghanistan for a final month. Read more:
  • 4. Police arrest man for exposing himself again Posted: Oct 29, 2009 1:47 PM From: The Opelousas Police Dept. (Chief Perry Gallow) Louisiana On October 28, 2009 the Opelousas Police Dept once again arrested Mr. Frank O. Lahaye for exposing himself in a public place while at the same time fondling himself. Mr. Lahaye had been arrested earlier this month (10-06-09) for the same crime. In the previous incident Mr. Lahaye was captured on video committing the crime at the St. Landry Parish courthouse . It is apparent that Mr. Lahaye has a serious problem with his deviant behavior. The Opelousas Police Dept will do everything within its power to protect the public from such acts, and well attempt to see that Mr. Lahaye's condition is addressed. Mr. Lahaye is being held without a bond at this time, pending a hearing with the magistrate that had previously set Mr. Lahaye's bond on the first incident. Mr. Lahaye was booked for indecent exposure. KATC News
  • 5. $47K Food Bill, $7K Tip: Just a Friday Night Out for Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich November 3, 2009 at 2:31 pm Recession? What recession? Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich dropped $47,000 on food last Friday at Nello’s in New York City. Note that a lucky waiter/waitress got a $7000 tip: Link
  • 6. Bill to legalize, tax marijuana in California gets a hearing    Thursday, Oct. 29, 2009 - Oct. 29, 2009 - 8:28 am Legislation to make California the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use lit up a Capitol committee hearing Wednesday with three hours of lively but mellow debate. No joint consensus was reached. Dozens of people crammed into the Assembly Public Safety Committee session to discuss potential impacts of the proposal to allow pot to be taxed and sold openly to adults 21 and older. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano , a San Francisco Democrat who proposed the measure, Assembly Bill 390, contends it could generate much-needed revenue and free peace officers to focus on worse crimes. "Prohibition results in chaos, which is pretty much the situation we have now," Ammiano said shortly before the hearing. But John Standish, president of the California Peace Officers' Association, testified that approving public pot use could exacerbate problems from illnesses to absenteeism. "There is no way marijuana could protect and promote our society," he said. "In fact, it radically diminishes it." Phillip Smith, 55, described himself as a pot smoker who otherwise abides by the law. "All I want is to be left alone," he said. Medical marijuana use already is legal in California, but not recreational use. More than 78,500 people were arrested in 2008 on pot-related offenses, state records show. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken no position on AB 390. "He opposes the legalization of marijuana, but he believes we should have a robust debate on the issue, not only in fiscal terms but also with regard to health care and public safety," spokesman Aaron McLear said. Marijuana supporters, law enforcement officials, legal experts and others sparred Wednesday over the wisdom of decriminalization and the parameters of state discretion in allowing sale of a drug prohibited under federal law.
  • 7. Nutt faces sack BBC Mark Easton | 14:29 UK time, Friday, 30 October 2009 The Home Secretary Alan Johnson is considering sacking his top expert drugs adviser following criticism of the government's decision to reclassify cannabis. Professor David Nutt, who chairs the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, yesterday accused ministers of devaluing and distorting evidence by their decision to move the drug back up to Class B from C last year (see my previous post, Scientists v Politicians: Round 3 ). An e-mail sent to the BBC by an official in the Home Office this morning says that "yesterday's coverage may have some serious repercussions for Prof Nutt and his position as chair of the ACMD". The note goes on to say "discussions are being had (at) a very high level regarding this issue and a decision will be taken early next week." Professor Nutt knew nothing about the moves to dismiss him when I spoke to him earlier today, but seemed resigned to the possibility. "They are bound to be considering that," he told me, "thinking about the least worst option." "I think the issue is whether I am straying into the realm of policy," he suggested. "I personally don't think I was." A source in the Home Office tells me that "the writing is on the wall" for the scientist, although no decision has yet been made.
  • 8. Police: Suspect Cooked Meth While Driving On I-285 October 28, 2009 DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- Doraville police confirmed they stopped a suspected "rolling meth lab" on Interstate 285 Wednesday afternoon thanks to an unbuckled seatbelt and an alert K-9 officer. Investigators said the driver, Thomas Christian Johns, 30, was "cooking meth" as he drove along the interstate. Police stopped Johns on I-285 west near Peachtree Industrial Boulevard just before noon. A couple of right lanes were blocked while police investigated. The Drug Enforcement Administration's Drug Lab Unit was at the scene. Doraville police said one of their officers spotted Johns without his seatbelt on and pulled over the vehicle. The officer ran John's license and discovered he had an outstanding warrant, police said. A K-9 unit was called and the dog alerted officers to the smell of meth, Doraville police said. "Mr. Johns was cooking methamphetamine while driving," said Officer Gene Callaway of the Doraville Police Department. "I want to know how this guy didn't blow up." The chemicals police said they found in Johns' car were a dangerous mix, according to Callaway. "If the car had exploded while on 285 it could have damaged other cars or caused accidents," Callaway added.
  • 9. Ride Waves and Explore Depths in a Scubacraft   October 30, 2009  |    The vehicle shown above may be both yellow and submersible, but please don’t call it a submarine. It’s a Scubacraft, the first self-contained submersible that’s also a capable surface watercraft. The brainchild of engineers and entrepreneurs from Wales, Scubacraft uses an internal-combustion engine to reach a dive site where it can descend to a maximum depth of about 100 feet. “The experience is simply exhilarating,” Scubacraft sales and marketing director James Browne told “Nothing else can compare to traveling to a dive site at 50 mph and then powering effortlessly under the water.” It’s not a pressurized submarine, which means that those on board must wear scuba gear before submersion. With no cranes needed to lower the craft below water and no boat needed to carry it out to sea, a Scubacraft is significantly more versatile and less expensive than similarly sized submarines. Scubacraft won’t say how much the craft costs , but other sources put the figure at $164,000.
  • 10. The strange case of the man who took 40,000 ecstasy pills in nine years · The Guardian , Tuesday 4 April 2006 12.56 BST   Doctors from London University have revealed details of what they believe is the largest amount of ecstasy ever consumed by a single person. Consultants from the addiction centre at St George's Medical School, London, have published a case report of a British man estimated to have taken around 40,000 pills of MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy, over nine years. The heaviest previous lifetime intake on record is 2,000 pills. Though the man, who is now 37, stopped taking the drug seven years ago, he still suffers from severe physical and mental health side-effects, including extreme memory problems, paranoia, hallucinations and depression. He also suffers from painful muscle rigidity around his neck and jaw which often prevents him from opening his mouth. The doctors believe many of these symptoms may be permanent. The man, known as Mr A in the report in the scientific journal Psychosomatics, started using ecstasy at 21. For the first two years his use was an average of five pills per weekend. Gradually this escalated until he was taking around three and a half pills a day. At the peak, the man was taking an estimated 25 pills every day for four years. After several severe collapses at parties, Mr A decided to stop taking ecstasy. For several months, he still felt he was under the influence of the drug, despite being bedridden.
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  • 12. Little Bird Vs. Big Bird 10/31/09 – “ This is the David v Goliath moment when a plucky kingbird hopped onto the back of a huge hawk and pecked at its head in a bid to defend its young . Although small, the species can become very aggressive in the breeding season, especially when larger predators come calling. This one easily saw off a red-tailed hawk that ventured too close to its nest. After jumping onto its back, it dug its tiny talons into its opponent’s feathers and drilled at its skull relentlessly. The two birds soared through the skies, with the kingbird clinging on despite the hawk’s valiant attempts to shrug it off. The stunning attack lasted a few minutes until the predator gave up and soared away shrieking. The incredible moment was captured by amateur photographer Michael Parrish at a nature reserve at Elwood near Chicago, Illinois, in the U.S.” w/ photos
  • 13. Extreme Ass Kisser
  • 14. Plane passenger accidentally activates ejector seat - and survives A civilian passenger in an air force display plane accidentally activated the ejector seat while reaching for something to steady himself during a mid-air manoeuvre.    01 Nov 2009 The novice flier instantly shot through the jet's perspex canopy and was blasted 100 metres into the sky by the rocket-powered emergency chair. Experts said the man was lucky to escape unharmed following the bizarre incident, which happened on Wednesday in South Africa. It is thought he activated the ejector seat after lurching forward during an aerobatic manoeuvre and accidentally pulling on the black and yellow emergency handle between his legs. The lever is fitted as standard in the Pilatus PC-7 Mk II jets to allow pilots and their passengers to eject from the aircraft in the event of an emergency. As soon as it was activated, the ejection sequence activated two rockets attached to the back of his chair. The man, who has not been named, later floated back down to Earth on a parachute which opened automatically. South African Airforce bosses scrambled a helicopter to pick up the passenger after the blunder near Langebaanweg airfield, 80 miles north of Cape Town. The incident happened shortly after he took off for a joyride with an experienced pilot from South Africa's Silver Falcons air display team.
  • 15. Drunken man reportedly rams stolen lawnmower into school bus Friday, October 30, 2009 at 6:30 a.m. Middle school students on a bus got the giggles Wednesday afternoon. But the man they were laughing at failed to see the humor - or the bus, apparently. Ron Martin, 29, was arrested on a charge of drunken driving after authorities and witnesses say he rammed a riding lawmower into the back of the stopped school bus. The crash caused the mower to tip, Martin and his riding companion to fall off, and the kids who witnessed it all to commence chuckling. The students' reaction prompted an enraged Martin to mount an unsuccessful attempt to board the bus, authorities say. The occupants were from Lake Weir Middle School. Martin, contacted Thursday afternoon at the Marion County Jail, declined to comment. Sheriff's Deputy Abigale Rodriguez went to the 8000 block of Southeast 110th Street Road on Wednesday after receiving a call about the crash just east of Belleview. The deputy noticed Martin and Charlene Mallorey on the mower in the westbound lane. They apparently were using the mower as a means of transportation. Martin had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, and his speech was slurred, the deputy reported. The Ocklawaha man was unsteady on his feet and unwilling to cooperate, so the deputy arrested him. Mallorey, 30, told the deputy that Martin had tipped the mower and they fell off, making the children on the bus laugh. She said Martin walked over to the bus and began banging on the doors, demanding to get onboard. Another deputy talked with the bus driver, who confirmed the crash and Martin's subsequent efforts to climb aboard. While en route to the jail, Martin threatened the deputy and repeatedly hit his head on the metal cage in her patrol car, a report said. At the jail, he refused to submit to a breath test. He was held on charges of DUI, threat to a public servant and criminal mischief. The lawnmower, a Scag Turf Tiger model with a 61-inch cutting deck, is valued at $10,000. It had been reported stolen Wednesday morning from a residence in the 11400 block of Southeast 132nd Place in Ocklawaha. The man who made the report told officials that two witnesses told him Martin took the machine. There was approximately $100 worth of damage to the doors of the bus.
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  • 17. The Hairless Bear 11/04/09 – “ You’d have thought a fur coat would have been the ultimate bear necessity. But not for the unfortunate Dolores who has lost all her body hair and has just been left with a few tufts around her head . Vets have been left baffled by the condition of the bespectacled bear, who lives at a zoo in Leipzig. And Dolores isn’t the only one. The sudden hair loss has affected all female bears at the zoo. Some experts believe it could be due to a genetic defect though the animals do not seem to be suffering from any other affliction. The bears, which originate from South America, normally have fluffy dark brown fur and would now be growing a thicker fur coat to keep warm during the winter. But instead they have developed nasty rashes and inflammations on their skin. Unfortunately for the bears, their lack of hair has been pulling in the crowds who want to see want to see the wrinkly animals.” w/ photos
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  • 20. Officer arrested in child porn case New England Newspapers Updated: 11/03/2009 06:12:08 AM EST Tuesday, Nov. 03 ADAMS -- Veteran Adams Police Officer Alan C. Vigiard, 45, was arrested last week and charged with possession of child pornography. He has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation, authorities said Monday. According to state police reports, Vigiard, who is married with two children, allegedly downloaded and viewed child pornography in the Adams Police Department evidence room. He pleaded not guilty to the child pornography charge Friday in Northern Berkshire District Court. Police Chief Donald Poirot and the State Police Berkshire Detective Unit began investigating after a folder containing 153 images of child pornography was copied onto CDs with evidence for a larceny case and sent to the Berkshire County district attorney's office, according to court documents. The images included both male and female children "clearly under age 18" in various states of undress and in sexually explicit situations, according to state police reports. Mixed in with the pornographic images were pictures of clothed teenage girls who have been identified as being from the Adams area. Also on the CDs were images and a video clip of a male masturbating in front of a computer monitor, the reports state -- the male's head is never in view, but the background was clearly identified as the Police Department's evidence room. According to police, the man in the video had a distinctive scar on his left hand thatmatched one a state trooper noticed on Vigiard's hand when he was arrested.
  • 21. Guy in Egypt orders "artificial hymen kit" over the internet, blogs about it News reports earlier this month created a global stir around an odd "made in China" product marketed to the Middle East - cheap artificial hymens. They're intended for use by brides who feel compelled to fake virginity, in countries where not being a virgin at marriage is a very big, very bad thing. Conservative Egyptian politicians wanted to ban the product. One curious (male) blogger in Egypt decided to order one. Mohammad Al Rahhal picked up the contraband gyno-goods at his local post office in Egypt: It had been opened by various puzzled customs and postal employees who, at a loss, defined the product in writing as "containing an unknown red liquid" - and awaited my description. Al Rahhal told inspectors it was "cinematographic make-up," and took his hymen home. Marwa Rakha over at Global Voices has more from Al Rahhal's product review (he explains how it works, sort-of NSFW if only for use of anatomically specific language). Also, a report at the UK Guardian . Spoiler: Al Rahhal's verdict? This thing, and the thinking behind it, are totally stupid. "Morality is worst interpreted by anatomy," he says. Bravo, dude.
  • 22. World’s Largest & Most Lavish Cruise 11/02/09 - “Nautical fans got a treat today when the world’s biggest cruise ship sailed into British waters. The 20-storey, 1,180ft Oasis of the Seas dwarfed the Isle of Wight ferry as it made its way along the south coast to drop off hundreds of workers who have been making the finishing touches to its on-board luxuries. Enthusiasts flocked to the cliffs of Hampshire in the hope of catching a glimpse of the ship – not that they could miss it. It is three times the size of the QE2 – and five times as big as the Titanic .” w/ photos
  • 23. 2009-10-27 - Weird News Windsor Genova - AHN News Writer Feces-Throwing Burglar Goes Ape Gets 31-Year Sentence San Diego, CA (AHN) -- A convicted burglar will languish in prison for 31 years and four months not only for robbery and battery but for throwing feces inside a courtroom during his trial in January. Weusi McGowan, 38, received the long sentence Monday for also pleading guilty to assault charges even if the feces he flung did not hit anyone. McGowan was able to bring a plastic bag containing his own feces to the court and rubbed his lawyer's face and hair with it on Jan. 26 after the judge refused to replace his counsel. He then flung the excrement to the jury box and smeared one of the juror's briefcase. The California State Prison in Lancaster will be McGowan's home in the next 31 years, according to San Diego Superior Court Judge Frank Brown.
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  • 25. Breathalyzer Man Busted Ohio partier dressed the part in Halloween drunk driving arrest NOVEMBER 2--A Halloween reveler dressed up as a Breathalyzer machine was arrested early Sunday for drunk driving. James Miller, 18, was busted in Oxford, Ohio after cops spotted him driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street. An actual Breathalyzer machine recorded Miller's blood alcohol content as .158, nearly twice the state's legal limit. Miller, pictured in the below mug shot, was charged with underage drinking and DUI, according to an Oxford Police Department report . Officers discovered an open can of Bud Light in the vehicle's center console and the remains of a case of beer on the passenger seat and in the trunk. Miller's costume, which retails for about $30, includes three sobriety levels: Boring, Life of the Party, and Sotally Tober. It also includes a well-placed plastic tube with the instructions "Blow Here."
  • 26. After 10 bodies, search of sex offender's home to continue November 5, 2009 -- (CNN) -- Investigators will continue their grisly dig Wednesday after finding that the Cleveland, Ohio home of a convicted sex offender had been turned into a tomb holding at least 10 bodies. Fire officials were scheduled to help in the search inside the house of Anthony Sowell, with plans to tear into walls and floors of the three-story home for more remains. "I like to believe there is nothing else more there, but we will not know until we finish the search," said Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath. "It appears that this man had an insatiable appetite that he had to fill." Authorities charged Sowell, 50, with five counts of aggravated murder Tuesday afternoon, police said. He was also charged with rape, felonious assault and kidnapping, police said. His arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday morning. He had been arrested Saturday, two days after police discovered the decomposing bodies of five females inside his home and another woman's body outside the house. Four more bodies were discovered Tuesday buried in the yard behind the home, police said. A skull wrapped in a bag was also found in a bucket in the basement. Authorities had not yet identified any of the victims. Because of the conditions of the bodies, authorities would have to conduct the lengthy process of DNA tests, McGrath said.
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